Roxanne Tong Trusts Kenneth Ma and Won’t “Check On Him”

Since February, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) have been having a long-distance relationship. Despite facing the longest separation in their one-year dating relationship, Roxanne has high trust in Kenneth and would not deliberately check on him.

Kenneth had traveled to China to film Big White Duel 2 <白色強人 2> in February, and returned to Hong Kong in time to celebrate Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) 34th birthday in May. He is currently in China once again to attend various events. In the past four months, the lovers spent little time together.

The actress said she does not feel troubled. Citing that her father, actor Tong Chun Chong (湯鎮宗), was often absent in her childhood because of work, she is used to long separations from loved ones. “In the past, I would ask my mother how she felt [when my father had to travel for work], but she said she had more freedom. I try to see it from this perspective now, but of course I still want to see [Kenneth].”

Asked if she is worried Kenneth may encounter flirtatious women while in China, Roxanne said that love requires 100 percent trust. “I won’t check on him. If it happens, it will happen. Why not trust him instead? If I really get hurt, then it would be a one-time heartbreak which I can overcome.”

Kenneth Undergoes Month-Long Quarantine

With promise of high compensation, Kenneth embraced short-term work opportunities in China, even if it meant long periods of quarantine and having a long-distance relationship with Roxanne.

A French skincare brand spent over 10 million yuan to invite Kenneth, Daniel Chan (陳曉東), Rain Li (李彩華), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒) for a product launch. In addition, Kenneth also sang at a live event in Hengdian. Performing Ekin Cheng’s (鄭伊健) Friend’s For Life <友情歲月>, his singing has improved a lot since his acting debut nearly 20 years ago. Laughing that his singing used to be terrible, Kenneth humbly stated that his current skills are just passable.

Facing a hectic work schedule, Kenneth revealed, “I travelled around a bit. After I finished quarantine in Shenzhen, I travelled to Xiamen, and now I am in Hengdian. It’s better than having no work.”

Traveling back and forth between Hong Kong and China meant Kenneth would be quarantined for over a month. Asked if his compensation is very generous to make up for the lost time, Kenneth replied that he is just trying to make a living. Refuting claims of an eight-figure sum, he joked, “If it were this amount, I wouldn’t even return to Hong Kong!”

Asked if he was working hard to save money for marriage, Kenneth dodged the issue and said he was making money for his parents instead.

Sources: Ming Pao, HK01

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  1. I can’t picture Kenneth ever cheating lol. He just seems like the most obedient man in the whole Hong Kong. Mommy boys are usually like that.

    1. @xystus
      It depends on the person as my second brother was not a mommy’s boy but has a personality similar to Kenneth. They are just very simple and kind men but can be easily perceived as boring and unadventurous. They just work and go home and that is it.

      1. @hetieshou My hubby is exactly the same…I use to think he is boring as he just like to stay home…but after so many years being married. I feel grateful and blessed to be married to such a man.

      2. @hohliu
        You are lucky to marry a guy like that. My second brother is exactly like that and had no social life. That was why he not able to meet anyone until later on in his life and married late in life. Hope you treasure your hubby.

  2. To be fair Roxanne picks good ones. Joey Law and Kenneth Ma didn’t and won’t cheat respectively. Good job!

  3. Good for Roxanne! I like her attitude, that she is strong enough to get through heartbreak. It feels like she knows her worth, and that is definitely attractive!

  4. I would trust Kenneth too!! He is just like my hubby, they are very simple and focus people…They will focus on each job they do 100%. After work, they just head home as they enjoy a simple lifestyle. They will be loyal to the person they date/marry.

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