What Roxanne Tong Likes About Kenneth Ma

Dating for one year,  Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) are considered to be a positive match. Their relationship is moving fast, and the couple often has to step forward to debunk overzealous wedding speculations.

Kenneth’s Attractive Qualities

In a televised interview earlier, the 34-year-old actress openly talked about what she likes the most about Kenneth. “He is someone who has a great sense of responsibility. If he promises you something, then he’ll do it.”

On the other hand, Roxanne admits that there are many things Kenneth does not like about her. “He has obsessive compulsive tendencies, and he likes everything to be neat.” She would make sure to keep things tidy to please him. “When I’m over at his house, I try my best. For example, if I go to the washroom, I make sure everything is put back in the same place,” Roxanne said.

As Kenneth is known to be very level-headed and possesses a tolerant personality, Roxanne tries to be an accommodating girlfriend as well. “Sometimes, I’m also unreasonable. If I know that I’m wrong, I’ll apologize afterwards.”

With most of their dates taking place at home, many people may find this to be lackluster and even consider Kenneth’s lifestyle habits to be boring. “I’m not boring, so we fit together like pieces of a puzzle. He listens to my nonstop talking,” Roxanne laughed.

Checklist Before Marriage

Given both stars’ strong family values, they are presumed to get married soon because Kenneth is already 47 years old. Kenneth is said to be semi-cohabiting at Roxanne’s home, giving rise to rumors that the couple plans to hold an August wedding.

Stating that marriage is not on her agenda anytime soon. Roxanne wants to check off certain things in her life first – including being able to financially support her family. Owning a large condo worth approximately $50 million Hong Kong dollars, it will take Roxanne needs to make six-figure monthly payments for several years. She does not want to put this pressure on Kenneth to help make the mortgage payments.

Her parents had also spent a lot of money on her university tuition when she studied in London. Though her family does not need the money, Roxanne wants to earn more money to pay them back.

The biggest issue is still Roxanne’s lack of security. Roxanne believes that marriage is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, and it requires a lot of time to fully know the other person in a relationship.

Future Career Goals

With a thriving relationship, Roxanne’s career is also taking off as well. After starring in The Forgotten Day <失憶24小時>, Final Destiny <一笑渡凡間>, and Barrack O’Karma 2 <金宵大廈2>, she landed her first leading role in a movie. “Previously, I wanted to film a movie to see what it’s like, but in reality, it’s very similar because a lot of dramas nowadays utilize movie filming techniques.”

For her next career goal, Roxanne wants to host a talk show. “I really admire Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) and Kevin Tsai (蔡康永). When I was studying in England, I watched their show Kangsi Coming <康熙來了> and would laugh every time.” Feeling confident in her energetic personality, Roxanne said, “I’ll have ups and downs. A lot of people say my personality is similar to Jun Ji Hyun’s character in My Love From the Stars. I’m super hyper at home – I can be really upbeat and crazy, I’ll forget everything an hour later. If only I could look like her as well!”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. such a lovely couple! haha Jacqueline mess up this so bad her career and love all flush down the drained.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but it kinda feels like both are just settling for each other. It really feels like they lack that spark between them, and honestly they probably love one of their past loves more than each other. Just my feeling on the whole thing. I could be out to lunch.

    1. @theyenman Roxanne seems happy with Kenneth’s domestic side. However, the qualities she mentioned she liked about Kenneth seems very short, but maybe it’s intentional to keep more privacy in their relationship. I think she wants to get married, but doesn’t want to give Kenneth that pressure so she brings up her mortgage reason. I think it’s unreasonable to finish the mortgage (take at least 5+ years) first before getting married…if he moves in with her, they get to enjoy the space together so he can pay for some of the mortgage too.

      1. @jayne
        I agree that they can marry first and help each other out with stuff like the mortgage and other stuff. Or maybe they plan to get their own place. It is hard to live with in laws, especially in the long term. Many problems would build up overtime which is not a good thing.

      2. @jayne part of me thinks it might be that should they break up/divorce in the future, Kenneth can’t claim her house as collateral

    2. @theyenman
      That’s what happens to most of us. It’s rare we marry the one with the most passion and sparks because the issues are suitability and timing. We usually marry the reliable one that wants to settle at the same time as us….

      1. @jimmyszeto
        True but it takes much more than love.. Most have to settle especially as you get older and are still not married yet. However, it may be different for those who have widowed or divorced. Yes, timing is very important.

    3. @theyenman
      It takes much more than love to have a long and blissful relationship/marriage. Of course love is one of the most important things that you need to have. Not everyone marries for the love and the one that you end up with is often times not the one you love the most. But like I have said, it is much more than just love.

      They seem to be compatible with each other, have the same goals and values,etc…. you need all that and much more than just love to have a long, blissful and happy relationship/marriage. Another thing that is extremely important is that their families both seem to get along and like their boyfriend/girlfriend. That is also important in the long run if they decide to marry in the future.

      1. @hetieshou I’m not saying they have to be madly in love. Getting married for the sake of others rarely works out well either. I dunno, just something feels off with this relationship. Again, maybe I’m out to lunch. But it feels like both are in a hurry due to their age, family pressure, and being in the public eye. Feels more like a contract where both parties benefit rather than a real relationship. I guess marriage is technically just a contrsct between two parties too, so what do I know.

        All I know is, I didn’t settle with my partner. If I didn’t love her, we wouldn’t be together, even if we were compatible.

      2. @theyenman
        I think if they marry, it will be for themselves and that they have reached a similar stage of their lives where marriage is what they are looking for. I doubt they will be pressured into marrying unless a baby was on it’s way…

      3. @jimmyszeto
        I agree and feel they will marry when the time is right. Her parents and his parents both like their partners. I hope they don’t marry just for a baby because that is not always the best way to go too.

      4. @theyenman
        I know what you mean but we are not them so how would we know? How did you feel about Barbie Hsu who got engaged in 20 days and married just a few months later? They have been married for over 10 years now and seemed happy at the beginning but now I hard they are having problems. They hardly even knew each other.

        Yes,you should never marry due to age, family pressure,etc… I had a friend that married just because she was getting older. She had to settle since she had nothing and now her husband is supporting her. She likes him too but it was not love. It is sad if you think marriage is only a contract.I think it should be more of a partnership…

        You did settle then as you ended up with her. Like I have said, love is very important but it is not the only thing that keeps a marriage or relationship going.

      5. @hetieshou
        And sometimes even so called LOVE does not last forever. haha lol…So even if you married for love it doesn’t mean it’s a forever thing either but yes timing is a big factor thou. I have seem love + love in some cases where both families don’t really get along/religion eventually came into play where initially they said it wouldn’t or it can a very simple issue but eventually it’s still bye bye land. I guess it’s reality. haha lol…It’s like just be happy while it lasted. In this couple, I don’t know if girl isn’t in her mid 30’s I doubt she will settle for him? I mean I don’t know perhaps I just never find KM interesting in any way that’s why I feel that way. haha lol….

      6. @wm2017
        I agree and often times, love does not last a lifetime and that is so true with divorcing being so easy these days that many go straight to divorce for the littlest things. But my main point is it takes way more than love. Yes and the families need to get along or there will problems in the long run. Many marriages are loveless too but they last for various reasons even if the couples are not happy.

        One poster at a forum told me something that I can never forget. He/she said to just enjoy a marriage/relationship while it lasts instead of worrying when it will end. KM is a bit boring but seems like a simple and nice guy. He reminds me of my second brother who is like that too. They are just very simple nice guys who don’t have a sense of adventure which can be boring to most people.

      7. @hetieshou
        Many don’t understand, especially the ones who aren’t married. We all had a dream at one stage where it will be a fairy tale love story but this is rare the case and we find out after marriage. I’m sure there are some exceptions but mostly become a mix of argumentative/friendship/respectful relationships. Some cannot handle this shock and like you said choose the divorce option which is easily available. However, many also understand this happens in every relationship so will approach the ups and downs of the relationship with a positive attitude.

      8. @jimmyszeto
        Yes many don’t understand but you don’t need to be married in order to know this. However, at some point in time we all envisioned falling in love and having it like a fairytale. But after awhile reality sets in. The wedding is the easy part while the marriage itself is what is the hard part. I am not married yet but I have a realistic idea about how it is. One of the most important things that a couple must be able to do is to resolve problems. That is what many sadly cannot do and give up easily which leads to so many divorces.

  3. She lives with her family (total 4) and Kenneth lives with is mom (total 2). I’m not sure either one fo them moving in with each other’s families is a good thing, but if we are purely talking math here, Roxanne should go live with him making the equation 3 on each side. But how many and I really mean how many people can tolerate living with their own family let alone your spouse’s family in your mid 30s if HK wasn’t so expensive?

    1. @jesspepperwang
      That is very true and living with in laws is a big pain. I am going through that now. Once you have your own family, you need to live on your own and have your own place or many problems will occur and build up overtime….

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