Roxanne Tong Views Kenneth Ma as Husband Material

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Roxanne Tong Views Kenneth Ma as Husband Material

Holiday gift giving is just around the corner, and jewelry is often a popular gift choice. At a jewelry store opening, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) was gifted a jade unicorn and cuff links by the sponsor. As Roxanne is a big lover of unicorns, she is very happy about the jade unicorn but plans to re-gift the cuff links to her boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明).

Asked if he has bought jewelry for her before, Roxanne sweetly admitted that he had given her a bracelet but remained tight-lipped on when it was gifted. “You don’t need to wait for a specific date to give presents. Kenneth is quite attentive–he will remember when I mention liking an item and will sometimes secretly buy it for me.”

Aside from the occasional shopping trip together, Kenneth and Roxanne often spend their free days relaxing at each other’s homes. When asked if Kenneth has the key card to her residential building, Roxanne admits that she gave the spare card to him so that she does not need to go down to the lobby to pick him up every time he visits. However, he does not have the key to her apartment unit. For convenience purposes, Roxanne also has the pass code to enter the main door at Kenneth’s residential building but does not have the key to his apartment.

There have been rumors lately of the couple having a flash marriage, but Roxanne shot down the rumors, denying any probability of this as she is someone who plans ahead. “Previously, I had joked about getting married quickly, but this was just a joke. Marriage involves many things. You need to let your parents know, and you also need to buy a home. At this moment, I don’t have any such plans, and will work on saving money instead. Of course, we have communicated on this issue before, and he is someone whom I view as a potential marriage partner.” Joking that she is not young anymore, Roxanne said she is done with playing the field and dating purely for fun.

While her parents like Kenneth, but in a parent’s eyes there are always areas for improvement. However, her mother has been nagging Roxanne to cook more home-cooked meals for Kenneth instead of ordering takeout when they are at home together.


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