Roy Chiu’s Nude Photo Surfaces

After his breakup with mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) has seen a definite downturn in his public image. Taiwan’s Next Magazine reported that Roy rejected two filming offers because of the breakup, resulting in an estimated 80 million TWD loss in revenue. In an even more shocking turn of events, Next Magazine also unearthed an old nude photograph of Roy, which was originally taken in 2006.

Because Roy often plays clean-cut and lively characters who fall into the category of “tall, rich, and handsome,” he is seldom linked with the selling of his body. In the photograph, however, Roy’s hands are tied behind his back, and he is kneeling on one knee, effectively obscuring his private parts. The accompanying text plays up the photograph’s erotic and sadomasochistic elements.

It was later revealed that the photograph was part of a nude photo set shot by well-known Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee (紀嘉良), who was aiming to raise funds for hurricane victims in southern Asia seven years ago. Roy was among several of the big-name celebrities whom Leslie invited to participate in the photoshoot. Others included Hong Kong actors Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), and Daniel Wu (吳彥祖). Two months ago, Leslie Kee was arrested on suspicion of selling publications that feature male genitalia at a Tokyo gallery exhibition.

When the Roy’s nude photograph surfaced recently, he was not in Taiwan at the time and therefore unaware of the news. However, his manager, Liao Tianjun (廖天駿), replied on his behalf: “This was filmed for charity, for relief work. Mentally, the outset was pure and honest, but the photo was used and interpreted in a different aspect. Something is wrong with the mind of the person who would write about the photo like this.”


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  1. good thing is, he has great body. Show the pics when you on a date.

  2. It wouldn’t be a big deal if an actress posed nude.

    1. I suppose showing male genitilia is akin to female posing fully naked with their legs apart. It will them be a very big deal.

    2. Really??

      How come I haven’t seen more?

  3. So we get to see Aaron kwok naked also?

    I can never understand so called art. What is the connection between hurricane and a sadomasochistic photoshoot other than quite obviously our dear actors were exploited without knowing they were exploited? At least now we get to see what Tiffany saw and decided she didn’t like!

    1. I would think it’s the other way around. He saw her skinny body and didn’t like what he saw and dumped her…lol

    2. Do you really think Roy was exploited on this one? Just like Lawrence Ng was “tricked” into filming all those cat3 stuff? Lol!!!

    3. @Funn Lim,

      I think I kinda understand the concept of this “so called art” and its connection to hurricane 🙂 The hurricane “stripped” away everything from the people leaving them a “victim” in life… I supposed…though, I don’t remember Aaron Kwok posed naked for this.

      anyhow, it does seem suspicious that the photo surfaced now after 7 years. The article claimed he loss 80mil. TWD then tada… his naked picture from 2006 … a publicity stunt from his camp, maybe??

    1. @Vel, agreed, and the photos were taken in 2006 (hey, what a coincidence, 7+ years ago). How about showing something (in video) that is more recent? 😉

      1. He probably release a sex tape next in his agenda.

      2. It will be titled “Menage a trois”

  4. there we go it bout time ron getting his named clear from ron causing roy breaking up with his gf

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