Janine Chang Felt Used by Roy Chiu

The Taiwanese actress did not feel comfortable with Roy making declarations to the media.

Previously, Roy Chiu (邱澤) and Janine Chang (張鈞甯) were spotted in a car together at night. Roy expressed his love publicly and told the press that he was “working hard to pursue her and hopes to receive the public’s blessings,” but Janine’s manager replied, “Thanks for the affection, recently she has been facing more rumors which has caused some disturbance, very sorry.” Although Janine appears to have rejected Roy, sources reveal that she has not dismissed him but felt uncomfortable “being used”, not knowing which of the people around her she could really trust.

Mom Disapproves of Roy?

Sources also said that Janine’s mother is furious after her late-night meeting with Roy, and reproached her over it. As for Janine, she felt perplexed at Roy publicly declaring his love for her.

According to the actress’s close friends, she does not have good feelings towards Roy, and treats him as a good friend at the current stage, though she also does not rule out the possibility of dating him in the future. However, after being filmed secretly by reporters, and having Roy declare his pursuit publicly at the very first moment made Janine feel “uncomfortable”, “being used” and not knowing whom she can trust.

While Janine’s good friends hope for her to find a good partner, their reactions toward Roy’s public courting of Janine have been mixed. According to a male artiste who treats Janine protectively like his own sister, he knows Roy personally and does not think favorably of his romantic history. To add to this is Roy’s reclusive personality– he hopes Janine can find someone better to bring her happiness. Nevertheless, he would offer blessings if the two really get together.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

Roy Chiu Admits He is Pursuing Janine Chang

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  1. It is always the friends we hear that leaks such news….LOL. If this new is true, I am glad she will try Roy with extreme cautious. He is really a sly snake.

    1. @hohliu yeah his announcement is suspicious. I’m not a fan of either one, but I am a fan of Tiffany Tang, so hopefully, Janine keeps on the lookout and probably gives more time in getting to know Roy before stepping into a relationship.

      1. @mi520 Tang Yan was really heartbroken by him. I was so glad when she finally realized how Luo Jin was prefect for her.

      2. @hohliu Same! That’s why even though I know nothing of Janine, I fear she’d get hurt by him too. Roy needs to clear up his reputation before he does this announcement thing.

  2. Good lawd! If she don’t like him then she don’t like him. If she likes him then she likes him. Cause isn’t she in her mid to late 30s? She has always and can continue to do what she wants!

    Frankly, Roy’s confession of his affections are his “personal problems” and Janine doesn’t have to be burdened with or feel obligated to respond to him or anyone else.


  3. “she does not have good feelings towards Roy, and treats him as a good friend at the current stage, though she also does not rule out the possibility of dating him in the future.” – this doesn’t make sense.
    Why treat someone whom you don’t have good feelings towards to as a good friend?
    Worse, why not rule out the possibility of any future with the person whom you don’t have good feelings?
    Sounds like she likes him (hopefully not) but doesn’t dare to admit it or take the step. Or is the so-called good friend talking crap?
    Given his dating history, she should find someone else.

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