Roy Chiu Gives Update on Marriage With Tiffany Hsu

With their excellent chemistry onscreen in the hit movie, Man in Love (當男人戀愛時), Taiwanese stars Roy Chiu (邱澤) and Tiffany Ann Hsu (許瑋甯) also fell in love in real life. Within one year, the couple got married in December 2021. However, they did not hold their wedding banquet yet because of the pandemic.

Attending a press conference recently for his new drama, -197(零下一九七), Roy spoke to the media about his marriage to Tiffany. Smiling sweetly, Roy expressed, “No matter how tired I am from work, I still have a feeling of warmth inside me. It’s a good feeling of having someone wait for you back at home.”

Since both work in the entertainment industry, there is an unspoken understanding about ever-changing and unstable work schedules. “Even though we have our own projects, we still feel very content. She filmed two dramas [this year] so far, but we are able to maintain our relationship. We often FaceTime and talk on the phone,” the actor said.

Due to their conflicting work schedules, trust is an important part in maintaining their marriage. On whether the couple has exchanged passwords to encourage trust among each other, Roy expressed, “We currently have no intentions of doing so,” adding that he believes privacy is also important to sustaining a healthy relationship.

Source: World Journal

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Roy Chiu and Tiffany Hsu Announce Their Marriage

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  1. My response to his “believing in privacy” answer is gonna be controversial, but I definitely think any couple who don’t feel secure enough to share passwords, have something to hide. I have all of my husband’s passwords, and he has mine, but we don’t invade each other’s privacy. It’s more of a peace of mind that we can access each other’s stuff if there’s ever a need to.

  2. I never thought to ask my hubby about his password…but he never asked for mine too. If needed, we have no problems sharing the passwords… To be honest, Roy really don’t have a great track record as a good partner… but people can change for better…I hope he did so.

  3. I haven’t thought to ask my husband for his passwords because I don’t want to manage yet another thing. I don’t think it is really that important to have it.

    I really liked her in Dear Diary last year.

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