Janine Chang Clarifies How She Feels About Roy Chiu

Taiwanese star Janine Chang (張鈞甯) was previously photographed on a joyride with her male costar Roy Chiu (邱澤), but after he publicly announced he was pursuing her, Janine only said, “Thank you for the love!” Afterward, it was rumored that she felt used by Roy and her mom disapproves of him. Although she dispelled the rumors on Facebook, she addressed the rumors once more at an event in Taipei.

Having recently returned from a fashion show in Paris, Janine finally cleared the air in person. She said, “My mom doesn’t know him, so contrary to the rumors, she has no opinion.”

In regards to allegations that she felt used by Roy, she stressed she did not feel that way. Janine frankly expressed she has not been pursued in a long time, so she was happy to hear someone was pursuing her. “Girls are happy when they’re being pursued, so I’m thankful,” she said.

Janine added, “This is the biggest slander and harm I’ve faced since my debut. I felt more upset and distressed that my mother was embroiled in it.”

When reporters asked Janine if she would interact with Roy in the future, the actress revealed, “There will be good interactions in the future. Our new film will premiere soon, so watch it first. His performance was very good in the movie, and I wasn’t bad either!”

As for whether she’ll let Roy pursue her, she laughed and said, “This is not a question of allowing or not allowing, it’s not up to me to decide. It depends on his mood.”

However, Janine has reservations about taking their relationship to another level. “I met Roy while filming,” she shared. “He is a very serious actor and very serious about life. However, when it comes to relationships, I need to get to know him outside of work first. It’ll take time.”

Sources: Yahoo, Oncc

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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