Ruco Chan and Alice Chan On Their Own Rebellious Phase

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Alice Chan (陳煒) were spotted at a cha chaan teng in North Point this past weekend to film their new TVB drama series, Guardian of the Dark Night <黯夜守護者>. The scene follows Alice who is arguing with her 14-year-old son. She slaps her son in the face and he runs away. Ruco allows her son to stay over at his place for the night. The scene that cuts forward to Alice reuniting with her son at the same cha chaan teng.

It was a roller coaster of emotions for Alice, who had to transition from anger, to fear, and finally to relief, all in a day’s work. Alice also shared that her character goes through emotional roller coasters often, sharing, “It always starts off with something negative, but it turns positive in the end. This character makes me realize that the closer you are with someone, the more you would show your temper.”

Speaking about rebellious phases in children, Ruco said his daughter, 22-month-old Quinta, is already on her “mini” rebellion phase. “It’s already happening, but this is part of their growth. Having good communication is the most important.”

Ruco said Quinta already acts like the master of the house, always demanding her parents to clean the house, but also wants to help out with chores. “It’s cute. She wants to do everything the adults do. She’s actively trying to wean off of using a baby bottle, because she’s noticed that no one in the house uses one.”

As for Ruco’s own rebellious phase growing up, he said, “The most rebellious thing I’ve done is probably eating and drinking the things I’m not supposed to eat and drink, like soda and candy. The more my parents say no, the more I wanted to do it. Definitely learned it the hard way.”

Alice said she wasn’t very rebellious growing up. “Except for maybe the dating aspect,” she said.


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  1. I like both and hopefully they would lead more series. Alice has the potential to act more heavy character. I hope to see both of them to get the best actor and actress together soon.

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