Ruco Chan Prepares for Second Baby

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) has been an absent face for far too long. Without any of his dramas airing in the past two years, he lost the chance to fight for Best Actor and was not even invited to attend the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards. Though planning to revive his music career, his single was delayed because of the pandemic. Although his career is going through a rough patch, his life at home is going well. He and his wife Phoebe Sin (單文柔) are preparing for their second baby.

A source discloses that Ruco has become a completely different person since becoming a father. Gaining another perspective on life, Ruco has learned to be even more grateful for his family. “In the past, he felt that men should focus on their careers. Now, he melts into a puddle when he sees his daughter. He is still focused on earning money, but will no longer pushes himself as hard.”

Quinta is already one and a half, so he feels that it is time to add to their family. If the next baby is a son, that would be perfect but he also likes daughters. The most important thing is to keep Phoebe happy, because she is the one that has to take care of the children while Ruco works. Their alone time would also be greatly lessened.”

Ruco Tries TCM Health Remedies

Sacrificing his health while filming dramas, Ruco would often film for days without rest–his record was working 53 hours without sleep! In 2011, he filmed Ruse of Engagement <叛逃> and Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> at the same time and he was only able to nap while travelling between filming locations. Filming scenes where he had to run up mountains, Ruco lamented that he felt completely exhausted and that he had lost his soul, requiring sheer willpower to finish filming.

In order to be able to take care of his family, Ruco is now more cautious with his health. Recently, paparazzi caught Ruco and Phoebe visiting a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor in Tin Hau. For half a year, the couple has been visiting a TCM doctor to optimize their health in preparation for a second baby. While Phoebe is in good health because she has always been athletic, the doctor said Ruco needs to improve his kidney functions if he wants to have a boy. So he often eats foods that are good for the kidneys, and Phoebe would boil nutritious soups for him.

Getting massages for relaxation, Ruco is taking advantage of this time to improve his health before starting filming for Guardian of the Dark Night <黯夜守護者>. Ruco will play an undercover police officer who experiences amnesia after an accident, so there will be plenty of action scenes testing his stamina. The drama also stars fellow ex-ATV stars Alice Chan (陳煒) and Andrew Yuen (袁文傑).

Source: Weekend Weekly

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  1. he’s not exactly old-old so seeing a doctor could be for other things not fertility related. men could make babies till an ripe old age unlike women so why people draw that conclusion so quickly just b/c he’s ready doesn’t mean it’s prep.

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