Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong Beat Selena Li and Aimee Chan in Beach Volleyball

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Selena Li (李詩韻), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and Cilla Lok (樂瞳) filmed a beach volleyball scene for new TVB drama, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線>. Dressed in tank tops and shorts, the cast appeared tanned and vibrant. They played a competitive game of volleyball and bantered with each other at Cafetaria Beach.

While studying in Toronto, Canada, both Selena and Aimee had played on school volleyball teams. Despite this, Ruco and Raymond’s volleyball skills were still better than the two women. Since Cilla Lok’s volleyball skills were the weakest, she was teased by the rest of the cast for her petitie stature. Aimee brazenly lodged the volleyball over the net, directly at Cilla’s face! Raymond said, “The production crew especially prepared a bomb for her, letting her bounce around for some volleyball action!”

Cilla teased Raymond and Ruco for wearing sunglasses during the volleyball game. She thought that the men wore sunglasses to mask their eye diseases!

Since breaking up with Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), Selena Li has been photographed going out with various men and frequenting nightclubs. However, she maintained that she was still single  and wished to date. She lamented that the paparazzi often frightened away her male friends who were camera shy, ruining her romantic chances!

Selena told Aimee, “It’s great that you have a steady boyfriend. I am not dating anyone right now. Even if I wished to date, it’s difficult. When I had a meal with a well-off friend, tabloids wrote that I was pursued by a wealthy tycoon! There is no one brave enough to pursue me anymore!”

Source: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao

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Jayne: More TVB idol news for everyone! Fortunately, Raymond Wong ditched the dreadful curly wig and cut his hair short in “Love Exceeds the Coastline.” The drama name is a mouthful (in both Chinese and English) which has fans mumbling the title.

Since Selena is single, I truly wish that she would consider dating Kenneth Ma!

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  1. Of course, men are stronger than women physically. It is same in most sports, like badminton, tennis, basketball, soccer, or baseball. Of course, if a competitive player (female) plays against an amateur player (male), it will be a different story.

  2. More series of Ruco yah!
    Selena and MM will be a good match 🙂

  3. I want another drama with Selena and Kenneth together!

    1. Unfortunately, Selena’s inner personality and behavior are very very “”erratic”” just like nancy wu/fiona sit!!

      I’ll be very regretful and would have gone insane if I happen to bump on her…..her gum is very sticky and bitter to taste!

  4. Selena looks good with Chan Chin Pang in the drama series. Of course, she looks good, too, with Kenneth Ma.

  5. TVB is promoting aimee too much when her acting ranged from soso to bad. The resources could’ve been used to promote Nancy or Elaine who are much better actresses

    1. Agree with you, Nancy would have been a better fit than Aimee. Don’t know why TVB is promoting Aimee when her acting skills are clearly mediocre whereas Nancy’s acting is so much stronger. I wonder if M

    2. Agree with you, Nancy would have been a better fit than Aimee. Don’t know why TVB is promoting Aimee when her acting skills are clearly mediocre whereas Nancy’s acting is so much stronger. I wonder if Moses has any influence on casting decisions as I am sure he would love to help his beloved Aimee rise to the top. Ughhhhhh…… I just don’t like them.

      1. @Gar: There were rumours that Moses asked Tim Gor to cast Aimee in his series

      2. I doubt it. Tim Gor doesn’t even cast Moses that much in his series. How can Moses influence Tim Gor’s decision in cast Aimee?

      3. TVB is promoting Aimee because she’s Miss Hong Kong winner! They always promoted those pagents winners. It’s not just because she’s so and so’s gf!

    3. Totally agree, but TVB seems to be blindfolded in casting. Nancy Wu does not seem to have much luck in acting 1st lead roles though her acting is anytime better than those top 5 fadans.

      I don’t think Moses Chan would personally influence or involve in casting Aimee Chan. It should be TVB’s decision – to promote more couples besides Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong.

      1. Nancy deserves lead roles. She showed her capabilities many times and in Gorensic Heroes 3 she outshined the other actresses and proved her chemistry with the veteran Wayne but TVB didn’t recognize her and only seeing Aimee

    4. Yup, I wonder why they give up on Elaine that soon! Many other actresses have unsuccessful series when they act first female lead but not being demoted, then why Elaine?

  6. “Raymond Wong ditched the dreadful curly wig and cut his hair short” no no.. Raymond grow his hair long lol

  7. Raymond’s hair grows so fast! The wig was horrendous.

  8. It must be during Aimee’s high school years that she was on a volleyball team and I’m surprised that she’s still hasn’t really forgotten stuff because I go to OCAD University, (the same school Aimee went to for her college years) and there’s no athletic team, but she plays well, which is a good thing.

    From what I’ve seen, as much as some people would like to cast Nancy or Elaine, rather than Aimee, it’s not just about Aimee. I’ve noticed that TVB 90% of the time will promote a Miss Chinese (Overseas/Int’l)/HK over those that start off from TVB Acting Class. Those who start off at acting class usually have a much more rigorous road and usually will take 10 years (like Nancy) to get to where they starting having some rise in their career. Whereas those in that participated in beauty pagents, they offered noticeable roles within a short period of time and if they stay in the industry for a longer period of time, such as 10 years, they will be offered fadan roles already (like Linda Chung).

    1. Yeah, aimee probably played in high school. Cuz if she got breast implants like rumored, then that would be too dangerous to keep playing.

    2. I totally do not agree with how TVB manages their artist department as so called beauty pageant winners have no experience or skills in acting when they join TVB so how can they rise to the top before those that actually graduated from the acting classes. It’s totally unfair to the actors/actresses that spent countless years learning to deliver a great performance when they get stepped on by Miss Hong Kongs or Miss Internationals who either cannot speak proper Cantonese or deliver a convincing performance. I’m from overseas and totally support the girls from Canada but I think they should get more training before being cast in supporting or leading roles. That’s just my 2 cents.

      1. Gar

        This has been the policy of TVB to recruit beautiful actresses for a long long time. Charmaine Sheh was one of them, and almost 95% of their actresses were either winners or participants of some beauty pageant shows. TVB used to run some artistes’ training courses in 1970-80, and Any Lau, Tony Leung, Sheren Tang, Sandra Ng, Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Carina Lau were all graduates of those training courses. I think they stopped running the course for quite a few years, and probably restarted it again. The current course is not as intensive as the old one (used to be 10+ months full time) in 1980.

        All TVB current actresses have to learn acting on the spot (i.e. from whatever roles they get). If they learn fast and act well, plus if they are popular in some way, TVB will promote them highly. Of course, there are a lot of hidden reasons behind the promotion.

  9. I still doubt Aimee and Selena ability to ‘lead’ a series ROFL

  10. nancy has been acting for sme tme.. i actually like her acting.. tvb vry bias…

    1. elin
      I share the same feeling as you do on Nancy Wu. I don’t know why Nancy never got any good promotion from TVB. Her acting is way better than those 5 new top fadans.

      1. Acting skills has never been the no. 1 criteria in film/tv. It’s all about looks and popularity. Nancy just ain’t pretty enough.

      2. What Nancy is definitely prettier than alot of the current leading actresses in TVB!

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