Rumored Lovers, Leehom Wang and Shu Qi, to Meet in Taiwan

Shu Qi’s (舒淇) romance with Leehom Wang (王力宏) has always been buried underground. However, the couple may be tired of their romance being unable to be revealed in the daylight. Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover. Leehom may even intend to announce their romance by broadcasting a music video at his concert! Allegedly, Leehom’s mother objected to Leehom’s intention, forcing him to abandon his announcement.

Since 2006, Shu Qi and Leehom’s romantic rumors have not slowed down. They were even spotted shopping for matching lovers’ rings in Japan. Despite the rumors, Shu Qi and Leehom never acknowledged their relationship. Recently, the pair often exchanged loving messages through their blogs. Shu Qi uploaded a photo of a Japanese Teppanki meal and wrote smittenly, “This was an extremely happy meal,” apparently she may be interested in revealing the relationship publicly.

Flying Back to Taiwan

The day before, Shu Qi announced that she will take a six-month hiatus from her acting career. At 4 PM, Shu Qi was spotted at the airport alone, pushing several luggage pieces. She wore a cap and several crystal wristlets which were deemed to bring luck in love.

Shu Qi’s arrival in Taiwan led to speculations that she intended to meet rumored boyfriend, Leehom Wang, who was busily preparing for his concert in late November. Despite the sensitive period, Shu Qi risked flying to Taiwan at this time.

Sharing Shu Qi’s view, it was understood that Leehom wished to acknowledge their dating relationship. Since Shu Qi was nominated for the sixth time for Best Actress in the upcoming Golden Horse Awards, this year for her performance in A Beautiful Life <不再讓你孤單>. The awards ceremony coincided with Leehom’s November concert in Taiwan. Allegedly, Leehom wished to broadcast a music video at his concert to show his support for Shu Qi’s Golden Horse nomination. Leehom intended to set up a television backstage, eager to find out firsthand whether Shu Qi will win the Best Actress Award when the results of the Golden Horse Awards were announced.

Leehom’s Family Against the Romance

It was understood that Leehom’s family was still unable to accept Shu Qi. Leehom’s family had already bought VIP tickets to enjoy his upcoming concert performance. Leehom’s family protested against the broadcast of the music video at the concert, upon which Leehom took into account the feelings of his elders. Regarding rumors of the music video, Leehom’s manager denied that there were ever intentions of broadcasting the music video.

Yesterday, Leehom was rehearsing for his upcoming concert. Asked about the intention to broadcast a music video at his concert, Leehom said reservedly, “No, that will not happen! This will be a concert and it is separate from a music video.” Asked whether he thought that Shu Qi will win the Best Actress title at the Golden Horse Awards, Leehom said, “I wish her good luck!”

With rumors that Leehom intended to broadcast a music video at his concert, Leehom and Shu Qi were bombarded with questions regarding their relationship. Shu Qi succinctly wrote on her blog, “A mare’s nest (子虛烏有)” alluding that the romance was non-existent. Shu Qi’s answer sparked war of words among fans.



Jayne: I didn’t follow the onset of Shu Qi’s romance with Leehom Wang. Can anyone shed light on whether they are a likely couple?

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  1. Haven’t they been rumoured together since a few years ago?? I can understand why his family is against this relationship though.

    1. Hi Funn, it wasn’t Lee’s family who objected to the relationship, it was the very popular Taiwanese actor Chang Kuo Chu (Chang Chen) whose father, objected to having Shi Qui as a wife for his son. Leehom Wang is very Westernised so I highly doubt his family or himself would have any issues with her past.

  2. Her new hairdo looks nice. She is younger in this one.

    BTW, Leehom and Shu Qi’s love rumour? It’s few yearssssssss.

  3. think they will make good couple. For once heard male celebrity in asia who date woman of same age. Lately most of them dated 10-20 years younger. Wang lee hom always linked to interesting women, vivian hsu, shu qi and Ah Mei..If he’s rumoured w/ someone 18 or 19 years old then i’ll be shocked…

  4. My favorite actress some years ago was Shu Qi. Personally I have not seen her rumored soft porn tapes before she made it big in the industry.

    But together with Maggie Q, she was like gorgeous.

    I heard that she looks pretty in person, but once on camera, she is extremely photogenic and the camera just loves her.

    I like her looks and her cool personality. She is also sexy with a don’t carish attitude.

    I think Leon Lai was most rumoured with her too.

    Maggie Q is also gorgeous like her, I think Maggie has mixed Eurasian heritage in her, hence her exotic looks. Maggie looks good paired with Daniel Wu, but of course Daniel married his similarly lanky western model girlfriend whom he had been dating for many years.

    Both Shu Qi and Maggie Q were not so lucky in their love lives. They must be pushing 35 now, and there is no announcement of a stable boyfriend/ husband material or settling down.

    They are so gorgeous and beautiful, albeit no longer young chicks. How come they are not so successful in their love lives? (I read an interview by Maggie Q last year where she admitted so – she was looking for love but can’t find love.) The only reason I can think of is too high-maintenance… maybe gives off too demanding vibes? So eligible guys in their standard/ quality rather go for other beautiful women?

    This shows that it’s hard / seldom lucky to have it all: looks, career, love, family, children…

    1. They aren’t rumored soft porn tapes. Those tapes really do exist, and you can find them online. Shu Qi said she did soft porn because her family had no money, and that she regrets for having ever gone down that route.

      Maggie Q is a Eurasian. She’s half Vietnamese and half Caucasian. I personally don’t find her attractive. Her features are too strong, masculine-like.

      1. Have no idea why people think Maggie Q is good looking. Agree with Cloud on this one.

        Shu Qi is not a pretty face either.

      2. It wasn’t just soft porn tapes, Shi Qui has some pretty explicit photos taken of her when she first started out in the adult industry. They were not everyday photos that modelling people do but full frontal, exposing the private parts below. I know I am harbouring on as if I don’t like her, I find her pretty in a cute way but her voice when she speaks made my ears bleed. Still have no idea why she is so famous and appeared in so many box office hits, her acting is pretty wooden.

    2. Not rumoured but real. Nicely put, she was a Cat III movie actress but not nicely put, she was a soft porn star. It was her way into entertainment world and very few actually could leave that to become a serious actress which she did, to her credit. But I never find her pretty nor do I like her acting although she wasn’t terrible. I just can’t help but notice she can’t speak proper cantonese and I find her voice even when she was speaking mandarin to be annoying at best. But then even Daniel Wu can’t speak proper cantonese until todate so what more can I say?

      Maggie Q, I don’t like. I think she is a poor actress, too thin and again can’t speak proper cantonese. I don’t even know if she can speak cantonese at all. I saw a bit of Nikita and find her sexiness to be forced. So no, I don’t like both. Maggie Q had Daniel Wu for many years if I remember correctly but she dumped him because he was boring? Or something like that.

      Shuqi is rumours is correct is now with Wang Leehom but I don’t forsee this relationship working out. Too many elements against them.

  5. Agreed with you guys re Maggie Q and Shu Qi on their sex appeal and acting skills. They shouldn’t receive such popularity and credit for anything. I find Maggie a little snobbish.

  6. Lee Hom is more suitable for a more presentable gal and talented just like him. In chinese, it called 高气质.

  7. I honestly thought he was gay!

    I don’t like Shu Qi and find her acting, speaking just plain grating. Don’t think she’s pretty either. Don’t know why Maggie is dragged into this (must be missing a piece of the puzzle?). I suspect Maggie isn’t a very good person in real life, but I enjoy her in Nikita. The sexiness is often forced, but I actually think it’s the network and not Maggie herself who pushes for it. They do the same thing with the other shows on the network. I think Maggie is attractive but not beautiful. She really is too skinny and her head is abnormally big.

    1. He’s not.
      As for Maggie, she’s a very nice and humble person. But yes, her sexiness is abit force.

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