Seeking Justice, Godfrey Gao’s Fans Make Demands

Seeking justice, fans want the truth about what happened on set and further details regarding follow-up and accountability to be made known.

The untimely death of Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) on the filming set of Zhejiang Television reality show Chase Me <追我吧> on November 27 sent massive shock waves through the entertainment industry. Three days after the tragedy, the Chase Me production team issued a notice about their deep pain and grief and added that they are working with the artiste management team to contact Gao’s family to provide assistance for his funeral arrangements. There has been word that those in charge of the program have all been dismissed from their jobs, in addition to rumors that Zhejiang Television intends to air the program as planned. Dismayed by how the circumstances unfolded leading up to Godfrey’s death, fans made a video in which six demands were made against the station.

“Don’t Let Him Die in Vain”

In the widely shared seven-minute- video, a self-professed fan of the actor demanded justice, and expressed her dissatisfaction that the station has yet to make a formal apology nor disclosed the parties who are being held responsible for the incident. She requested for the video of what had happened on set to be made public so fans can judge for themselves. Netizens who shared the video have echoed her request to make public what had transpired after the actor collapsed on set, and also to have the police investigate the case.

Another of the actor’s fan has also made six demands against Zhejiang Television: 1. To disclose what happened on set; 2. To disclose full details regarding personnel held accountable and any conclusive findings; 3. For upper management to be held accountable and issue an apology; 4. To announce safeguards in place and rectification measures; 5. To abandon “public relations” and listen to viewers’ demands earnestly; and 6. To stop airing the program permanently.

Fans Who Went on Set to Pay Respects Were “Chased Away”

In the video, the said fan called on the station to own up to their problem and reveal details of follow-up investigations and those called to accountability. Demanding an official apology for the mistake “they can never run away from”, she revealed how one of his fans who had exposed details of what happened on set had her Weibo account banned immediately. According to her, this fan had heard on set that “there was something not so right with his eyes” before all the male stars called for the doctor.

Fueling her unhappiness was how fans who had gone on set of their own accord to reminisce and bid farewell to Godfrey had allegedly been chased away by crew members – something she shared while berating the latter’s lack of humanity. Adding that she will boycott the station for as long as they do not respond to the stated requests, she called on netizens’ support to create strength in numbers by voicing their demands and seeking justice for the actor.


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  1. Looks like his fans are trally the ones that will fight for his justice, the law markers have not shown much actions in doing so…Even Weibo accounts are banned.

  2. Justice need for godfrey, these entertainments companies are greedy, forcing people to work 17 hrs. This is crazy. China health and safety very poor. This is exploitation.

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