Selena Lee, Fred Cheng, Jonathan Cheung Return to “Forensic Heroes” After 12 Years

Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> premiered this week, and it’s off to a strong start. The first episode raked in a rating of 33 points and 2.15 million viewers – the highest of any TVB premiere broadcast within the past eight years. Could it be that the series’ leading actress Selena Lee (李施嬅), whose popularity soared with the hit drama Barrack O’Karma <今宵大廈>, brought the drama good luck?

In Forensic Heroes IV, Selena portrays Dr. Man, a senior forensic pathologist. It’s certainly an upgrade from her previous role in Forensic Heroes II . Viewers may not remember, but Selena had a cameo role as a career-oriented personal assistant to a rich man in the second series. In one of the scenes, she quarrels with Leanne Li (李亞男), who slaps her across the face! She successfully captivated the audience with her performance.

Also returning to the show 12 years later is Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), who played Yoyo Mung’s 蒙嘉慧) little brother and a technician in the forensics department in the first two series. Now, he is the director of the Forensic Science division named Charm.

Before the show aired, Fred uploaded an old picture from one of the previous installments. He was smiling brightly and wearing a yellow shirt in the photo. Fred expressed, “Why was I wearing a yellow shirt and holding a yellow bottle??? What was I thinking?”

Likewise, Jonathan Cheung (張頴康) also returned to Forensic Heroes IV as an Internet celebrity, Michael Ma. He starred in Forensic Heroes II when he had just graduated from his TVB Artiste Training Course. At the time, he portrayed a production assistant, and in the third series, he guest-starred as a director who had an arguing scene with Ron Ng (吳卓羲).

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  1. Selena’s Cat was a scene stealer. Fred was also pretty good as 光仔; his crush on Linda’s Ting Ting was funny.

  2. Omg Fred looked like a baby~~~ Selena looks more beautiful now. Jonathan looks the same.

    But is it just me or FH4 has been pretty boring so far… I recall watching the first few series when I was much younger and they were quite captivating. The pacing feels too slow and the forensics parts don’t excite me even with all the latest tech. Is it that there have been so many forensic TV shows in the past decade that it just isn’t exciting anymore? I feel like the other episode-based crime/mystery shows in the past few year have been much more exciting (心理追兇,迷,十二傳說)

    1. @boomer I felt the same. I enjoyed all previous 3 seasons but this FH4 is terrible. Plot not captivating enough. Although Rebecca Zhu is highly praised nowadays but I find her irritating as her Cantonese is terrible. It’s a pain to listen to her dialogues

    2. @boomer I agree too! The cases are not interesting or suspenseful enough.

      Most of the cast are terrible. Rebecca overreacts in every single scene (her eyes are always starring intensely at someone or something when she recites her dialogue and she speaks so unnaturally.) Same with Alice. All I can focus on are her bottom teeth when she speaks. If I’m being honest, she’s the weakest out of all the ATV actresses.

      I know people say Ben Yuen is wooden when he acts, but I’d take him over Shaun Tam any day. Shaun is the literal embodiment of wood; emotionless and monotone.

      I probably wouldn’t have watched this series if Selena or Raymond weren’t in it.

      1. @hazel I actually think Shaun is doing a better job in his role than Raymond & Selena. Shaun plays a convincing cop. As for Raymond, I cant help but compare him with Bobby! Bobby was able to portray his forensic scientist role a lot more natural

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