Selena Lee Stays Friends with Her Exes

Playing star-crossed lovers with Joel Chan (陳山聰) in TVB hit drama Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈>, Selena Lee (李施嬅) acknowledges she used to be quite similar to her character, Coco. “I always thought love was so bitter,” the 38-year-old expressed.

Although she is often the first one to walk away from a relationship, she has been dumped once. Of course, she was surprised and wondered what went wrong.

“I realized I had many issues,” Selena frankly said. “I wanted my other half to be perfect, and I didn’t know how to express my gratitude, so he thought I wasn’t grateful.”

She used the breakup as a learning moment and worked hard to improve herself. Now, she is better at voicing her gratitude and showing it through her actions. “If you just relax, learn not to ask for too much, and just enjoy the moment, things will fall into place,” the star said.

While she really fancied dating back in the day, she doesn’t think it matters as much these days. “I’m enjoying my life and career, so I’m more independent,” Selena said. “The men I meet nowadays are different too.”

The actress went on to explain she befriended a lot of the guys she rejected. “They are like angels who help me when I’m in trouble. Some of them got married and had kids, but I’ve become close to their family and I love their wives and kids too,” she shared.

In fact, Selena can also stay friends with her ex-boyfriends. She said, “I don’t remember the bad times, I only remember the good times. Sometimes I would angrily complain to my friends after fighting with a boyfriend, but when we make up, my friends would say, ‘Wait, I thought this person wasn’t right for you.’ Then I’m like, ‘Oh yeah! I forgot.’ So I always forget the bad stuff, but in a sense, it means I don’t hold grudges.”

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