Selena Li Stressed with Scandals; Face is Filled with Pimples

Since breaking up with ex-boyfriend, Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) in 2009,  Selena Li’s (李詩韻) career has  progressed well. Her recent popularity increased after Wish and Switch <換樂無窮> and Gloves Come off <拳王>. TVB also has plans to turn Selena into a top fadan. However, the current spotlight centers on her scandals instead of her acting. The scandals put a strain on Selena and caused her to suffer from hormonal imbalance. Selena Li’s face is filled with pimples and she does not even dare to step out of her house!

Recently, Selena was spotted filming TVB drama, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線> with Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Matt Yeung (楊明). They were shooting a scene resembling You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩>. Raymond, Ruco and Matt re-enacted their high school days and courted Selena. The four characters were riding bicycles and had fun playing with each other.

After filming, Selena was seen alone and exchanged only a few words with her male costars, avoiding further scandalous rumors with them.

Love Rumors Under Fire

After breaking up with Patrick Tang, Selena has been romantically rumored with TVB costars, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠). While filming Love Exceeds the Coastline, rumors claimed that Selena defeated Lee Yan Man (李綺雯) and successfully won Ruco Chan’s heart.

Recently, Selena was even rumored of being a third party and was dismayed by the scandals, “I am really scared of more scandals! I do not wish to have any more rumors on my personal life. I am distressed! A causal dinner with friends can turn into a scandal. One minute, it says I am a third party, and another minute says I am involved with a rich man. The scandalous reports are going too far!”

Selena also said that she is a down-to-earth person; she works hard for a living to support her family too. She shot down her promiscuous scandals and said that her conscience was clear.

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  1. Hope it will not affect her career. She’s finally getting her fadan status.

  2. Um …….perhaps she is getting acne because TVB is making her work 6am-4am???????

  3. Promote her :D. Txb dun have much girls left and Selena is one of the good girls.

  4. I just realized how much Adrian Wong looks like Selena Li.

    Hang in there Selena!

  5. Poor Selena all the reporters are aiming after her 🙁
    I hope they’ll go away soon!

  6. I really enjoy Selena’s acting. Hopefully she can put this aside and continue forward in her career.

  7. Perhaps scandal doesn’t mean the same thing to the reporter and Selena, but to me “love rumours” are hardly scandals. She’s single and they are single so what’s the big deal? If anything, she’s probably breaking out due to TVB’s hectic filming schedule!

  8. I think Selena is extremely talented and if given the opportunity, will definitely do well in the industry.

    Keep your eye on the goal, Selena!

    1. i think she only know how to doll herself up, her talent is definitely exagerrated by you, i see none whatsoever except she’s very pro at trying to make herself look good w/ the fancy hair and leng-mo makeup. Linda, Fala all at some pt i like but Selena hasnt grown on me. she lacks backbone in her acting and i hate the way she acts and gives me the same feeling in all the dramas.

      1. Lol who are you to speak for the majority. Maybe she’s fail to live up to your expectation but not for her fans. You dont have to be so mean.

      2. It is not just her whose talent is exaggerated. MANY people are like that these days. They are given more credit then they deserve and are highly overrated.. No wonder everyone wants to join the circle hoping to make a quick buck and get known…

    2. btw she’s been given plenty of opportunities so lets not say she hasn’t. i rather they switch her out and give elaine yiu her roles, elaine is not as pretty but at least act better and shines even in small supporting roles. selena only has a pretty(fake) face and expressions.

  9. she’s so boring to watch. she’s been around so long and still no breakthroughs, acting is so-so, weird, and hesistant everytime. i dont see her popularity going anywhere. plus she has a plastic face, fake double eyelids and silicone nose. she’s also small statured, doesnt have much presence, looks disproportionate with big head and small frame always on stilts. no offense, laying my honest opinion out.

    1. LMAO, how could it possibly be constituted as an offence that you call her eyelids, nose and face fake and diss her body proportion?

      1. too bad stale sarcasm doesn’t change the fact that she had plastic surgery, thus my comment has merit. calling a spade a spade. whats wrong with stating the facts of how she obtained her looks? her body proportion is just an observation. thats what i meant by no offense, for ppl like you so strung on any sort of non-worshipping comments someone has for your idol.

        i have seen you criticize other actresses but hate it when your actress Selena gets criticized. that is whats funny here. LMAO.

      2. The joke’s on you. I criticise actresses for their acting, not a bunch of rant posts of vitriol against their looks. If you’ve had actual constructive criticism, I might have taken your post(s) serious. Kbye.

      3. LOL i mentioned what i thought of her acting first before anything of her appearance. for an actress, they are usually a package that goes together. vitriolic, look in the mirror, you lack tolerance yourself and yet you ridicule me? pffft get out of here.

  10. So she is the new Sonija Kwok. Definitely scandals will overshadow her acting performances which isn’t great to begin with.

    1. Maybe. Or the new Charmaine. Sonija’s career was ruined by “scandals” but they fuelled Charmaine’s career.

      1. I don’t think the scandals fueled Charmaine’s career. Perhaps it was her response that saved her from being ruined. I always felt Sonija was and still is a romantic fool when it comes to love. But at least she found her happiness and is happily married. Problem with Selena is she is attracting all the wrong publicity. Sometimes I pity her.

      2. IMHO, I don’t think scandals really matter, as much as their backer(s). Miss Lok had Charmaine’s back. So it really comes down to who has Selena’s back? I’m not really sure what kind of publicity you’re referring to? These dating rumours are nothing salacious and happens to any TVB actor who doesn’t have an official or underground boy/girlfriend.

        However, the hypocrisy in the society is wonderful. Him Law’s scandals are far more serious than these idle rumours regarding Selena, yet his career is going swimmingly.

      3. Damn the the doggies are just out of touch with reality calling these so-called rumors “scandals”.

        Didn’t knew having rumors with co-stars were more scandalous than turning into hulk, beating up girls and selling their bodies for money *rolleyes*

  11. Not pretty, face too flat. Face looking sideway too flat, and lips not attractive.

    1. I think her appeals lies in the fact that she is feminine.

    2. I also feel the same way!
      I dislike Selena Li and Natalie Tong also.

  12. My favorite actress in TVB after Gigi Lai left. Can’t wait to see you in Singapore!

  13. I agree with you Funn, that Selina’s attraction lies in her femininity. Her smile and look of adoration are irresistible and I think she was wonderful in Gloves Come Off.

  14. The people who are saying tavia puts on too much makeup,.. How about Selena? She obviously puts on more makeup to cover her pimples. so I think it is not fair to say that tavia puts on thick makeup. Every tvb actress is the same.

    1. That’s not even thick make-up if you’re comparing it to Tavia.

    2. Just bc the article claims that Selena got pimples doesn’t mean it’s true even so it didn’t state how serious.

      You seriously can’t compare their make-ups it’s like day and night. Selena is known for her light make-up at least the apperance of it.

      Now if you want to compare then Myolie is the one her thick make-up is comparable to TY.

      Btw TY’s thick make-up is a fact, however her acting is also top notch among current fadans.

      1. Not many fadans left in Txb and more might leave soon… In the world of blind ppl, a guy with one eye is the king.

      2. Yeah I guess so. Too bad even in a world of blind ppl, none of your favs can claim the cyclops title, LOL.

      3. Maybe :D. They are not cyclop but 2 eyes bright :D. And how about your faves? Any cyclop?

      4. How can my faves claim the cyclops title when your faves are under “protection” from the great 620?

        When my faves reaches that status they will wear the cyclops eyewear 24-7, LOL.

      5. I just don’t consider Linda as one of 620’s precious puppies that’s all.

      6. ROFL exoidus you already forget how buddy buddy Linda with 620 at the bday party? LOL

      7. Ignorant mind? Or you dun think Linda is precious?

      8. BTW are you talking about the handsome cyclop in X-men series or the real cyclop in Roman legends?

      9. If having all these crappy series is precious to 620 then there’s nothing more to say.

        With regards to cyclops, both. I have faith that you can distinguish between the two.

      10. Of course I can :D. I just wonder which group you are referring to.

        Crappy series? You mean of Linda’s series? Or Txb series overall? I blv from 620’s view, the precious value is how much money can the artist earn.

    3. So TY is covering the pimples by thick makeup? Too many troubles with the young hunkie HimHim? Or love rivals? Ouch, in this case I can feel poor her. Hottie Him Him ah~

      1. Wei Wei Wei! I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth!

      2. You said: “She (Selena) obviously puts on more makeup to cover her pimples”. TY also has thick makeup, so by your logic she also covering pimples.

        Since Selena has pimples from the scandal, I guess TY is the same. TY’s only scandals now are all about Him Him. I don’t put word to your mouth but assuming by your logic. But I guess it’s correct since Him Him is hottie and hunkie with the past of 13 women, so TY has to be careful.

  15. If its not true then don’t worry about it…. Just do you!

  16. awww I love Selena! I hope she has a successful acting career. There are so many scandals revolving around her probably because she is so pretty:)

  17. @hannah if it is not thick you can probably see the pimples. -.-

      1. Photoshop is invented and there are ppl still dun noe about it, sign….

  18. although she doesnt look the prettiest or act the best but better than a lot of other fadans so i think she needs more promo

  19. Good to see Selina getting promoted to Fadan! She’s beautiful n talented.

    I hope the reporter leave her alone, poor girl.

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