Shu Qi Wants to Buy Back Copyrights of Old Erotic Movies

Shu Qi (舒淇) and Stephen Fung’s (馮德倫) 17-year romance was never a secret. The couple has reportedly moved in together and plans to get married at the end of the year. However, bothered by her own soft-porn past, Shu Qi is willing to spend millions of dollars to buy back the copyrights of her old nude photos and Category III movies before the wedding date.

The Taiwanese-born actress had a controversial start in the entertainment industry. Her nude photo pictorial caught the eye of director Wong Jing (王晶), who subsequently cast her in 1996 Category III movie, Sex & Zen II (玉蒲團二之玉女心經). Although Shu Qi’s stardom rose and she made a name for herself in mainstream films, she always regretted her nude exposure in her early career.

Shu Qi hopes to clean up her image from her younger days before marrying Stephen. An insider revealed Shu Qi is even willing to pay 10 million RMB to obtain the copyrights to her nude photos and Category III movies, hoping that they will no longer be available for sale. Unfortunately her wish may be met with obstacles because the photos and movies have been in circulation for a long time and it is difficult to determine who has the full ownership rights today. Due to advanced technology and the Internet, it will not be easy for Shu Qi to stop the content from further online circulation.

In the interim, Shu Qi is ready to enter a new milestone in her life. Although Shu Qi and Stephen dated other people over the last 17 years, they found each other to be the most compatible. To prepare for their future love nest, Stephen’s house is currently under renovation. He has moved into Shu Qi’s apartment in Hong Kong, allowing them to enjoy a taste of married life before they tie the knot later this year.


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  1. Well, it was soft porn that made her famous…I guess she needs to live with it all her life. It’s ok, Shu Qi…you are still a great actress regardless of your past. Vivien Hsu has got a happy life now, I bet she would find happiness too.

    1. In the modern days of internet and technology, it is silly of her to even consider “buying back” the ownership rights of her softporn and nude stuff……..even if she find a way to legally get ownership, someone will always find away to upload or put something onto a server or website to share…………You can never really wipe away a porn or nude past.

      Just look at Cecilia Cheung………she will have to live for the rest of her life with pics out there of her giving a bj to EDC.

      1. Well, you can’t compare Cecilia Cheung’s with her as that’s REAL LIFE porn. Shu Qi’s was just acting on soft porn. That’s a huge different.

      2. comments on cecilia nude pics are unfair to cecilia because she did not sell herself, those pics are between cecilia and EDC

      3. At least Cecilia did not sell her soul for fame and money. What she did was between her and her partner. Acting in porn is not really acting, its real sex except for the emotions part.

  2. I am very happy for him. She had a few very tough relationships and got very hurt from them. Her grown from a young girl to the woman she is now has not been easy. I am glads she found true love.

  3. Waste of money really. They are out there, they are a part of her past, just come to terms with it and put it behind her.

    I wish all the best to the happy couple.

  4. It is definitely a waste of money. You can simply google her name and you can find her nude photos. 舒淇 should embrace her past and just move on.

    1. it shouldnt cost her a cent

      first – at least – get Google to remove images because that rich Nazi orgy guy successfully got his images wiped recently

  5. hahah yeah, good luck doing that, it’s not gonna happen.

  6. just google shu Qi nvde photos, it’s all there, wow! once a cheap porn star always will be. once it is out there, it’s out there for life. Money can’t buy class, perhaps she needs to look into the mirror.

    1. haha well said.
      Money cant buy intelligence either apparently.
      If she is stupid enough to believe that buying all the rights will erase her skanky past then she deserves to lose that money. We are talking about China after all. The kings of pirating and replicating stuff whether they have the right to or not.
      Her doing this will only make it easier to find and buy since it has brought attention back onto it.
      Or maybe that’s what she is after. She loves the attention, good or bad.

  7. Is category 3 actually porn or is it just nudity and pretend sex?

    Stephen Fung dated Karen Mok for 7years!

    1. category 3 is just nudity and fake sex.
      category 4 would be porn, and I’m pretty sure cat4 doesn’t show in theaters.

  8. Well if it wasn’t for her nude photos she’d never have been “discovered”!

  9. It’s been so many years already I think she should learn to deal with it and move on.

    1. Carina Lau probably will never admit to PTSD nor Yammie Lam but aren’t they allowed to WANT privacy and to somehow undo what was done to them?

      1. How can u compare sexual assault to voluntary 3rd category porn?

      2. Shu Qi made a promising career from her start in soft porn roles. Like Anon said, you can’t compare what happened to Carina or Yammi to voluntary catIII porn

      3. because shu qi was too young and impoverished to understand and she didnt have a mom like Siao Fong Fong to keep her conservative

      4. I agreed with Anon and daess. You CAN’T compare Carina Lau to Shu Qi. Shu Qi had a choice, but Carina didn’t because she got abducted (with force) by triads. All of her fans can feel her pain.

  10. My brain cant even begin to imagine how that could be accomplished. That is a basic honest human desire on her part – it is perfectly understandable.

    it’s impossible but that doesn’t mean an effort shouldn’t be made on her behalf.

    at least she never killed herself like Pauline Chan from the PTSD.

  11. I wish we could imbue all of the vulnerable with Siao Fong Fong’s en garde bite.

    HK cautionary tales taught me to think about what would happen if someone across a negotiating table had something over you and used it against your spouse or family. I wouldn’t hold onto a scooter driver when I was given a ride because I was thinking about my father’s reputation.

    It’s all about consent.

    In Shu Qi’s case and in all other young girls cases where it seems like consent was given – I say to the filmmakers – put your mother, sister and daughter in the same roles for the same price and yourself as well first if what they are doing what hurt them at all and is just business.


  12. Even Michelle Reis’ past and filmography complicates her family but it’s not righteous to hold it over her even if she is not a nice person (who knows) – to hold it over her – cancels out any sense of superiority.

    I think the Comfort Women advocacy efforts has shown us that to protect the raped children and virgins, we have to see that no one has the right to mistreat prostitutes or libertines like that either.

    Shu Qi has every right to mind and want her privacy back – it’s perfectly right to regret selling it for cheap in the past

    just as Gillian Chu was perfectly right to mind being photographed by a voyeur in the dressing room before the Edison scandal.

    Those things don’t change – these are not perpetrators of the intrusive eye, remember?

    1. Quit comparing voluntary to involuntary sexual acts. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

      1. its possible she would never have the career or any career if she hadnt exposed herself early – I didnt see her in those movies but it seems to have leapfrogged her career-wise.

        but some people eat it or embrace it or move past it but she wants to take it down so that may be because her boyfriends didnt marry her possibly because it hurt their families – she may want to be a mom and this will hurt her child at school, etc.

        I dont think the people who paid to see her naked also paid to have her a permanent scarlet woman and her child marked as well so if there is a way to remove those images and prevent further posting of them, so be it. What do we care? Her audience already got to see those movies – its not like we are wiping their brains and refunding the money.

        but maybe that would be okay if it were technologically possible

  13. Shu Qi has proven herself that she’s not only have beauty, but she’s an actress that can act. With the career breakthrough, I think not many could have done it better. Past is past, glad that Stephen Fung accepted her past & will walk down the aisle, a relationship close to 2 decades are not easy to achieve. Wish her happiness.

  14. Past is past. Must focus on the present! I wish Shu Qi and Stephen Fung the best. She deserves true love. Love them xoxoxo

  15. Oh Shu Qi,just save for your happiness with Stephen. We dont look at the past while walking to reach the future.

  16. Don’t need to waste money,,,, her fan don’t care about her past,, her an-ti don’t care neither,,,, she bought it up herself,,, ppl seem to be forget about it,,,

  17. I think this article is full of crap. The public seems more concerned about Shu Qi’s past than Shu Qi’s is.

  18. The most important person has accepted her so what’s her problem now? Everyone knows her past. It cannot be undone no matter how much money you have. The price is her dignity and pride.

  19. Shu Qi has proven herself to be more than her past. I respect her for making it this far. She work really hard to be a well known actress. This article seems like BS. Those pictures have been out for years. I don’t think she cares about them. Stephen Fung doesn’t seem like he cares either. He doesn’t seems to be judging her on her past. Wish them both the best.

  20. I think it would impossible to get rid all those images from the internet/pictures/films. Like Cleo said may be she’ll be a mother some day and perhaps she wants to do this for her future child/chilren.

  21. Stephen Fung and his family are wise and good people, they accepted Shu Qi and love her for who she is. The past shouldn’t be important, if you are truly care and love someone. I think she is very attractive and talented Asian actress.

  22. Shu Qi is a good person, pretty, and talented actress….I wouldn’t care of her past. I would just focus on the present and the future with her.

  23. There are those in the media and some mean-spirited people who relish publishing Shu Qi’s old photos to embarrass her.

  24. I feel bad for the actress. I’m sure she’s not the only Chinese actress out there with the softporn/nudity. evil people out there will try to ruining her life, she can’t let them win.

  25. Vivian Hsu also acted in some soft porn and appeared naked in movies too. She seems fine with it and married some rich singaporean guy.

    1. I think the most important is the husband/boyfriend can accept it and be supportive about it. If they can face it and accept that it’s her past and move on.

    2. Conclusion is men would rather go for beauty and bod irregardless of their past rather than go for women with brains and personality. Think of the bright side,at least they got paid and got famous just to strip and act intimate,unlike ppl like gillian who did not get paid to strip and lick by that jerk.

    3. same with Yau Suk Jing and Veronica Yip who both married wealthy businessmen.

  26. It’s honestly not easy for any man to accept a girl if she has done nude, porn especially generally in asia. It takes a man with a very big heart to be accepting, I’m honestly glad that she has found him. Marriages is not really about 2 persons, it’s about 2 families. I hope everyone will put her past behind her and concentrate on her acting skills instead. She has much more to offer besides a nice body.

    1. Bloom:

      You said it very well. I agree with you 100%. If their relationship and understanding of each other are strong. They will survive it.

    2. Just for comments sake. Ever notice all those footballers and sportsmen, they don’t seem to mind. Their girls have posed or still posing nude, etc. They don’t care because they seem to like the fact that “hey! I got the hot girl!”. I suppose unless you’re super rich with a houlier than thou reputation, it matters. But at the end of the day, to all mom in laws out there, if you got yourself a dutiful and obedient and loving warm daughter in law, is that enough to trump her bad past? And I mean nude, prostitution, or sex tape past?

  27. She would be better spending on brushing up her cantonese and mandarin accent, than something that can’t be undone.

  28. What is a big deal that she was a softporn? She’s not the only Asian actress doing it. Why can people leave her alone and let her have a normal life like any other actresses in Asia ? I’m sure she’s suffered enough twenty something years with people who used it against her. Sad

  29. If she is buying back the rights to destroy them, to control the circulation, in view of youtube and the emergence of torrents, etc, her act is in futility. If she intends to buy back to control the distribution in terms of royalty, well that is a possibility. She should have bought back the rights the moment she stopped cat 3 movies. Now, they may be too expensive or too widely circulated.

  30. If a guy truly loves her, he wouldn’t care about her past because she is gorgeous, talented actress, famous, and rich!

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