“Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles”: Hours of Deleted Scenes Revealed


The Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority and TVB have received many complaints that Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> contained indecent scenes that are not fit for prime time hours. It turns out total of approximately four episodes of explicit scenes have been cut from Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, in an attempt to make the drama more family friendly.

Tavia Yeung’s Rape Scene Eliminated

Eliminated from the show is the scene depicting the rape of Hong Tsz Kwan (康子君), played by Tavia Yeung (楊怡). It is a flashback scene which has Tavia recalling the rape when she was unable to become pregnant after becoming Damian Lau’s (劉松仁) fourth wife. Before becoming a daomadan singer, Tavia was the victim of a gangster played by Lo Mang (羅莽). It was reported that after the rape scene was deleted, all that is left for the viewers is a flashback showing a crying Tavia next to a laughing Lo Mang.

Suicide Scene Edited

Another scene that was edited is when Kwai Siu Yau’s (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗) younger sister Siu Yu, portrayed by Bella Lam (林穎彤), commits suicide by biting her tongue off, and dies from profuse bleeding. For the prime-time viewers, the depiction of Bella killing herself may be too shocking, so it ended up as a short scene of a crying Rebecca holding on to the dying Bella.

Sex Scenes Toned Down

Some of the intimate scenes, or “artistic scenes” as Damian Lau called them, were either trimmed or removed. For example, the scene where Damian and Tavia engage in a long passionate kiss, or more appropriately, Tavia biting down on Damian’s lower lips, was trimmed to the minimum. The scene was not in the original script and was added after Tavia and Damian decided that it shows the love-hate feelings between the two.

Although it was not reported as one of the deleted scenes, Elena Kong’s (江美儀) masturbation action may not see the light of day. The scene allegedly took place when Elena became a bored and neglected wife after Damian married Tavia. The masturbation scene would undoubtedly offend many prime-time TV viewers, and it will most likely be removed due to its suggestive nature.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2295 via kuangaitvb.com 

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    1. Well done ,tvb. Although controversial ,daring, strong taboo elements, tvb had managed to produce many good quality series in these two years.

  1. hk people are so conservative, just a little hint of sex and the complaints will shoot out of the roof

    1. Exactly. Although I would rather see JJ doing the “suggestive scene” than Elena.

      1. well it’s public television in a conservative Asian country after all. People of all ages will be watching this. TVB should have known better than to waste time and resources filming this in the first place.

      2. The complains might be from other tv station rivals, who knows.? When the series are popular there are always haters

    2. I recall watching Damian and Michelle Yee as a love-hate couple. Damian was a lawyer while Michelle was a police inspector. I was really young. Throughout the drama series, they were french kissing, making out a lot. That show left a very deep impression on me. If 20 over years ago, they could air such scene, why now the axing?

      But being a mommy to a teenage boy of 12 going 13, I would find it awkward to watch those deleted scene with my son though. But I also feel that the most exciting parts of the show being deleted may affect the excitement of the story a.k.a show. Confuse….. But I think, it’s better to just air what they acted. Just do it. Let the complains come later. Just like the show I mentioned earlier. It does leave a deep impression on people’s mind. It’s good for ratings

      1. If those housewives think their children aren’t exposed to sexual content elsewhere, they’re naive. Sex is everywhere, because sex sells.

    3. Because HK people live closer to each other in the cramped flats/ apartments, therefore they don’t want to admit to such scenes since they cannot practice having sex.

  2. Tavia miss a chance to show the audience her great acting in the rape scene. Would it affect her chance in the award?

    But then, Kate’s rape scene only 1 second long. Not much to see either.

    1. Yeah, in term of rape scene they are equal. Now both of them can’t rely on rape scene to become TV queen.

    2. I don’t think there’s much to show when someone is being rape, they’re either fighting back or crying…it’s the aftermath reactions that will show off the acting skills. So, to me the rape scene is unnesscessary really & I don’t get what people are complaining about?!?!?!

    3. At least they showed ONE SECOND of the rape scene. Rape scene ain’t easy to shoot. Poor Tavia.. To have acted being rape to totally nothing but just crying in a corner with the gangster laughing… I feel it’s a bit unfair to Tavia’s chance of winning the TVB Queen award.

  3. TY will outshine Kate’s rape scene by 1 second! cause 2 seconds is better than 1 second. Wooot! /Sarcasm

  4. delete everything then what we see ar..haiz..stupid..no more good & interesting series because of them complain this n that..

    1. I agree with you. Since they dare to shoot those scenes, just air it and solve the complaints later…

  5. Why don’t they just put a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode, so the viewers could choose whether they want to watch it or not.

      1. the thing is ppl still watch, they just complain afterwards, which is being hypocritical

      2. 8:30 dun have PG sign.

        Lolz, I wonder why a “重口味” like this one can be aired at 8:30? But watever, I don’t watch it and even just watch few parts of Rebecca Zhu’s in this to know how she acts, I find it’s super boring.

      3. ^ cause housewives like sexy scenes with Damien but not of it’s younger actors

  6. They should just black out or scramble the screen. Let the viewers use their own imaginations.

    1. What’s the point? Then might as well don’t watch the show? Just air one hour of black out scene and let viewers imagine what they want to imagine. It’s just like staring into a television which is off. Manglodinh, do you do that when your tv is off? Hilarious. Opps, no offence.

  7. Once again,if viewers think the series is inappropriate, dont watch. All they know is to complain and make others miss the scenes.

  8. I dont want to see Tavia biting Damiens lips anyway!
    I still found it weird for Tavia to be paired with him!! 🙁

    1. Why not? He’s rich & powerful so of course he wants younger lovers…you expect him to lust after old women?

    2. i watched that scene… its not even as bad as the media made it out to be…. KIDS. how is it weird? you ppl say tavia is old looking. now she is paired up with damien, and now you say she’s too young.. make up ur mind ppl. pffttt

    3. I had the same feeling about tavia and Damien, and was disappointed that she wasn’t with MM, but you know what? Tavia and Damien totally sold it to me, I’m now actually loving their love story, it’s the only thing that keep me going for this series ATM. I thought it will take a few cringe moments and telling myself I can stay n watch boring series, surprisingly, this series is no where boring, and quite drawing you into it (minus Ron n the new chick, she’s trying to be pretty with the way she talk, n that could get a little bit annoying, it’s Ron n her part that I have to brave myself to get thru).
      Ending words: loving seeing Damien and tavia. And yes, I know lots of ppls don’t like her, but u know, everytimes I watch her, she totally sold it to me, and I just can’t hate her -.- love her lol!

      1. Oh yea, the biting lips scene, in the context of that scene was appropriate and somewhat refreshing lol, but I won’t spoil it xD in case I get blacklisted for spoiling, but it’s not as bad as it sound

  9. sad to know that. I guess it is so hard to film a drama/movie now. This cannot that cannot. Maybe educational shows will be safe. Miss the exciting parts of the drama 🙁

  10. Why does every drama have a rape scene now. STOP PLEASE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?

  11. “Tavia biting down on Damian’s lower lips, was trimmed to the minimum.” Really? The scene that got to air was already far too long.

  12. LMAO~, Gang-raped =)). Now we can borrow the quote of ppl here: If this one has anything good, it’s all thanked to the Gang-RAPED!

    1. Fox, you can’t be jealous about not being granted with a public right and freedom to watch rape scenes as much as you’re hunger for.

      Poor, fox

      1. Are you hunger for it? If yes keep it to yourself and I refuse to watch with you. Cheers.

  13. Rape scene again?! What’s with TVB craze for rape scenes. It’s at least the 3rd one this year and in 3 series that were broadcast consecutively.

    1. Tvb is encouraging rape culture to the public. The final product that came up from tvb -Ron ng

      1. You’re wrong. Ron won’t do that and certainly it’s against his will and natural tendency to do so. Ron is simply innocence in this regard.

    2. Maybe TVB thinks that rape scene will create a WOW effect as the actresses will be deem as a poor victim. Viewers will sympathise with them and thus vote for the two TVB Queen Award’s potentials, namely Kate and Tavia.

  14. People are comparing Kate’s and Tavia’s rape scenes? It’s like saying “I got raped! I should be TV Queen.” LOL

    1. You must be kidding.

      Kate doesn’t need to be raped or molested in order to earn a sympathy vote for the TV QUEEN AWARD.

    2. LOL…. I share the same views too! Now it’s becoming like a joke…


      Is that what they are thinking?

  15. oh that’s suck but i guess it’s inappropriate during the prime time.

    1. Fox is even more disappointed than you for not having an opportunity to watch such exciting rape scenes.

  16. i dont mind watching kissing or love scenes or whatever but w/old veterans like Damien Lau who my mom kind of still likes, it is kind of weird to see actually ahhaa lol… i mean we dont see much action scenes w/younger generations so to see it for veteran stars is kind of weird for me anyway hahaha lol…

    1. It’s not weird. Damien is just like any other guys who have tendency to exploit “whatever” that is available to him FREE….

      1. very true, old perv huh? hahaha….but its a good thing he does not have alot of negative rumors during his career. my mom still says after so many years, v dont even know how his wife look like hahaha…

  17. Why is there a flood of rape scenes?! What’s wrong with TVB?! Anyhow, it’s also silly to delete controversial scenes that will actually make the series interesting (except the rape scene of course). HK si nai audience need to loosen up!

  18. american and chinese receives criticisms regarding rapes scenes in their movies. Thai lakorns aka tv series always have rapes scenes in shows. Which the main guy character rapes the main actress character. What a different society.

    1. Yeah, I’ve always considered lakorns mindless fun but the obligatory rape scenes are disturbing. Since Thai men seem to have a reputation for being effeminate, I wonder if this is a way to sell masculinity that female viewers would find sexually appealing?

      I haven’t watched too many lakorns though because I can’t stand the sound of spoken Thai. A little too resonant for my poor ears, lol.

  19. I don’t find this drama interesting in the first place! One old playboy with five women! I did not watch at all!

    1. exactly my point, i dont like this kind of genre series in general n to see an old veteran w/such intimate scenes when TVB hardly has is just a bit weird….

      1. Add in a dash of quasi British aristocratic flair and you would have this piece travesty.

        The insistence of using chinglish was hilarious.

      2. Agree. And the english was utterly horrible. Most of the time it didn’t make sense. They should’ve consulted a native english speaker instead of relying on english conversational textbooks (which is where i’m assuming they got their conversational lines out of). I cringe every time there was english dialogue.

    2. how could you judge when you haven’t even watched it in the first place?

  20. i know, i was like how come that old dude and the sons kept on speaking english. the first son speak even more horribly, the second accent was not that strong. my mom was like this is a HK series, who are they trying to impress? hahaha LOL…

    1. I dont see what’s the big deal about speaking english in that show. It fits with the story and plot since the characters were English educated.

  21. I love how kissing scenes class as ‘sex scenes’ to the Hong Kong people. The kissing scenes between Tavia and Damian were horrendously passionless anyhow, and the whole lipbiting looked cringey and comical more than sexually charged.

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