Sire Ma Admits She Filmed More Sexy Videos

After Sire Ma‘s (馬賽) lingerie video was leaked, she held a press conference today and admitted that she was wrong in filming such content.  Sire stated she had loved the wrong person and misplaced her trust. She urged, “Women should never film such videos or take photos” to protect themselves. Bursting into tears throughout the conference, Sire admitted that more sexy videos of her exist but is not scared of their circulation.

TVB Halts Sire’s Work

The 26-year-old actress returned to TVB to meet with management executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) this morning. Accompanied by TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs Tsang Tsing Ming (曾醒明) at the press conference, Sire revealed that all her work arrangements will be halted for an unspecified amount of time. She said, “I am an adult; I will be responsible for my own actions. I accept the company’s decision to halt all my work.” She also indicated that this was TVB’s gesture to protect her during the sensitive situation.

Due to the violation of her personal privacy, Sire has filed a police report to investigate the case. Sire claims she does not have a copy of the lingerie video, and while she knew who had filmed her, she will let the police find out how how the video was leaked on the Internet. Sire declined to comment when it was suggested that lesbian ex-lover Wang Ziyi (汪子琦) may be involved.

Sire Admits There Are More Sexy Videos

Revealing that she had taken the video last year, Sire was asked who had filmed her and why she was willing to bare all her intimate parts. “Of course, the person used to be someone I was very close with. Like I said in my earlier statement, I blindly trusted someone while in love. Even if there are many examples you can learn from around you, when you are deeply in love, you will think this will never happen to you. You will think that the other person will protect you. Now I know that only I can protect myself, so women should never take these photos or videos.”

When it was pointed out that her eyes appeared unfocused in the video, Sire said that she was not filmed under the influence of any drugs. “I may have drank a bit of alcohol.”

Asked if there are more sexy videos of her in existence, Sire said, “There should be more. This is of a very personal nature, please allow me to not respond to the question. I know who has these videos and what I don’t have myself. I also don’t know if the media already has copies of [more] photos or videos.”

No Regrets for Actions

Sire said she does not regret filming the explicit video. “There is no regret in this world. If you have done something wrong, you have to admit and be responsible for it. I am certain that I loved the wrong person. I also did not listen to other people and acted rashly to hurt them.” Sire apologized for disappointing TVB, her family and friends.

She added, “I have already been through an emotional roller coaster [since last year], so I know worrying about the situation won’t help. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

After her relationship with mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi was exposed, Sire’s sexuality became a controversial topic. Asked if her bad breakup with Wang Ziqi may alter her future preferences, Sire said, “In love, there is no differentiation between man or woman. Love is a very equal thing and between two people. I once was a person willing to do anything for love. But after this incident, I have truly matured.”


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  1. She has my sympathies but she is slapping herself since she said she has no regrets. If you have no regrets, why then cry? If you cry, it surely means you regretted your actions which made you sad.

    I suspect next up is a sex tape. I won’t be shocked anymore. I detest TVB for being coward and never speaking up for their C-list female stars hit by scandals.

    1. Funn,
      Overall, I think Sire handled herself well and her responses were well thought out. She does regret that as a woman, she made such revealing videos. However, I think she wanted to shift emphasis that instead of regretting and feeling sorry for herself, she will take responsibility and be strong.

      She may have cried for sympathy or simply because she disappointed others and TVB.

      1. Agreed… I feel that the her answers to the questions @ the conference were done as well as they could have been.
        I like that Sire has been strong this time and faced it head on! She’s definitely matured.

        Handled a lot better than Coffee’s scandal.

        I suppose after this string of incidents, TVB would be sending out a memo to its actors to make themselves more puritanical 😛

      2. Her responses were genuine and very well answered imo. Everyone makes mistakes, and no doubt when one is truly in love things may be blinded.

        I symphathise for her, not for her actions but her pain of seeing her loved ones and friends see her go through all of this. Hope she stays strong!

      3. I think Sire Ma learned from her previous mistakes ………… she denied everything until the video was disclosed.

  2. seriously, what’s the big deal? those are private moments between her and whoever she was with, they’re adults. i’ve seen way worst on Instagram lol.

    1. lol srsly? sire is a public figure…. and this was released online for everyone to see. i think its safe to say her career is almost over.

      1. Tell that to Hollywood! The problem isn’t Sire, it’s Hong Kong, as a society, that needs to change it’s ultra-conservative and extreme discriminatory views.

      2. Just bcos America is so open abouy sex tapes and what not, doesnt mean Hong Kong society should change…I dont see what’s wrong with being a conservative society?? Also I dont think the problem is on society being ‘conservative’, the matter is privacy. This is someone’s private life being exposed to the whole world to see..

      3. And I will correct myself, I meant Hollywood (as you stated) not America.

      4. This was a video that was recorded in private and was LEAKED without PERMISSION. If this happened in the west, there will be little controversy and in most cases, Sire, would be a victim, and gain sympathy from her company, the media and the public.

        In Hong Kong, due to its extreme conservatism, the media is jumping all over this and trying to paint her as the perpetrator (as if she did something wrong, but she did not do anything wrong), calling her shameless and making her resign from her job (TVB). This is whats wrong in a society that is so ultra conservative and highly discriminatory to non-traditonal relationships. If you still don’t see anything wrong with this, the problem is you.

      5. Also, the video was intended for her then lover to watch, NOT for the public. This is what’s wrong with Chinese society, when someone goes down, instead of helping them up, they always kick them a few times while they are still on the ground.

      6. @anon u generalizing too much

        there’s gon be people in hk that ain’t conservative and people in america that is conservative. don’t need to use the media to represent everyone else’s opinion

      7. Kim,

        I disagree. I don’t think I am generalizing too much at all.

      8. @Anon –

        I agree with most of your points, esp the comment you not generalizing. I really dislike how people use exceptions as a counter argument. There will always be exceptions in this world but for the most part, your statement is close to the majority. Your generalization probably represented at least 70% of Hollywood!

  3. If anything this will make her even more famous. She’s an attractive girl that now has a scandal. That does wonders for a career. Look at paris Hiltons and Kim kardashian.

    1. lol really? this isn’t an American scandal. this happened in Asia, and if you know anything about the Asian culture, people don’t accept something like this easily. And no I will not look at Paris Hilton or that trash Kim Kardashian. These people are trash and they humiliate the Americans like myself.

      1. The difference here is Kim and Paris INTENTIONALLY leaked their private videos, on the other hand, Sire’s video were meant to be PRIVATE. Get your facts straight.

      2. well before you tell anyone to get their facts straight, perhaps you to get your own facts straight too…like you would know the real truth behind Kim, Paris or Sire’s scandal? Unless you are Sire or her lover , you wouldnt know anything about the truth besides what the media presents to you.

      3. Clementine, it was widely reported by the media and on social networks that the Paris and Kim’s sex tapes weren’t intentionally leaked. Kim nor Paris officially refute that it wasn’t intentionally either. Nice rebuttal! Try a little harder next time.

      4. LOL Anon, yeah agree. Both Paris and Kim sex tapes were not INTENTIONAL to be leaked. I am sure Paris and Kim did not leak it out on purpose. No famous rich stars like Paris would purposely throw her sex tape out to the WORLD let everyone see her naked body parts while hump her boyfriend.
        Paris wasn’t well raise, but her parents are RICH, and she as a celebrity know very well the consequences if her sex tapes exposed. You can rest assure she did not intentionally leak it out.

    2. @Anon

      I could not agree with you more. I too blame Hong Kong as a society in general. There is something called being concervative, and then there is something called living in this puritan, fantasy stone ageera. I think the fantasy stone age era sums up the vast majority of Hong Kong, Taiwan,Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Even a lot of the young asians, 25 years old and younger have this way of thinking. and judging.

      1. I have to add,if the Kim K and Paris H sex tape were leaked, they were leaked by these two women themselves to garner publicity, which in America equals fames, which leadsto fortune.It worked for them.

        The Sire sex tapes were deliberately and maliciously leaked, and I have my suspicions who did it.

      2. I have to disagree as an American citizen I found a little conservatism beneficial to today’s youth. Everything has a limit. Openness beyond it’s limit is chaotic. The underage pregnancy in America is off the charts and the highest of industrial countries. In the industrialized Asian nations such as South Korea and Singapore, teenage birth rates are among the lowest in the world. The judgments are a negative byproduct of good conservatism.

  4. After the Edison scandal years ago people still don’t learn. SMH

    1. i don’t think its sire’s at fault though. it is whoever that released the videos and photos. Personally I would never film or a picture of myself like that and send it to people or worst let other people film me… but i don’t think its wrong.

      1. What Sire did this time is not wrong. It was filmed for the private viewing of her lover,and nothing to do with her work at TVB, nor does it make her a bad person. The person who is a gutter sniper is the low life who leaked it.

      2. The person who is a gutter sniper is the low life who leaked it.
        Agree, but who suffers the most as the result of the leaking …………… it is Sire Ma.

    1. I agree she handle it well and why do TVB halted her jobs. She the victim and she not the one who upload the photos. TVB should help her to sort this situations. If TVB does assist her this will reflect TVB look care for their employees.
      Whoever upload the photos it really really cheap shot, coward and bully.

    2. Yup, she handled it quite well. She’s the victim of love. Having 620 and TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs Tsang Tsing Ming there for her. Snake and rat. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    3. She has the backing of 620 ans TMM. Coffee didn’t.

      1. TVB strategy now is to stop her work for a while and at the same time potraying Sire as a naive victim of love.

  5. I feel for her in that this has happened… I think it is embarrassing and hurtful. I hope she stays strong and moves to educate others on the risk.

    I really like the comment “In love, there is no differentiation between man or woman. Love is a very equal thing and between two people” – very true, and it goes for love in all cases – hetero/homo/bi.

    Was it a woman filming? If so maybe Sire felt safer because it was a woman filming? Who knows…

    I would expand, however, that as much as she protests that women shouldn’t take these kinds of videos, men shouldn’t either.

    I also think that the press need to be careful about accusing anyone for uploading the video. it’s very possible that the person who recorded it pulled an “Edison” and gave their phone to someone to be repaired etc… or even traded it in. Most people think erasing things from your phone deletes them forever, but that is NOT the case. Deleted items can be brought back easily on phones. There was a BBC article about a week ago on how one study group picking up second hand phones was able to recover deleted phone books, text messages, video and photos.

    1. LOL! Love is the name of the game. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      1. She’s dressed for a funeral, dressed for sympathy. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. As much as it’s embarassing for her and it’s a private thing, hard for me to feel sorry for her because she’s an adult who should’ve been mature enough to know the consequences of taking these risky videos. Besides all these while Sire is selling a pure and cute little sister image so different than what the video shows.

      1. If Sire is a 14 year old girl, I’d feel more sympathy.

      2. @Toby

        You seem disappointed that she had this pur,innocent cute little sister image. Well, that is what it is all about, selling an image to the general public. Not that I am saying that Sire is a bad person. I find it hard to feel sympathy for anyone who feels saddened and disappointed with feeling let down by Sire.

        If you are not a minor, 18 or older, you need to realise that celebrritiesand their handlers sell an image that is pure and righteousto the public, which is to make money. I said in an article not tooo long ago that parents need to teach their children,18 and youngerthat this is just an image,and these characters are not real. They are played by normal human beings who make mistakes, or who do bad things like anyone else, so do not worship these idols. I guess the parents are now crying too because they are disappointed in Sire. Quite frankly, I see no reason to be disappointed in her. I am disappointed in the vulture of a hypocrite Virginia lok and her lackies at TVB,but I am more disgusted with them than disappointed.

      3. If Sire was 14, I would hope she would notbe defending herself in a press conference about making sexy, provocative videos for her lover.

  6. i am suprise to learn Sire is only 26, i always hought late 30s early 40s

    1. eh depends on who you comparing it to like a lot of chinese female look late 30s when they’re mid 20s but that’s just normal to chinese female

    2. I too was surprised at her age being 26! I don’t get why she was a Miss HK runnerup. Everything about her face is so unnatural, especially the eyes, eyelids.
      She looked like “ah sum” to me before, and even more so in the above pics.

    3. Yup, she’s not that old but old enough to have sex. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    4. early 40s?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOL…ur kidding right

  7. WHOEVER that has leaked this video must be desperately “broke” in all ways and looking for some form of “revenge”

  8. Hmm not sure if I sympathize with her (I don’t seem to trust her or that Wang Ziqi), but I do like her speech, how she decided to take it in a mature way and be responsible for her actions.

    There were other actresses who filmed sex clips/tapes in the past and regrets it. Thought it was a given that women, especially those in the industry, shouldn’t film such clips just because you don’t know who you can trust. Cecilia made that mistake and it’s funny to see Sire here telling women not to make that mistake.

    Pretty disappointed in her since it wasn’t that long ago that she got frozen by TVB (even though her public kiss wasn’t such a big deal really), but this video was probably filmed last year. It’s going to be hard for the public to see her in her roles/characters now since she usually portrays the cute/innocent types. Unlike Coffee who already has more of a sexy/promiscuous image in TVB series, she stunts come off as a little more surprising. But honestly TVB already has enough newcomers they’re promoting and who just has enough potential as Sire does (which is not much anymore after 6 years), I don’t see why TVB has to try to save her career. But she is a favorite of Virginia’s, isn’t she?

    1. I have a feeling she’s been coached on what to say and what not to say on this press conference, and instructed to wear white indicating cleansing of her soul and very thin makeup, and tears is a must at these kind of press conferences. I remember Raymond Lam has also shed ‘tears’ during his press conference about Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang.

    2. It is hard to restore Sire’s image now. She was on the midst of recovering from her gold digger and third party homewrecker image and suddenly now she has a new wild image scandal popping out.

    3. No reason to be disappointed in Sire. These videos werefilmed before TVB froze her.It is only now that they are being leaked.

  9. Through this incident, I can truly see TVB heavily play favorites.

  10. I don’t understand why/how people would leak clips like this… even if it didn’t end well or if you felt betrayed. You don’t really gain anything from it and regardless of what happened it was a choice for you two to be together. Yes it was stupid for her to film such images knowing she is a celeb but she has my sympathy.

  11. We all know is her private life and she can do whatever she like.However,she is celeb she gotta think before filming these kind of stuff. You never know because one day it will be leak out to the public to see. I do feel sorry for her.

  12. How come she didnt get fired? I think she should get fired just like coffee. Sire can’t act and full of drama.

  13. Personally don’t sympathize her because in the past such things leaked out. In love is one thing, doesnt mean you’ve to filmed such video. When you filmed that, there will be possibility it will get leaked out.

    1. Agree. She’s an adult. She knows the risk of filming these risky clips. It’s bound to be leaked someday. Not even normal everyday citizens are spared if they have a habit of filming like this. So easy to use for blackmail.

  14. Well of course Sire handled the media attention better than Coffee, she has TVB arranging things for her behind the scenes- the interview, the questions and probably her lines too.

    I think Sire is on two strikes. If nothing more damaging emerges, she can possibly still carry on acting. But if there’s a video worse then this, then I think she will be out.

    1. Yerp TVB arranged this and was fully behind Sire’s back maybe to restore her image to public. 620 and Tsang Ming Ming are supporting Sire so different that how they treat Coffee Lam.

      1. That is because Sire is the 3rd line artist and coffee is kelefe

      2. Sire Ma is a 2nd or 3rd line actress while Coffee is just a kelefe actress. TVB has been promoting Sire all these years until recently, and coffee never got promoted by TVB. Coffee always did sexy roles while Sire did good and innocent girl’s roles. TVB can easily hire actresses to do sexy roles, but there are not many actresses in TVB who can play pretty innocent roles.

  15. There’s really not much that I can say, that has been already said, so…I am just wondering when will Edison pop up, considering whenever something like this happens, he pops up either with his “sympathy” or opinion.

  16. Ok we were wrong. TVB is helping Sire with this one and created this press conference for her and the cops are already on the move for Sire. So differenr than how TVB treated Coffee!

    1. Coffee didnt her situation…the company had to chase her down for some answers apparently. Also, i’d say Sire had more of a stable position in tbb than Coffee did, so out of their favouritism, it’s no surprise that tbb would go all out to help Sire despite stopping all her work for now. And I am actually really glad that Sire is getting at least some sort of help from tbb to hold a press con for her to explain…to me she is actually has potential in acting, it’d be such ashame if this was the end of her acting career at 26 yrs of age bcos of these scandals…it’d be crazy if she didnt mature and learn from these incidents to never take such a risk again. All the best to her future !

      1. Correction: *Coffee didnt handle her situation well..

      2. Yup, she definitely has potentials. Hope her potential is just acting not where you find her giving cunnilingus in the next video. She matured alright but in which directions. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  17. If Sire was a commoner and a nobody, then this story would have little to no coverage. But since TVB has money invested in her during the past few years, TVB is doing damage control to maintain their corporate image and their ability to “control” their artists. With the many stars leaving in the past few years, some of those left behind are not the most matured, seasoned or intelligent.

    1. But since TVB has money invested in her during the past few years, TVB is doing damage control to maintain their corporate image and their ability to “control” their artists.
      Absolutely agree with the above statement.

      1. Id hate to think what would happen after a few more years down the track if all the artists that were left were newcomers. I miss the familiar old faces…but hey, without change there would be no growth they say! Just hoping the newcomers live up to the acting of their seniors.

      2. When Trumph in the Sky first came out with all the fresh faces like Myolie and Ron, I thought they would suck. But look at them now. I have faith in Tvb ….untilll the day China completely take over.

    2. which is why TVB love promoting people like Linda Chung. She a good girl in and out.

      1. Which is why a video like this of Linda won’t come out.

    3. Of course tvb and other investors want to invest in the good girls not the town pump. But don’t forget that some of the good girls are not as they appeared to be. An example of the cry baby in the photos. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  18. Her acting was not bad in the interview. I’m pretty sure she memorized her lines before filming the interview. Of course she answered the questions well because it was all staged! Can’t believe some of u fall for it. It’s all fake! Coffee was real because she answered all her questions so horribly! Lol

  19. I don’t get why Coffee gets slammed more for her situation. It wasn’t as exposed as Sire. But both women incredibly stupid in moments of passions and Sire is the more sympathetic one as hers was exposed whilst Coffee was for god knows why exposed herself so to speak. But Sire’s situation is worse off in a sense she is still with TVB and it will take time for audience to see her back to how she was viewed before. Much like Shirley’s situation.

  20. She handled the situation much better than I expected. Feel bad for her (or anyone is a similar situation) for misplacing their trust, but at the same time I don’t really feel bad for her at all.

  21. Well, so many scandals this year, poor Coffee no one back her up, lucky Sire has TVB for backing her up!

  22. This is just as bad as the Coffee incident. So how come she doesn’t get fired? If there’s more videos, bet they are even more explicit. So funny she held a press conference straight away after this incident, unlike last year where she blamed everyone else but herself. Bet she fully rehearsed what she was going to say and when to emote. It’s just acting here, not her real emotions.

    1. TVB invested too much on her to give her up. Other people would got fired with status of gold digger, third party, gf stealer and now this.

      Coffee got fired just after reporters also stalk on her until inside the toilet but Sire got off easily and got TVB schedule press conference for her

  23. As I said, Sire Ma learned her lesson from her last incident. People would sympathize her more if she admitted her mistake right away. I think she did the right thing. She is willing to take responsibility for her stupid action.

  24. More videos? Where can we get them? Uncensored versions only of course.

  25. Sire Ma learns from her mistake last year denying her relationship which costed her both her career and the relationship itself and make her labeled as gold digger bf/gf stealer. This time under coaching of TVB she admit straight away and using victim card is better than trying to find excuses

  26. that is unacceptable behaviour thought the Videos that she has done and if there is more videos of her then…it might the truth that she is going to be fired by TVB!!! :0

  27. i hope that she won’t do these sort of things again!!! and the relationship with the lady that has taken in shanghai lest year!!!

  28. Its not the end if she gets fired by tvb. Just find a job as a AV actress, she’s got full potential.

    1. lol nah she’s like a stick won’t appeal to any guy

  29. Was wondering where is can I view the unedited video…hahaha

  30. please, i don’t think there’s anything to regret about what she produced, ’cause hello, they were for her lovers. this is something she did in the moment and it was natural for the relationship.

    what there IS to regret, however, is trusting the wrong person to protect these private videos for her.

    if that person was trustworthy, there wouldn’t be this problem.

    although i agree it’s better not to film these in general, ’cause there is always an element of risk to trusting someone’s character. but that’s what she should’ve focused on – entrusting the wrong person, not what she created.

    1. If it was produced for her lover than there is something to regret about. What she did was for her so what regret is there. It takes one to know one. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      1. If the next video involves her giving her lover cunnilingus. That’s a another story. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. @Moncherri

      VERY, very well said. I couldn’t add anything more.

      1. “My responses are limited, you must ask the right question.”


  31. she should has copyright the video, use it to stop the leaking

  32. seriously … why kicking up a fuss over lingerie photograph ? sigh

    1. Apparently It was a kinky lingerie with cut outs at the vital areas. The panty has a chain of beads which stimulate as she danced.
      I read in another forum that she was fully shaven, played with herself.Unbelievable!

      1. “Our little girl is all grown up.” She’s definitely got on her knees or what. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      2. oh really ? wow !! I am too busy to check out the video clip myself.

  33. i think wang ziqi had it all planned, just incase the relationship got sour, she had to have something at hand for revenge or even blackmail

    1. That’s the “only” reason people will insist on recording vulnerable situations.

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