Sire Ma and Lesbian Ex-Lover Had Outdoor Sexcapade in Vietnam

Since the explicit video of Sire Ma (馬賽) dancing in her lingerie was leaked earlier, her image has plummeted. Former lover, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), spilled more dirty secrets about Sire’s habits inside the bedroom. Ziqi admitted that Sire’s bold love-making ideas, including role playing and outdoor sex, gave her a lot of excitement. But the good times faded quickly after Ziqi realized Sire’s manipulative and materialistic personality.

After being accused of leaking the dancing video, Ziqi angrily revealed that the clip was filmed on Sire’s camera. Sire also planned the lingerie seduction inside a Shanghai hotel while knowing that Ziqi was already married to wealthy mainlander, Laura Lee.

Sire Ma Wang Ziqi 2aSire’s Wild Sex Habits

Ziqi was tempted by Sire’s beauty and bedroom behavior. Ziqi revealed, “Sire prepared many uniforms, including a nurse and student outfits. She gave me a lot of excitement. In retrospect, I felt it was very absurd. When we vacationed in Singapore and Vietnam, we did the same. In Vietnam, she pulled me to a forest near the beach to [have outdoor sex],” Ziqi revealed.

Sire Was a Money Leech?

Prior to meeting Ziqi, Sire had an on-and-off relationship with her wealthy boyfriend of 10 years. They broke up when he left to study in England, but reconciled when Sire participated in the 2008 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. When Sire went on a trip to Europe with Ziqi and Laura, Sire sent text messages to the man asking for gifts of expensive designer handbags, but they were ignored. Since the man’s mother did not approve of Sire, their relationship fizzled.

Sire’s Mother Demands a House

While they were dating, Ziqi lavished Sire with expensive designer brands and a lofty monthly allowance because Sire said she did not have enough money to pay for her expenses. Ziqi said, “At the time, I really loved her and felt the need to take care of her. So I didn’t mind giving her $200,000 HKD monthly allowance.” Ziqi showed the text messages on her cell phone to prove her generous allowance.

After exposing Sire’s materialistic side, Ziqi went on to talk about Sire’s mother – who is a bigger money leech. When Ziqi first met Sire’s mother during her birthday party last October, Mrs. Ma asked Ziqi for the down payment amount for a house. Immediately, Sire said, “Let my husband (Wang Ziqi) give it to you as a gift!”

Mrs. Ma also asked Sire’s name to be added to Ziqi’s Hong Kong apartment. Even more shocking, Mrs. Ma soon demanded Ziqi to give her $6 million HKD for raising Sire. “I felt their demands became more unreasonable. I’m not an extremely wealthy [millionaire] and can’t constantly give them money,” Ziqi said.

Sire even reportedly went as far as to demand for Ziqi’s wedding ring, in order to melt the platinum metal for money.

Sire Stops Ziqi From Saving Laura’s Life

Ziqi regretted cheating behind wife Laura with Sire. When Laura found out about the affair, she started having suicidal thoughts. Laura once called Ziqi, stating that she would kill herself if Ziqi did not come see her immediately. Sire locked Ziqi’s cellphone in a cabinet and refused to let her pick up Laura’s next call.

The next day, Ziqi received texts from friends, explaining that Laura ended up in the hospital due to overdosing on sleeping pills. Blaming herself after Laura’s attempted suicide, Ziqi began regretting how poorly she had handled the relationship. The couple parted ways and is in the midst of a divorce, and now Ziqi can only beg for Laura’s forgiveness.


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  1. Wow, even if it’s only 10% of what Ziqi is saying are true, Sire & her mom sounds like a horrible people.

    Is Sire the one that had a crush on Ron Ng and made/posted a baby picture using her and Ron’s combined pics?

    1. Jane,
      Sire may have had a crush on Ron while filming OL Supreme (女王辦公室) or she posted the baby photo for publicity. Afterward, Ron stated outright that Sire was not his cup of tea.

      1. Jayne, was she the one that posted that photo of get and Ron on that one site with how baby would look if it were a combination of their looks? Basically implying that she liked Ron but he was not interested.

    1. yup i know right. that is like someone in poverty’s salary for 1-2 years. (maybe even more) if this rumor is true, something is wrong with her & her mothers’ upbringing.

      1. So you’re saying someone who’s living in poverty gets at least $1.2 mil HKD a year? Who are their neighbours, Bill Gates?

      2. Maybe Bunny was referring to 200K per month = to someone’s 1-2 yrs salary ( who’s living in poverty”? Shrugs 🙂

      3. dear bunny, someone in poverty doesn’t make hkd 200k per yr, trust me.

  2. Wow, sounds like more exciting than any of the scripts from HK series. haha LOL..
    You wonder if it is true since this woman is already bad and not that credible due to the Frankie Lam incident (whether it’s true or not, still bad press on all parties) now suddenly she kissed and tell on this so called materialistic TVB nobody.
    Sometimes there’s gotta be some truth to the negatives but no doubt she added even more salt and vinegar to it to also make herself like the victim.
    To me, both can be BIATCHES…

    1. Whatever, they are definitely not on the boat. They all are on the same pirate boat. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. LOL

      Both boats took off leaving Wang Ziqi/汪子琦 in the lonely water. That’s why the cheating dog is pisssed and spewing venom. 🙂

      1. She can’t be a dog cos she’s female afterall lol.

    3. one of the tvb’s drama most use proverbs “牛唔饮水,点揿得牛头低”

      1. It ain’t over till the cows come home. 😀 🙁 LOL!

      2. @ kiwi: the phrase is “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings”… or were you just mashing things together. .. :p

  3. It’s funny how Ziqi was okay with Sire’s sex schemes when they were together. Now they parted, she claimed it’s distributing. Lol. Sounds like a sore ex lover to me. What’s the point in exposing your ex like that? What’s there to gain for Ziqi? She isn’t an actress right? So why does she need the publicity?

    1. Ziqi gains the satisfaction of having her ex hated on. When people go through bad breaks ups most of the time they want their ex to be as miserable as possible & that’s exactly what she is doing. She is “winning” while Sire is “losing”.

      Of course not everyone acts like that but in this case Ziqi is. I’m disgusted by her acting this way she’s so immature!

  4. So…laura Lee also a woman….ziyi married a woman???..can someone explain to me…I getting confused…who is laura Lee??

    1. basically they’re in a lesbian love triangle. laura lee is some rich woman who was married to wang ziqi (they’re getting divorce now) and sire ma is the lover that has an affair with wang ziqi while wang was still married to laura lee.

      1. so now wang ziqi is angry cos she lost her piggy bank spouse, laura lee? that’s why she’s tearing up sire ma’s reputation, huh?
        is wang ziqi going to end up poor?

  5. Ziqi was the one who cheat, she was the one who willing to give money, she was the one who agreed with Sire (even if the truth that Sire is greedy and money-seeker). Ziqi did those without any force from Sire. Now she claims like she is a victim. No, it’s a mutual agreement. She is definitely not a victim.

  6. Wang Ziqi, Sire Ma and Sire’s mother- all 3 are disgusting people. The entertainment industry sure is a sordid place.

  7. Were Wang Ziqi n Laura Lee officially married? In which country?

  8. It is an agreement. Sire Ma is beautiful and I think she deserves more than what Ziqui gives to her

  9. Actually can’t blame those gold diggers in HK looking forward to marry wealthy rich heirs or cheating $$ their standard of living is so unpredictable.

    1. Some of these ppl just want easy life in future.when they retired without working still have rich partners.

    2. Lol HK is not the only place filled with golddigers. Anyhow, I don’t have any respect for them because it’s women like them that makes other women look bad!

  10. Same-sex marriage is legal in china? How are they legally married?

  11. TVB should make a drama out of this. Sire playing herself and Susanna Kwan playing Ziqi. Sharon Teng can act as Laura Lee

  12. Lol, how can they have sex if they’re both females?

    I don’t judge them but just can’t understand why Ziqi said that.

    1. Do you still live in the ancient period? Even straight people uses the hand and tongue for making love.

      1. bluesky2288,

        I think polypeptide is still a minor. Give him/her some time. He/She will automatically understand how lesbians satisfy each other once he/she knows how to use hand and tongue.

  13. Still can’t believe sire is this type, she looks so naive and innocent. Esp initiating outdoor sex. With a man ok, but with a woman?!

  14. wow i still can’t believe that Sire Ma would just kept on doing these stupid things and if she is that type of person no-one is gonna want to see even more of these things that she is doing with her ” lesbian EX LOVER”!!!!

  15. OK, Sire may be a golddigger but Wang ZiQi is surely cheap for exposing these confidential secrets. I pity Laura, but recent outburst tells me that she needs a counsellor.

    1. maybe she’s happy now to have gotten rid of wang ziqi

      1. You referring to Sire or Laura? They are both off without her.

        Either way, this scandal only proves that Wang Zi Qi is a backstabbing cheater who does not even have the manner to kiss and not tell.

  16. I can never understand why a lesbian would want to be with a woman who looks and dresses like a man. Why not just be with a man, since that is what u r attracted to, physically at least?? If I walked down the street and saw the Ziqi person, I would not think she’s a woman.

    1. LOL

      That’s so true. Never thought of it that way. Actually, never thought much about homosexual relationships.

      1. Except that I can’t have lunch/dinner with close girlfriends without people wondering whether we’re partners, which I “hate-hate-hate”.

    2. Those who dress like men or look like men do not mean they are FULLY like men. Some people possess the sexual orientation which make them only able to feel attractive to such kinds of people. Ziqui is very ugly person but I met some of tomboy which possess the beauty of both boy and girl:

      And I think in love there is such called “logic”. If a beautiful girl married a poor boy, would you challenge the logic here: Why didn’t she marry another rich man or someone else. Remember love is blind

    3. Because a lesbian wants a woman with men side but less manly than a man.

    4. Because at the end of the day a lesbian wants a dan tat not a cheung jai bao 😉

      1. Wat does dan tat and cheung jai bao have to do with the discussion of y sire likes such a manly woman? It’s dimsum. I don’t understand how dimsum relates to her feelings for Ziqi

  17. This entertainment circle regardless of gender, religion, boundary & skin color is full of “dirt” !!!!!

    I wouldnt be surprised if 1 day you discover that the idol of your dream belongs to this category of “perverrrt”.

    1. @Wayne

      The idols of the fans’ desires are not in any negative categories, and definitely not in the perve category, especially the Asian ones. Anything said about them in such a manner is just evil speculation from the media and other netizens.

  18. Wang Ziqi is every bit a horrid person as the one she’s accusing. I dont know why she’s stirring up so much crap when she is evry bit as guilty in the scenarios :/

  19. So Wang Ziqi is a woman after all.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  20. I dont get the logic of dating a woman who dress like men and look like men. If it so why not dating men? I am just confuse. Wang ziqi is despicable. She cheated and she willingly gave the money. Sire can be as wild as she want in her sex adventure not sure why ziqi make so big deal about it. Anyway sire is not innoCent either. Whatever..what a crazy world…

    1. Those who dress like men or look like men do not mean they are FULLY like men. Some people possess the sexual orientation which make them only able to feel attractive to such kinds of people. Ziqui is very ugly person but I met some of tomboy which possess the beauty of both boy and girl:

      And I think in love there is such called “logic”. If a beautiful girl married a poor boy, would you challenge the logic here: Why didn’t she marry another rich man or someone else. Remember love is blind

    2. I usually just skim through comments to see other’s opinions on the matter, but here’s my try on your question 🙂

      It would be easiler to understand the logic behind why women date other women who has an outer appearance similar of a ‘man’ if you drop the whole ‘logic’ thing 😉 because love isn’t very rational anyways!

      I don’t know about others but, of course physical appearances plays a part in attracting your attention – but let’s not forget personality, behaviour etc.

    3. Ah, I forgot to add that I do agree with you about Ziqi being despicable because I also do not condone cheating. So, poor Laura – better finding it now than another 5yrs down the road though.

  21. Whether true or not it’s still so low and shallow to kiss and tell. I have no respect for this he/she.

  22. so generous of wang ziqi to have given sire ma a monthly allowance of HK$200,000 but they went holidaying in vietnam only?

  23. You know, color me ignorant, but I don’t have a clue why some lesbian women prefer their lovers looking like a tomboy/man. Why go through the extra step? Why aren’t they attracted to just men?

    I’m not saying this to hate on lesbians, but seeing how popular this tomboy business is, I’m just really curious.

    I equally don’t understand why some men prefer men who look like women. It befuddles me.

    1. It is not tomboy. Yes it is a curiosity, much like how some homosexual men prefer men dressed as women so why not go for a woman? Well the appendage is a reason but preference is preference. Like some women can’t date anyone not rich, some men can’t date anyone not figure perfect, etc etc.

    2. To my understanding, in a homosexual relationship, one will act man and one act woman. However they still only have feeling for same sex people. (I dont say of the bisexual because they are attracted by both sexes and of course a homosexual couple can switch the roles of husband and wife)

      The wife-type lesbians go for man-look-alike woman and the husband-type gays go for woman-look-alike man by their nature.

    3. Yup, it’s a headache and it’s a bigger headache to understand it. ????????

      1. LOL

        Really prefer not to have that stuff in my head or in my vicinity. Actually, such controversial topics really should not even be exposed to the pre-adult readers here for fear of corrupting their minds.

    4. What? Are you kidding? Maybe lesbians don’t mind tomboys, but I’ve never seen any gay men go for woman-look-alike men in my entire life. Majority of these woman-look-alike men are forever single and romantically/sexually unwanted. Are you talking about those straight men who go for transgenders?

      Ironically, there are some women who like woman-look-alike men. Hmm…

  24. Damn 200,000!!! I hope people recognize that Karena Ng is no different than Sire and if she received this much, Ng certainly has the chance of receiving more than 200000 from his sugar daddy. Didn’t know Mainland Chinese were that loaded……

    1. If your 200,000 amount includes those items of gucci, louis vuitton, prada, and other branded items, then she has definitely received more than 200,000.

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