Sire Ma Caught Kissing New Girlfriend, Wang Ziqi

Above: After traveling to Europe together, Sire was spotted kissing Wang Ziqi in Shanghai.

After Sire Ma (馬賽) denied allegations that she is currently dating mainland businesswoman, Wang Ziqi (汪子琦), photos surfaced of the lovers kissing in Shanghai. The photos showed the women locked in a passionate kiss on the lips, clearly indicating that they were more than friends.

Sire Ma bSince jump-starting her entertainment career by entering the 2008 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Sire has kept a relatively low-profile in her private life. She once expressed admiration towards Ron Ng (吳卓羲), who clearly said that Sire was “not his cup of tea”. Sire has also been linked with costars, Adrian Chau (周志文) and Jason Chan (陳智燊), but the two actors reportedly have steady girlfriends.

Sire reportedly changed her dating preferences after meeting Wang Ziqi. Rumors claimed that Ziqi, who possessed a lucrative film and beauty business, had referred to Sire as “her woman”. Sire had taken a two-month vacation from her TVB work schedule to spend more time with Ziqi.  They traveled to France, Italy, and Switzerland while accompanied by another friend. Ziqi had paid for Sire’s entire vacation expenses. Unable to contain their happiness, Sire and Ziqi shared their exuberant travel photos on Weibo.

Today, photos emerged in which a smiling Sire and Ziqi kissed passionately on the streets of Shanghai. Last week, Sire had requested time off from TVB to visit Ziqi in mainland China. Dabbling in film production, Ziqi promised to star Sire in an upcoming movie and introduced her to numerous mainland directors.

Asked to comment on dating Wang Ziqi, Sire coolly replied, “There was another friend on the trip. Many reports are quoted out of context. Time will show what type of person I am. As to what happened, time will let everyone know.” However, she admitted that she possessed lesbian friends and that “they deserve respect”.  Asked why she did not make further clarifications, Sire said, “I don’t want to comment because the published reports are often not the truth. I don’t want there to [be more] fabricated news.”

Other than dating Sire Ma, Wang Ziqi made headlines in 2009 when she released evidence of Frankie Lam (林文龍) cheating on wife Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) with mainland actress, Vicki Dong. As Kenix’s former mainland manager, Ziqi had confidential insight into Kenix’s marriage and was implicated in the scandal. Ziqi was subsequently charged with extortion and entered prison. After leaving prison, Ziqi continued to mix socially with celebrities and became a successful entrepreneur.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. a lesbian tend to lead sire mak into it with the kissing and intimate scenes.

    1. Gees, we are finding out more and more female artists are turning from men to lezzies…..what a sick industry.

      1. Homophobe spotted. I think you’re the one who needs to see a doctor

      2. BE careful with the homophobe slur. Because Sire could be bi and she wouldn’t appreciate being labeled as specifically liking one sort. Or it could be a fun holiday; now back to reality. No interviews? No statements?

      3. reminds me of the song “vacation all i ever wanted” then back to reality and its hardhit reality for sire if TVB frowns down on her sunshine

  2. I am more shocked that Sire is dating Wang Ziqi, who released the explosive evidence in Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok’s marital scandal. Wang has a complicated past and hopefully Sire knows fully who she is dating.

    1. Could you elaborate more on the Kenix and Frankie scandal? Haven’t heard anything about them before…

      1. Godon,
        In 2009, Frankie Lam became involved in an affair with mainland actress, Vicki Dong. Phone conversations between Frankie and Kenix over the affair were released online. Frankie regretted his mistake and allegedly threatened to commit suicide. In one of the clips, Kenix indirectly admitted that she had also cheated in the relationship.

        It was speculated that Wang Ziqi had released the voice clips. Kenix and Frankie remained in their marriage afterward, but they did not speak openly about the marital affair since.

      2. Didn’t Kenix cheated with Hacken Lee?

        Seriously, I don’t know how married couple forgive each other for cheating. The trust is gone and cannot get it back. It’s better to let it go. Staying in the marriage for the kids is a stupid excuse.

      3. Well everyone makes mistakes and it is good to forgive and then try to earn that trust back if you truly love each other that much. If Kenix herself also cheated, then she cannot only blame Frankie. I guess they both made a bad mistake and were willing to forgive each other and work things out so are still together. I don’t think they are only staying together for their daughter.

      4. Anyone hear this audio clip by in 2009? Interested in how the conversation went down:

        Frankie: I regrettably had sex with a younger, fitter woman.
        Kenix: Oh. Well, you are not the only one who can get some ass. I am like a door knob, everyone gets a turn!

      5. Michael are you joking or is that an accurate transcript?

      6. @Michael, that is just degrading to woman. And completely unacceptable.

      1. Clamine,
        I don’t have high regard for this relationship either. Perhaps Sire felt that no one will recognize her in Shanghai, but they kissed at such a crowded place.

      2. Wow ………… Yeah, I watched the above video clip. Thanks!

      3. Wow!! Is China so open now that lesbians can display their pda? TVB may not please with all this. It seems Sire doesn’t care much about what orhers think. Hope she would’t end up like Joel Chan, who gave up his career to be with Florinda Ho, but the end lost both.

      4. Just because she is dating does not mean she needs to give up her career but I agree that hopefully she does not do what Joel did. Joel ended up losing both,however, it seems that he has moved on because life is short.

      5. Joel would have lost more if he had been in a relationship with a man. Look we may be more tolerant society but we are still not that open yet.

      6. Sire has nothing to lose, the lez can’t do much? nothing is lost actually, lol maybe sire knows this inside, can always go back to guys, not that these men will care, better her date anotehr woman than a man in their minds perhaps

  3. Maybe she is a bisexual, so she doesn’t want to admit she is a lesbian. Since she is not fully just into women but also into men.

  4. Irrefutable! I suppose it is ok for an actress to be lesbian than an actor caught kissing another guy. Seems rather passionate.

  5. Sire- time will show what type of a person I am

    EWHHH..from the article, seems like she is selling herself to Wang Ziqi so she can introduce her to well known directors/producers.

  6. I’m not shocked at her dating a female, I’m shocked at th fact that they were so publicly open. She’s an artist and public figure. Not saying they should forever always hide away from the public, but such intimacy would no doubt cause the biggest stir in the media, whether a female or a male.

    I’m thinking this is for a public stunt.

  7. Based on Sire’s initial response by not directly denying it, I had a feeling that there was some truth to it, but I didn’t think there would be actual video and photo proof! The lady seems like bad news based on her past, but I’m also wondering if Sire is also in it for the connections…

  8. …and TVB will freeze Sire upon her return.

    Maybe…it’s for PR after all since Sire has lost her momentum.

    1. Hannah,
      If this were a TVB publicity stunt, it would usually involve two TVB artists.

      It’s more likely that Sire will be frozen by TVB since she obviously prioritized dating over work due to her long vacation.

      1. She wont be frozen because she ‘prioritized’ dating over work- she will be frozen because of her carelessness of being so open in public with her personal relationship. By no means am I saying artists’ should stay hidden, but being so open like that and passionately kissing in public is like asking for trouble. Doesn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl she kissed, the media would definitely go after her like mad dogs. Either she was too naive and didnt think of the outcomes, or she wants the create attention and noise.

      2. She doesn’t care about TVB anymore. She is probably place all her chips in entering the mainland market.

      3. She’ll be frozen because she was flaunting her same sex relationship. TVB is way more conservative that you think.

      4. if wang ziqi has a stake in TVB stocks and higher up management connections, maybe she wont get frozen. not that sire cares, she obviously chose another road and that is the mainland $$$ one and lucrative film. someone did say sire’s dreams were always to be in this industry, she’s just trying to move up fast by ditching TVB after her improved award and jumping ship to greener pastures.

    2. More like TVB will demote her to supporting roles, which she should have in first place.

      1. or now she can have the lesbian roles. its a win win. isn’t that the new thing lately? feat. some gay couple, bisexual what not.

      2. nobody really cares at the end of the day who she dates, ppl just want some idle gossip.

        i dont get how tvb can show gay love but not embrace their own artists’ sexual orientation. maybe she wont get frozen, probably have some high connections at TVB, otherwise why is she so bold.

  9. Welp, that escalated quickly..kinda stupid how she reveals herself so easily like that in the public.

    1. Nvm …. “Ziqi promised to star Sire in an upcoming movie and introduced her to numerous mainland directors.” I wonder if Sire is truly les?

  10. This is going to be a huge scandal for her, poor girl can’t even behave intimately while on vacation, she’s not the only one. Gay or not, wish her the best.

    1. either she’s happy, or wang ziqi gave her some really good strong meds.

  11. Sweet … But Ho wan si isn’t her better than this complicated china girl?

  12. wow wow thought it just rumor but it is for real! i dont is a biggy being les but will def have a affect on her career

  13. The title is misleading New girlfriend implies she was already with another woman. Anyway yes I am surprised too at how open it was. I suppose it was a spur of the moment goodbye/hello kiss? The thing is Sire Ma is neither a huge star to be affected by this or even a nobody to be totally unaffected. We shall see how this goes.

    1. Exactly, if anything this publicity stunt will help boost her name up? hahah I mean she has been a supporting cast all along like shes that popular? haha…

      1. No one wants this sort of publicity stunt, not in asian countries anyway. The video shows them to be in happy mood and Sire seems very passionate, I don’t see her faking it. Obviously, whatever she says or denies, they’re a couple or at least during that trip. I think perhaps she was denying the implication; she is with this woman to advance her career? If not with such pictures and videos of many many lips kisses and the way they hold each other and looked at each other, I don’t see what is there to deny.

      2. Don’t they always say any publicity is good publicity? haha LOL…
        I know, those hugs and kisses def show them as a les couple. She seemed a bit flustered when being asked as well and she didn’t flat out denied it but there was a video how can anyone deny anything based on that video?
        They probably really thought Shanghai should be safe and no one knows them. I probably wont either since she’s not that popular and the other male-woman no one will even pass a second look since she’s not a celeb but just works w/celebs in the backgroup.

  14. don’t know how she can deny it when the video clip made it so obvious…hahah

    1. well she basically said let time tell the truth and tell all. She claims majority of the things reported was not true, and that she wont respond to nonsense rumours and made up claims. Which still isnt a statement that does anything better to her situation that she’s put herself in now.

      1. Well, she fail PR badly. She can keep deny or just say ‘no comment’ to the dogs.

      2. That is her biggest mistake actually. Stressing that it was the media making up news. She can deny the rumors or say no comment, but doesn’t have to verbally blame the media. That’s why non-tabloid media are not sympathizing with her as well.

        It’s confirmed in news that she’s currently being frozen by TVB.

  15. I think Sire should just admit that and be who she really is. I’ll be proud if she comes out of the closet. Personally I think she’s an actress with full of talent. Love to watch all the dramas she’s in.

  16. LOL this is a surprised after she denied it in another article.

    I’ve a feeling she is being “kept” by wang ziqi, or why else would she risk tvb freezing her by doing such an open act??
    Looking at the first picture Sire is carrying 2 different Hermes Lindy, which I’m sure with her tvb pay and I don’t think she has that many endorsements that she could afford 2 of them + Europe trip without 2 months of work.

    Unless she comes from a wealthy family.

    1. Polypeptide,
      Sire is from a well-off family, although I’m not sure what her family does. It was mentioned in past articles that she has dreamed of entering the entertainment industry for years. Perhaps she was disillusioned by how much a work factory TVB was and found solace in dating.

      1. Jayne,
        Is she from a “well off” or “wealthy” family?? I guess there is a difference as Crystal and I had a discussion about that in another article on your site. But basically, she has money to buy such expensive luxury items. Gosh, I don’t get what is so great about those Hermes bags?? They are sooo overpriced to the point that it is ridiculous. Even Oprah Windfrey who makes millions did not want to waste such a large amount of money on just a handbag. It is just not worth it.

      2. HeTieShou,
        I only read in passing that Sire Ma came from a good family background, but not too clear on the extent of the family’s wealth.

      3. @ Jayne,

        Thanks for the info!


        I get your point but it’s precisely that they’re overpriced and thats why they’re great because it’s exclusive. It’s a sign of status.

    2. That is a good example of how articles are not always right and celebs are famous for lying through their teeth.

      I am a bit shocked that she is lesbian or bi(there is a chance that she can be bi too). But it does not matter since it does not make her a bad person or anything.

      1. i dont think anyone said she was a bad person at all. she is just a news topic like the many out there, this is not even controversial news, dont worry ppl will have something else swarm to later on than sire’s lez story. lol

  17. First is unmarried mother Miss HK and now born a lesbian Miss HK….

    1. Hey, life styles have changed, so are people these days. Not surprised at all. Too many artistes behaved this way in the last many years!

      1. People are more open and modernized these days. I can’t even imagine anyone behaving this way or coming out of the closet back in the days. Times have truly changed.

    2. Yeah times are different, but both of them lied in order to cover it up. Bad example to set.

    3. @Joanne.
      Are you suggesting that celestial, pure, sinless women should become Miss Hong Kong, and after participating, these said women are to remain spotless, angelic, perfect and pure?. Dream on. Your comment is very strange, to say the least.

  18. Anyone know where to listen to the clip between Kenix & Frankie?

    1. I know, I thought those 2 were always rumorless? haha LOL..I guess NOT. They have been together longer than some thou.

    2. The only one who’s ever “heard” it is the magazine who reported it. It never circulated so I doubt it even exists.

  19. It doesnt really matter if shes les or not. Im just glad that she’s found happiness in her love life. And people should stop being so judgemental. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, les or bisexual. Everyone has a choice on what they want to be or who they choose to be with.

    1. its cuz ppl have nothing better to do lah. gossip until the next new thing to waste time on.

  20. I was quite shocked to see that this rumour was actually true! If she’s from a wealthy family like Jayne says then I guess that explains her being so blase about it and risking her acting career.

    She has only just begun to get noticed in acting, but it’s not like her acting was phenomenal either. No waste there.

    1. Well if she is wealthy then wouldn’t it be better to pick someone …um better? Wang Ziqi doesn’t seem very straight up to me.

  21. it looks like she turned lez.Whatever floats her boat i guess.Why lez have short hair?

  22. maybe she’s jaded from all the unsuccessful love interests she had.

    poor sire.

    1. or maybe all along she just liked women as well, it also doesn’t hurt that wang ziqi has the connections n the $$$. maybe she’s using her, who knows. maybe tvb pimped her out for more connections.

  23. Honestly surprised at how many close minded people there are here, lol.

    1. ppl are not close minded, they are just confused as to what happened to her? they are only surprised because she was rumored with guys before.

  24. maybe everything is just “Acting” to sire. who would say something like “time will tell what person i am” so i guess right now she’s a lesbian but maybe later, go back to dating men again.

  25. Sire ma is from a rich family frozen for 2 moths won’t hurt her

  26. Ugh, that Wang lady is so shady. How can Sire Ma date her? The “evidence” she exposed about Frankie is just a “voice recording”. That is such lame evidence. No one has ever even heard it except for the gossip magazine who reported the story and supposedly has it. Also Frankie and Kenix did address the cheating rumour saying that there was no third party in their relationship and that they even know and are friends with that actress Vicki’s boyfriend.

    1. Tiffany: I’ve heard a snatch of that reported phone conversation audio tape from two different links when the news first broke – both of poor audio quality from tianya site (I think). At the time though I knew of Frankie and Kenix but had not watched any of their series yet so couldn’t tell if the voices were theirs or not, honestly, I wasn’t all that interested either so did not follow the news, but those tapes existed.

      A couple’s marital problems is nobody’s business. I totally despised Wang for being such a slimeball as to not only betray clients’ (ex or not) private matters not to mention trust, but also extort them with private pictures and stealthily recorded phone calls.

      Don’t know why Sire is involved with such an unethical woman. Most likely, the huge backlash against Sire from netizens may also be because of whom she is dating.

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