Sire Ma Exposes Herself in Steamy Lingerie Video Clip

A private video clip of Sire Ma (馬賽) in lingerie was recently leaked on the Internet. In the half-minute clip obviously meant to tease her lover, Sire’s intimate parts were revealed in the sheer outfit as she danced and touched herself inside a hotel room.

Puzzled as to how the video clip was leaked, Sire has already informed the police. Since it is a matter of personal privacy, Sire stated she has the right to pursue legal action.  She claimed she does not have stills of the video or the video itself. Since Sire’s lesbian relationship with mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) ended on an ugly note, speculations cropped up that Ziqi may have leaked Sire’s lingerie video.

Speaking of her past homosexual relationship with Wang Ziqi, Sire expressed, “I had truly been in love and have blindly trusted [my partner]. After being hurt several times, I am certain that I have loved wrongly. But the past is over, and I hope I can continue on in a strong manner.”

Sire added that she feels sad for having her friends and family worry, and would like to apologize for her past stubborn behavior. She thanked them for their support and claimed she is unafraid to deal with upcoming issues. “So many things have happened within the past year, but they allowed me to quickly mature. My future path may be hard, but I will cherish each opportunity and be the best of myself.”

Wang Ziqi Spills Sire Ma Has Habit of Sharing Private Clips

Sire Ma 15At 11:30 p.m. last night, Wang Ziqi issued a statement and claimed she does not know how the video surfaced online. However, she spilled, “When Sire and I were together, she constantly sent me such videos or photos through Wechat. I deleted them long ago after realizing her true nature.”

Furthermore, Ziqi called Sire a materialistic liar who does not deserve to speak of love. She wrote, “I had been solemn because I was once truly in love. But if someone now intends to revert the truth, I will take action to protect myself. There is a bottom-line to my patience!” Ziqi added that it was her own fault for not being cautious enough and giving Sire the chance to strike. “I have done some ridiculous things that hurt my family and friends. Thanks to my elder sister and father for pulling me away from the edge of the cliff.”

Some media tabloids also used one of Ziqi’s Weibo posts on July 23 to speak against her. Ziqi clarified that when she made the post, Sire Ma’s leaked video incident had not occurred yet. “I will reserve the right to pursue legal action if the media reports false news,’ she said.

Video News Coverage

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    1. Hannahh,
      Sire dug her own grave if she had a habit of sending such steamy clips to Wang Ziqi.

      However, Sire looks bleary-eyed and tired in the video stills, almost as if she were not clear-minded. Wonder if she was taped unaware by her lover.

      1. Silly girl! She properly drank too much ,high on something and not realized she was taped.

      2. I think she is very aware. Look at the level of the camera, look at the angle. She was probably giving her lover a sexy dance and knew she was recorded. She has my sympathies for having such a vengeful lover, that being said she dug her own grave. But will this kill her career? The lingerie seems to be those sort that’s very very exposed, very crude. Yes she looks bleary eyes, maybe a tad drunk but like Cecilia I think she knew what she was doing. And if Cecilia Cheung can recover with worse scandal, Sire Ma can also except will the public ever truly see her as innocent, cute girl anymore?

      3. Funn,
        “She has my sympathies for having such a vengeful lover, that being said she dug her own grave”

        Agree. Wang also leaked Frankie Lam’s affair with mainland actress Vicki Dong as well. Sire was badmouthed in the worst way by Wang and Wang’s ex-girlfriend, Laura, for being a gold digger.

      4. Vengeful indeed. Just when her career is slowly recovering and people starting to forget, this video has to come out..

      5. If revenge is the main agenda then that explains why the video is being released now when her career is slowly recovering. It’s like, if I wanna ruin someone’s effort, is it better for me to do it immediately or, let that person slog first before I ruin all that hard work. Think latter gives more “pleasure”. I hope the person who released the video is brought to justice.

    1. That’s exactly what I will her career ever recover from this now? TBB had already stopped her from filming series after her earlier scandal broke out, and only has been a news anchor. I’d hate to think what the company’s next step is. Surely her image cannot be revived, or at least a couple of years when audiences might forget. That’s if none of this ever pops up or happens again. tbh, what a silly, stupid thing to do.. whether she was aware of it or not, why would u make such a risk o__O so silly , its costing her her career and much more…big lesson learnt the hard way.

    1. The only thing Sire did not do is to do a gathering in da toilet to hump and bumping.

      1. At least she is admitting right-up about it… no hiding/denying….

  1. is she trying to get herself fired?! she should know better what tvb would do….smh

    1. I think she’s copying Coffee by releasing the video to the public so TVB would end her contract and she could go else where to earn more money.

      1. I was wondering the same thing. Is she really doing it for publicity so TVB can fire her? Then she can go,elsewhere to earn more money since TVB’s pay is so low?

  2. Does someone have a link to the video? Thank you.

    1. Finally someone asking the important questions.

  3. Sire again. Can she stop getting into trouble? Now TVB will fire her.

      1. Yup, the little b!tch inside can’t wait to get out. She’s young, single and wanna have some fun. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  4. Well, at least she wasn’t fully naked. It could be worse.

    1. She was sorta fully naked. She was dressed like this but look at the blurred parts and the lingerie she was supposedly wearing. She might as well not wear anything.

      1. Yeah, seen the video on YouTube and I know what you meant. I guess it’s bye bye for her career now. Sigh…

  5. The innocent image that she pretend to be is OVER! Her career with tvb is also over.

    1. Agreed! However her career isn’t over yet because tvb likes her. What’s so big deal about the video. She’s not naked and giving blow job. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  6. I just don’t understand why don’t they understand that they are public figures and obvious KNOW the whole world got their eyes on them.

    It probably took her (and Coffee) a lot and a lot of effort to get to where they are. Why would they risk it?

    1. For publicity! With all dese scandals, they’ll be well known and constantly talked about. Eventually some other networks or management companies will sign them up or even produce a reality show abt their life aka kardashians

      1. I don’t see how she would want this as publicity. This is reputation-destroying stuff. She has already had too much publicity with her relationship with the person who exposed this.

    2. being public figures doesnt mean they cant have their private times,she is just getting intimate with her lover,nothing wrong with that.the wrong is the one who sell this tape to the media for some dark reasons.

      1. Agreed! However she also brought upon herself. What’s love got to do with it. She’s playing the innocence role pretty good. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    3. Money and potential career advancement (which is also money)for their body.

  7. Give her a break, this doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl.

    Who hasn’t seduce your lover in private before? Who hasn’t make love before?

    1. True,but those are things that you should keep private in the bedroom,unless you were doing a porn or love making video for a company and you are aware of everything.

      1. Am I missing something? She is doing this in private. She’s recorded a video of herself in lingerie. I doubt she thought it would ever be leaked. It’s not like she broadcasted it to the world. How is that not private??

      2. but why would u even let a chance of it being leaked to happen? I mean, no one can guarantee anything, no matter how much you trust ur partner or whatever, a recorded video is a recorded video. It’s physical evidence of something. There are hackers in this world even if it werent for the lover to leak the video if they really did so…why even let such a thing happen in the first place? Not saying seducing your partner should be shunned upon! But because she is a public figure, unfortunately she should have been conscious and aware not do it and make a risk. Im sure there are other ways to seduce your partner than recording it on tape, or letting someone record it even. Nevertheless, hope she gets through all of this and live on more wiser.

      3. In the past there were so many photos, videos of such leaked, however, it still didnt deter ppl from making such video or taking such pictures.

      4. @clementine,i dont know if you have ever loved before,but if you are in love you can do stupid things that you normally wouldnt do,love can make you blind,the more you love someone the more you would do for that person,unless you have a very strong common sense.

    2. She’s not a child and she’s fully aware of the camera. Surely she knows that filming something like this has risks of leaking it.

  8. I hope she’s not doing this to get sympathy from the world over her leaked ‘private life’ and so that TVB can fire her and she can be second Coffee Lam making money outside with new fame

  9. before they said that she is a lesbian with a lady kissing and hugging and people took the photo in shanghai….<3

  10. She’s obviously not smart. Don’t pity her at all. She dug her own grave long ago.

  11. Just because a celeb is a public figure, it does not mean they have to walk around on egg shells when it comes to their private lives. If Sire made this tape privately for her lover, it has nothing to do with TVB firing her, or anyone judging her. TVB has frozen all her projects as of now. Virginia Lok and Company are a bunch of hypocrites

    I also suspect that Ziqi is behind the leak tape. I doubt that Sire will leak the tape, knowing how holier than thou the Chinese and saian culture can be, and how quick they are to judge, chew up and spit out. Sire knows she and her career are already on shaky grounds.

    Advice to all Asian celebs, never make a private tape for your lover, cause although it has nothing to do with your career, if made public, it will cost you your job, your reputation and sentence you to insults, ridicule and exile, although it should not.

    1. I think that extends to everyone… not just asian celebs. Never allow anyone to take video of you like this… it’s not necessary. What two adults do in their own bedroom is really to be between themselves. Video taping it or taking pictures only puts that at risk (see: Edison Chen).

      1. @tvbfanatic

        Agreed!!. These sill celebs, or anyone should learn from the Edison fiasco. No more taping of sex or provocative videos. That goes for everyone globally, not just celebs, unless you are a porn actor.

      1. Yep no big deal there’s been many more serious things then this … And look at all the girls that strip in dramas these days

  12. Can u blame tvb? I understand why tvb need to stop all her job. Yes it’s cruel but that’s business! I don’t blame tvb. I would be disgusted to watch dramas of Sire acting a good innocent girl now. As for Sire, she’s stupid to do such things. Please don’t act all pure and innocent when you’re a WILD woman.

    1. @JCLL.

      That kind of comment and mentality is what is going to continue to destroy the idols in Asia when they do something normal that is considered sinful and abominable in the Asian culture. The lives of these idols need to be separated from the good girl or boy righteous, innocent, holy, pure make belief characters they portray in these dramas. Unless Asians learn to do that, they will continue to be let down, depressed, angry, suicidal, disappointed, stressed and distressed when these men and women do normal things that the culture consider an abomination.

      I don’t consider Sire a wild woman acting all pure and innocent. She was making a private video for her lover, something that millions of women all over the world do. The difference is theirs don’t get leaked. Does that make them ,bad, wild or women with loose characters. God, I hope not. Learn to separate a perfect make belief drama character from a normal flawed human being. If TVB fire Sire, they are a bunch of hypocrites and vultures, who need to get with the program.

  13. she’s over. i think this is worst than coffee’s case.

  14. I dont think Sire is that good of an actress. I’d rather focus on some good deeds that other artists are doing which are often overlooked. Yes, I know the dirty little secrets and sex always captivate the readers.

  15. Well…everyone is responsible to what he/she had done.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the dance was not sexy at all? lol

  17. Personally I think Sire Ma deserves what happened to her, knowing full well that all the time such revealing photos are being flashed around when the opportunity arises. Girls, especially the pretty type, are most vulnerable to being exposed by irresponsible people and she should always be on her guard.

  18. Sire Ma’s acting (public $tunt) is simply perfect!!!!

    I’ve never 100% expected that she’s so exaggeratively daring to reveal this obsene stuff online in 1 hand and pretend (publicly cry like hell) as if she’s a victim on other hand!!

    Anyone here can further elaborate her motive”s” ?

  19. Most women go to for UGLY RICH OLD MEN but she opts for UGLY RICH OLD WOMAN hahaa lol..that’s a first and it’s just not surprising at all but can’t they just SHUT IT I/o of sprouting all these nonsense of no regrets? haha lol… if you don’t regret it, then save the tears and press conference. don’t they just hate it when they are being exposed and then cries about it??? Sigh…MY GOD

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