Sofiee Ng Admits Terrible Performance in Miss Hong Kong 2014

The Miss Hong Kong 2014 winners, Veronica Shiu (邵珮詩), Erin Wong (王卓淇), and Katherine Ho (何艷娟), received much criticism for their victories. Viewers were shocked by the results and contested the fairness of the voting system since hot favorite, Sofiee Ng (吳凱欣), failed to place as the top three finalists.

In response to the controversies, Veronica, Erin, and Katherine firmly defended their victories. Veronica said, “It felt like a dream after winning the crown. I know that the public is questioning the results. Looking back at video clips of the pageant finals, I felt that my performance was not bad and did not feel that the results were unexpected. The three of us performed very well that night. Perhaps the public only looked at our photo stills. Judges have a more full-fledged impression of us since they were at the show live and interacted with us.”

Sofiee Ng Admits Mistakes

Sitting next to the three beauty queens in a recent interview, Sofiee admitted that her performance during the interview segment was terrible due to her anxiety before a live audience. Sofiee embarrassingly said, “Hot favorites and dark horses are just labels that the media give. All along, I knew that Veronica had experience with pageants and her performance was very good. Her dance and figure skating routine in the finals were beautiful– she definitely deserved the title. I’m very happy that the netizens chose me as their winner, but perhaps they didn’t see my performance. They didn’t know that I did very poorly during the interview segment. I have good sportsmanship; I know I didn’t do well and I admit defeat!”

Erin Wong Knew She Was First Runner-up

Erin was noted for her confidence throughout the competition. “I’m very pleased with my performance in the finals. A lot of people thought my responses were scripted, but that’s not true – I really didn’t know the questions. I was scared by the questions myself. They always tell us that it’s important to gain a lot of points during Q&A and I thought my answers were good. After I answered, I started thinking that I would have a chance at making top three,” Erin disclosed.

As a supporter of Veronica, Erin revealed that she also cast her Miss Friendship vote for the winner due to a washroom mishap earlier. As it turns out, Erin ran out of toilet paper when she was in the washroom once and it was Veronica who immediately came to the rescue. When the top three finalists were announced, Erin knew that she would be placed first runner-up while Veronica would win the crown.

Katherine Ho Wants to Host and Act

Second runner-up, Katherine Ho, was well-spoken during the pageant due to background in law. Despite the harsh criticism over her placement, Katherine has an optimistic outlook. She understands that not everyone will like her, but she will accept the challenges ahead. For the next step in her career, Katherine wants to put her skills to use and become a host and an actress.

Veronica, Erin, and Sofiee also expressed interests in acting for TVB. While Erin wants to work with Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Veronica hopes to portray a police officer in a future drama.


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  1. Wow these girls are the definition of basic! What happen to this year pagent? I didn’t pay much attention. I remember 2013 have a lot of outstanding candidates.

  2. I still think Veronica deserve her winner title, I mean I watched the final and Sofiee really did horrible at her Q&A section. & to me Veronica smile is more genuine and prettier than Sofiee.

    1. And sophiee looked so “hard”. Like unnatural to the point that it was a bit uncomfortable to watch her

    2. I was rooting for Sofiee, but I have to agree with you. She did pretty bad during the Q&A.

    3. as much as i’d like to say “cannot compare” since veronica has the experience (she was miss chinese vancouver 2012 first runner-up to gloria tang) whilst sophiee is raw (never participated in a pageant), i’d also like to point out that “such is life”. such is competition – no double take

      1. and it’s irony that Linna Huynh was competing for miss photogenic with veronica. in the same year (miss chinese vancouver 2012), she won miss photogenic

      2. @Lucy,

        Interesting fact that Linna won that award when Veronica was competing with her, but didn’t win this year. The results were so close, just by one vote. I didn’t pay attention to who Gloria chose, but I heard she knew both contestants.

        Even more surprised was that I didn’t think either of them would win Miss Photogenic. I was thinking Erin would win, but wanted Sofiee to win later on.

    4. Her second interview was not good. The first interview was hard though. Need to give props to her because her question was very difficult. I mean the other girls had softball questions LOL…. Except for #1’s question, she only had a stick’s time to explain her gossip news(?). That was such a harsh segment to watch, pity her.

      The other girls had easier questions…….

  3. Veronica doesn’t have the look to be miss HK. I’m just trying to be honest here. She might be great in her performance or even Q&A but her look is just below average.

  4. None of them will be the fadans that’s for damn sure. Not star material

    1. there’s an error.
      Erin Wong was second runner up.
      Katherine Ho was first runner up

  5. Sofiee’s Q&A segment was really bad though. Miss HK is not only supposed to be beautiful but also quick-witted. Her responses were painful to watch…

      1. She was asked to translate bull testicles to a Korean..?? I Can’t recall exactly but it was to translate some embrassig chinese products/medicine. Don’t even see the point. Maybe testing her IQ? I prefer if contestants picked from a box. Less rigged

      2. it could be rigged even with a box. Limit the box entries to three names and then make it look like the box has everyone’s names but in reality, those three names.

        Not that i think the results are rigged.

    1. agree that being quick-witted is very important,especially in the entertaiment industry.its pity that sofie has a low IQ ortherwise she could have beaten veronica i think,i found she look a little like tavia.

      1. I thought Sofiee looked like a mix between Sire Ma and Fala Chen o_O LOL

      2. AndI dont think he has ‘low IQ’, jut bcos her performance wasnt as great in the pageant sow on the night. And even if she has so called low IQ, it’s not a pity. YEs it is important to be quick witted in the entertainment industry in order to protect yourself and not be eatened up by the media, but the industry also needs variety. For example number 3 candidate from the pageant (I forgot her name)her answer to her question wasnt very intelligent imo,but she made the audience laugh and brought out her genuine/cute personality imo despite the MCs continuous teasing/speculation of her answers.IQ is important, but having your own personality and character in the industry is also crucial, since the etnertainment industry is ultimately about ‘entertaining’. Low IQ or high IQ, if you’re a boring character than you wouldnt make it very far.

      3. low iq sound maybe too harsh but agree being succesful depends on many other factors.

  6. Well there you go people, even Sofiee herself admitted she did poorly in her interview segment causing her a placement in top three.

    I don’t like this Erin Wong girl. She sounds so smug about her win. She doesn’t deserve the runner-up title. I wonder why they didn’t give runner-up title to #3 Lina. Lina, being fluent in English & a couple of other languages, along with her sweet smile would represent HK well in the Miss World? pageant.

    1. agreed. modesty is important if it’s genuine. I think Linna would have been well liked if she taken 2nd or 3rd place.

      1. Yes, her Chinese was weak. You could tell though that she put in a lot of effort during her performance. With her experience in Miss Vancouver and this HK pageant, I think she would make a fine HK rep in the competition against international beauties.

  7. Second runner-up, Katherine Ho, was well-spoken during the pageant due to background in law. Despite the harsh criticism over her placement, Katherine has an optimistic outlook.

    She was first runner up

    1. no taco. katherine ho was second runner up.
      wish she was first runner up.

      1. me too!!! katherine Ho looks quite good and she was well spoken in the competition!!!!!! 😉 wish that she was the first runner up and Erin Wong can be the second runner up!! 😉

  8. To be honest, Veronica had the most simple Q&A compared to Sofia and other girls. All she had to do was smile and nod…(eg. A picture of her drivers license Veronica had yes or no questions whereas Sofia had to do these embarrassing things like explain what bull testicles were!?! Like Wtf??! And the skating portion was partically custom made for Veronica to show off… Rigged you might say or just pure luck??

    1. No, it’s not her driver’s. it was a picture of her old hk id card. And I dont know about you, but if tvb had flashed my passport or hkid where I look pretty bad, i would be embarrassed.

      1. Yeah you’d be embarrassed, but I think anxiety would hit someone even harder if their question was something like what Sofiee had imo.

      2. Not really, if you were asked to translate something in another language you can still able to do it. It wouldn’t be up to the point where anxiety would hit you. You can just use your body language and hands to try to get to the point where they would be able to understand you despite language difference.

      3. i think all the contestants were anxious and had some sort of anxiety.

      4. They deliberately choose sausage to be translated to embarrass the contestant. It is very easy to draw a blank if you can’t come up with a clever response to questions that are set up to humiliate you. Veronica totally got a free pass by just having to laugh about her old HK ID card. Not saying it is, but if Veronica’s win was rigged, wouldn’t she show more confidence knowing the crown is in the bag? I read in the Chinese forums her grandfather is one of the founders of Vita drinks, so her family is wealthy and probably pretty influential.

      5. Totally agree with Elly. I’m shocked people don’t see that the pageant was set up to allow Veronica to win. Rigged results happen all the time.

        Anxiety hits all the girls but come on, laughing at your ID card is such a softball question compared to translating something in Korean LMAO! Easier said than done Lori ROFL.

      6. If Sofiee had won due to her poor performance, some people would still see the results as rigged. the judges aren’t blind.

        Or if Linna had won due to her poor canto skills, it would be a “wth” because she cant even express herself well enough.

        not to mention hk is the place where mci is. obv they want to repeat the same success with mci again, just like grace.

        and if it is rigged, lets come back when veronica also wins mci.

      7. @Andrew, i don’t think you would want ppl to see your ID card during your puberty year esp I remember she said when she was 18 years old it was her lowest point because she got a birth mark on her chest. LETS BE HONEST, if your id picture is so ugly i doubt you would want ppl to see it. & yes translating may be hard but comparing to bringing up your past, i think bringing up your past is way more harder to deal with since not many ppl wanna talk about it.

      8. exactly. how would you like it if someone showed a ugly picture of you in front of a lot of people who would be watching?

        you would be equally as embarrassed.

    2. the other girls had to learn to skate their part. and yes, tvb knew that veronica was the only one who took lessons for many years and gave her opportunity to show off.

      1. the other skaters could have taken the opportunity to learn skating. their loss.

        and usually, the day before the actual pageant is when they rehearse everything. so i wouldnt say that as a way for veronica to show off.

      2. You mean those who don’t know how to skate should blame themselves that they didn’t have the luxury to take lessons like Veronica did?

      3. leisure skating lessons are not that expensive and arent luxury.

        if veronica took competitive skating lessons including those fancy jumps, then yes.

  9. well!!! i think that sofiee did a pretty good job of representing in miss hong kong 2014!!!!! i still think she should be the winner of this year but don’t know how Veronica got to get three awards??? 😉

  10. To say that judges have full-fledged impression just because they interacted with them are like saying tv viewers/netizens didn’t watch the contests live and hence people questioned her win. I find this comment rather irrelevant as a lot of ppl watched it (family and friends of mine) and we have the same comments on the runner-ups. Just because we ‘watched’ it and not directly interacting doesn’t mean that we don’t get ‘full-fledged impression’. Rather weak defense from her part (not that I don’t think she doesn’t deserve it..she is the better of the three finalists).

    But Soffie Ng really did badly for her QnA. Not only that the question was bad, her answer to it was bad as well.

    1. What was the question and what was the answer? She did accept her defeat graciously from the article above.

      1. she was asked why she had choosen her ideal partner has to be look like wong cho lam. she said the reason she chosed him is because he is “unusual”. then she has to explain what “unusual” means. then her answer was that its very courageous that the man who is much shorter than the woman have the guts to chase her,then cholam interrupts her and said “so this is unusual?” and is donnie yen then usual? then she said “not as usual as you”. then cholam asked am i unusual or usual? then she said unusual, then cholam: you just said im usual,im confused now, then she said you can do both because you are so versatile…(lol) then cholam..oh…

    2. Yeah she didnt go that great in her Q&A, but Ifeel like she’s quite honest and genuine about her defeat reading her responses from the above article. Shows she does have good sportmanship. I think the winner did put on a good performance throughout the show compared to the rest, but there is just something about her answrs to questions that makes me dislike her personality/attitude. Confidence is great, but saying that the criticism from ppl is bcos they might not have watched the show , and the judges know better bcos of their interaction with them live etc. to justify her win makes me cringe. Afterall, if the audience do not accept you as an artist, you aint going no where with your career until they get to know you better or they liked you in the first place. Personality and attitude plays a lot in any kind of of industry.

      1. I dont think ppl dislike her or anything. Ppl are just mad because Sofiee and the another girl didn’t get placed in to the top 3. Or perhap maybe ppl really didn’t watch the show and just decide to pick Sofiee and the another girl because of the picture they saw.

      2. At least she has some friends in TVB and the other tvb artists who come from Vancouver or Canada will also support her and wish the best of luck and success within this industry.

        as for audience, you cant please everyone.

  11. “Erin revealed that she also cast her Miss Friendship vote for thewinner due to a washroom mishap earlier. As it turns out, Erin ran out of toilet paper when she was in the washroom once and it was Veronica who immediately came to the rescue..”

    LOL, This made me laugh. Damn if that’s the case, I would’ve earned myself 50 Miss Friendship titles if every time that I had rescued someone from no toilet paper scored me points as a good friend or kind stranger.

    1. I had a god laugh over that bit of info she disclosed, too. IMO, she looks and sounds fake.

  12. wonder how the winners are being selected. The point computation, criteria, etc. They should make it more transparent by showing the details. It appears that a lot of emphasis is put on the QnA, when it can be quite bias and down to luck, than pure beauty and elegance. Some may get slightly easier ones and some bit more tricky. U want to be fairer, then get the contestants to answer maybe 2 or 3 questions (similar to all) and see how they respond. To win or lose the pageant based so much on that 1 question – come on guys… sorry just that the winners this year are rather plain..

    1. It was an average of the judges’ tabulation. Charmaine chose Veronica and one of the judges had these three as his final three choices.

  13. This year 2014 Miss HK the top 3 will definitely get less jobs in TVB cos they have no sparkle in them & looks just average… not like last year 2014 Grace & Sisley… I think Sisley will do very well in the near future

    1. the people from miss hong kong 2013 will do well. But its too early to say that they will get less jobs in tvb.

      1. Only get some jobs due to they are the top 3 winners with tvb contract anyway it’s not important whatever they are up to in the future…

  14. I dont like Erin she gives me a vibe that she is a stuck up kinda type a lil cheun cheun day look

    1. I dont even know how these top 3 got chosen in the 1st place idk….in my heart i still root for # 3 forgot her name she has such a sweet look ….# 11 Sofie and # 12 i hope TVB will look for them and give em opportuitites to film

  15. The top 3 of this year is the new low for Miss HK. And that really says something LOL.

  16. it doesn’t really matter what the judges put down on paper. once it gets brought to the back to count the scores, tvb already knows who they want as winners. those points were totally disregarded. this happened at another pageant too. I know this cuz my friends mom knows someone working backstage and before the show even started, they were already arranging the award for the winner. so sad but true. pageants nowadays are based on who has the most money to contribute to the station hosting the show and connections.

    1. What do you mean by arranging the award for the winner? If tvb had decided, why do they needed to let jan tse test the crown or rehearse the crowning part?

      And what other pageant are you referring to?

      1. it’s all a show for the public. of course they don’t want the public to know everything is rigged. I don’t think this is worth watching anymore. no fairness. I pretty much stopped watching after Leanne li won miss vancouver

      2. Wasn’t Veronica the one who got drawed to test the crown during rehearsal?

      3. no it was jan tse who tested the crown. usually, more than one girl gets to test to wear the crown.

    2. If thats the case then Sofiee and the another girl would have won instead of Veronica.. don’t forget the public love those 2 girls way more than Veronica, TVB aren’t that stupid…

      1. thing is they want veronica to win. therefore, put 2 pork chop next to her. that way, she stands out.

      2. I still don’t get it… I don’t think Veronica was the top favorite during the pageant at least I know Sofiee and the another girl are way more favorited by hker than Veronica. So why would they want Veronica to win instead of the favorites?

  17. What’s with all the hue and cry? Looking at these 2 here there’s really no difference who won. Both are rather ordinary looking.

  18. I didn’t think Sofiee did that bad. If I was given idiotic questions, I would react the same way. Whereas Veronica got easy questions that made her shine.
    I don’t mind Veronica but Sofiee was definitely the most beautiful this year.
    I really think she has TVB fadan material. She looks like a mix of Kelly Chen and Fala Chan.
    I just want to know how Katherine and Erin got into top 3???? Gross!

    1. Sofiee isnt that pretty. shes avg too. especially during those closeup shots.

  19. Loosers end up being more successful from past history. I do hope we won’t be seeing a lot of the winners

  20. For all we know, sophiee didn’t make it to top 3 because tvb wanted her to act immediately, with no commitments/duty from the pageant. This is exactly what happened to kenix kwok. Just saying

    1. That’s exactly what I think. Im sure we’d be seeing sofiee in dramas anytime soon. Wouldnt be surprised if she lands a leading role without any acting experience whatsoever like how Tracy did…

  21. stop saying its rigged.
    As a Miss HK, you are stuck to your duties for one year which means no filming yet.

    If Sofiee had wanted to film for TVB, she can easily sign a contract with tvb.

    could be a blessing in disguise or tvb’s way of promoting linna and sofiee.

  22. Perhaps it is Veronica’s experience in previous pageants that gave her an edge.

    Erin has always shown confidence throughout her pageant but she doesn’t seem as personable to me as Veronica. I won’t say her answers are scripted, but she herself always sounds scripted IMO. And she said she knew she would win first runner-up? Didn’t she say earlier that she was shocked when the hosts announced her name?

    Veronica, Erin, and Sofiee might get to test their acting abilities in TVB, but don’t think they’ll get promoted too much. TVB is promoting Grace and Sisley a lot now and they can only promote so much new artists at a time. I personally hope that Sofiee gets more acting opportunities since she was a fave of mine during the pageant and she’ll have more time to begin her acting career since she didn’t place.

    Honestly, it really depends on what the contestant’s goal is when they join this pageant. Some join because it’s a childhood dream, some for the experience, and others to enter the showbiz. If Sofiee really didn’t care for the crown and wanted it as a stepping stone to acting or hosting, not winning can just be a blessing in disguise. She gets to move onto acting/hosting more quickly without having to deal with obligations of being a MHK winner. I remember Mandy Wong saying in an interview that when she got into top 5 for her year, she prayed she wouldn’t get the crown because she wanted to act. Sire Ma, too, expressed interest for acting and when she was done with her year of MHK duties, she claimed she was ready to strip her image as an MHK and desires the audience to see her as an actress.

    I don’t believe Katherine will get too far in TVB simply because many people think she’s not pretty enough. I can’t see her in too many roles since she doesn’t have a nice smile to begin with. While looks aren’t the most important for acting, a personable smile is usually one of the requirements even for a C-list actress in TVB.

    1. agree with you, christelle. when tracy and jacqueline was done with their duties, they also said the same thing.. they hope audience will see them as actresses not just MHK.

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