Katherine Ho Receives Generous Alimony From Ex-Husband

TVB actress, Katherine Ho (何艷娟), is living a super luxurious lifestyle after her divorce four years ago from billionaire businessman, Louis Ng (吳志誠). The 2014 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up was only married for nine months, but reportedly received an alimony payment of 300 million Chinese yuan.

With ex-husband, Louis Ng

Although details behind their divorce was not revealed, it was speculated that Mr. Ng, who is 40 years her senior, wanted children but the 29-year-old actress did not. Despite the difference in opinions, they ended their divorce on amicable terms and Mr. Ng willingly paid a hefty alimony.

With the money, Katherine has been frequently seen travelling around the world and dressed in luxury fashions. Recently, Katherine was spotted in a district known for its antiques, and rumored to have started investing in famous paintings.

Aside from doing well financially, it is also said that Katherine has found new love. Her new beau’s family allegedly comes from extreme wealth, with his family’s net worth over CNY 10 billion. However, not wanting her new romance to face public pressure, the actress has been trying to keep her boyfriend’s identity a secret and has repeatedly denied dating.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Former Miss Hong Kong Runner-up, Katherine Ho, Divorces Husband After 9 Months

Katherine Ho Travels the World After Divorce from Wealthy Husband

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  1. How can she get alimony when she’s only been married for 10 months? I think most couples (like common law ones) can’t even consider splitting assets until they’ve been together for something like 5-10 years. Unless this was pre-nupped and the legalese specifies no fault fee of $300 mills no matter what? This is puzzling to me.

    1. @coralie I can’t imagine being This wealthy and marrying without a prenup. I have no idea how divorce laws are in HK but I guess when you are this rich 300 M is like the ex taking the car and leaving everything else.

      1. @bubbles23 $300 mills isn’t chump change though. That’s a lot of money for a very short term relationship. That’s like 47 mills in USD, enough to live on for the rest of your life without worries.

      2. @coralie the old article says the guy is worth 3 Billion HKD, so this is like 1/10 of his net worth. Maybe the reports exaggerated her payout but nonetheless both are rich af.

  2. She might or might not be a gold digger but she’s definitely set for life if she somehow can afford that standard of living on only her TVB salary.

  3. Similar to Isabella Leong accept no children and still can get that much money? She’ll probably move on to find another sugar daddy so she can dig more golds.

  4. Eh. He knew that this relationship was unlikely to last. I wonder if was abusive or she discovered some illegal or sketchy secrets for him to pay her after a short marriage.

  5. I’m sorry but he is a fool to think she would have his child. 9 months and she’s set up for life. Why would she tie herself down to a guy 40 years older and not likely to have many good years left (or simply years).

  6. You gotta admit – not many women would be willing to go through the kind of public stigma attached to marrying a much older richer man. She’ll forever be labelled a gold-digger. Maybe not a big problem if she’s looking to make a quick buck, but she’ll never be able to live this choice down.

  7. If these men were stupid, how did they get rich? lol, Their values are different from ours (poor people).
    She is quite successful despite what people say. If I had the chance, I’d probably refuse. I don’t have the guts and my conscience won’t let me lool it would be at the back of my mind every time I make a transaction.

    1. @mi520 don’t conflate the two – rich and intelligent lol. You can be rich, but not intelligent. Also you can be dumb in different things just because you’re rich. many wealthy businessman are too busy to learn about anything other than work, so if there’s a willing, pretty woman, they def would shoot their shot. still, it’s dumb.

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