26-Year-Old Katherine Ho Marries 66-Year-Old Millionaire

After placing as second runner-up in the 2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, 26-year-old Katherine Ho’s (何艷娟) career has been lukewarm at best. Due to her limited on-screen presence, many netizens may not be familiar with her. The most recent drama she participated in was Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2·深宮計>, where she portrays Candy law’s (羅霖) head maid in the jewelry department.

Although she may not have had a breakthrough in her career yet, it was revealed that Katherine is officially off the market. Earlier this week, she registered for marriage to 66-year-old Wu Zhicheng (吳志誠), who is SJM Holdings Limited’s Operations President. The company is one of six companies authorized to operate casino games in Macau. As the company’s Operations President, Wu Zhicheng is undoubtedly wealthy. Last year, he purchased an esteemed French winery for more than $70 million HKD.

Though the couple is a whopping 40 years apart in age, they are not covert about their relationship and are often seen attending functions together. They reportedly met when Katherine attended a promotional event and have been dating for more than three years.

When reporters contacted Katherine regarding news of her marriage, she simply confirmed by saying “yes”, but did not further respond when asked about whether their 40-year age difference has posed any issues.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What’s with girls these days? Can’t find rich guys their own age or a little older to marry?

    1. @coralie
      That may be it! Maybe girls like them that did not make a name for themselves in this business cannot find any young rich guys so must take anyone that has money so they can enjoy a life of luxury. I find it sad that some women these days cannot make their own money but have to marry people who are so much older just because they have money. Will they leave them if they go bankrupt? Will he dump her after she gets old? It is sad that she is marrying for money and him for youth. I do not see this “marriage” being blissful, happy or lasting.

      1. @hetieshou I mean there are always going to be gold-diggers. but she made it so obvious. at least gold-dig around her own age -_-.

        I actually anticipate this marriage lasting for at least a few years. either she’ll wait till he dies so she can have most of his wealth or she’ll stick around long enough to be compensated for her time with him.

      2. @coralie Just a guess, but I think older men are a much easier target for these women. Less picky, more thirsty.

        Also, these gramps tend to have accumulated more status and power than their younger counterparts, due to their age and experience. And with one foot in the grave, these women probably figure they won’t need to stick around for too long before reaping the benefits.

      3. @sugarcane
        You bought up some good points since older rich guys are not picky like the younger guys who would expect more. Plus the young guys have their parents to deal with too while these older men most likely does not. Did you hear about the 42 year old Korean actress who married the young and rich 24 year old rich guy? That rich guy was actually a trainee to be a idol but did not make it so gave up. I think her name is Ham So Won or something like that. They have a 18 year age gap which is pretty big too, but people frown more as the girl is older. Many think he is using her for fame while he is with her for money as his family is rich. I doubted their “marriage” as well due to such a big age gap. His parents were heartbroken and highly opposed their marriage too. I personally would not be able to be with a guy too much older or too much younger. It would be very weird and some blindly think that it is true love. They are so naive, however, most do not seem to marry for love anymore sadly.

        You are so right that men who are very old may not have much time left and they can take a big payout after he dies. What a shameful thing to do.

      4. @coralie
        Very true that there are always going to be gold diggers but it is just too obvious in this case.

        At 66 I am not sure if he will die that soon unless he gets sick or something. However, if he does she is eligible for a big chunk of his money unless he has kids who will grab it before she does.

      5. @hetieshou 40 years difference…honestly I really can’t find the word ‘love’ in this relationship. she is only 26, so maybe the relationship can last for a while since he will be hitting 70 soon.

      6. @janet72
        Yes, I cannot imagine being with anyone so much older or younger. It is just plain weird. Sadly many do not marry for love these days and it is clearly not love in this case.

  2. I dunno, I don’t really have any issues with these types of arrangements. Obviously, he’s in it for her youth and looks, she’s in it for his status and wealth. Both sides benefit from it, so why not?

    I mean, if you break marriage down to it’s core, it’s really a just a contract and agreement between two parties.

    1. @msxie0714 it’s a win-win situation. he gets young grass to eat and she gets money to spend. why not?
      if she knows she isn’t getting anywhere in the entertainment industry and rich guy comes along, no harm going for it. if he is a divorcee with kids, then problems will arise.
      of course having a younger boyfriend like Raymond Lam would be more exciting because the age difference is narrower.

      1. @janet72
        Good point you raised! One big problem with marrying older men are they are usually widowers or divorcees with kids. The kids will fight for the assets and money after the father dies.

      2. @hetieshou marrying a rich young chap…the girl would have to deal with his parents. What’s that female singer’s name? The one who married Alex Ho and gave birth to a girl.
        Raymond Lam’s family disliked Karena.

        Marrying a 66 year old, one would have to deal with his children. Rosamund Kwan was married to this rich guy but his twin daughters disliked her. Which 66 year old man would be a bachelor?

      3. @janet72
        Yup! There is no way escaping trouble whether you marry a young or old rich guy. That singer and actress that I am referring to is a Korean. Her name is Ham So Won I think. I heard she is now pregnant through IVF. She married a rich Chinese guy who is only 24. I forgot his name but you can look up her name and see their names and photos. He is young, rich and handsome while her face looks very fake and plastic. Their marriage is odd due to the big age gap. Some think she is using him for money while he is using her for her fame as he was a former idol trainee that did not make it. Time will tell since they have an 18 year age gap.

        Yes and marrying a young guy, you have to deal with the parents while marrying an old guy you must deal with his kids. There is no way around it. These women want a free meal ticket with no trouble? No way!

  3. So much judgement in these comments. At least she is not his mistress and the story is not reporting that she is breaking up a marriage or anything. To each their own.

  4. smart girl, wait for him to die to get all his mulas and find a younger guy.

  5. Wow! That is a huge age gap for two of them. I’m wondering if her father is younger or older than him. Best wishes to both of them!

    Someone told me once to marry for wealthy, but not healthy and then re-marry for healthy… Well, I’m not that type of person any way, so I married a regular, poor, wonderful and hard working guy. We are just living a normal life. We are happily married for many years now. I’m happy with my choice! 🙂

  6. Dude needs a makeover and 2018 update, starting with that hairdo at least. (she looks quite diff in some pictures – like Kpop girls, compared with that picture up there – looks kinda tanned and sporty plus maybe intelligent). 🙂

    IF it’s she’s just for financial benefits and a sugar daddy, then take the perks (free houses, cars, bags. clothes, free shops or businesses or whatever) and leave. Many of them do that, no strings attached. WHY marriage? (Cally Kwong might be kept too – she’s got plenty of businesses and she’s obviously into moolah. Even her pet pooch is called Cash. There was even a movie back then, which could be mirroring her life – she was the main actress in that movie. So are many in her group of actress friends – do nothing significant in acting/singing, have investments and run business, attend art exhibitions etc). I forget the name of one significant one – she only had a few airhead bimbotic movies, certainly not enough to live forever in luxury.

    There’s supposedly a nice underground market and mamasans (Fei Ma is supposed one of those pimps aka matchmakers) to connect willing actresses with the willing wealhy clients. Short term, and long term (including Sultan of B … someone back then was on his yacht. They take a hiatus from work, and go off making extra pocket money).
    Even names like Anita Yuen, Ada Choi etc all did their stints running with the wealthy crowd. Gigi Fu is another who did nothing wonderful in her career but appears at dog shows and is some dog advocate these days. Dogs and their maintenace ain’t cheap either. 😉 Back then when she was married to her China tycoon before he went to jail, she had 2 penthouses here in Canada (staff of bank HS + BC Vancouver might know). Last read years ago, she was running around with the 2nd son (fu er dai) of some chae-bol family.

    66 yr old dude could live until 96 … she’d be 56 then. So UNworth it, imo – IF it is about the $.
    And what’s the joy hanging around with the party-ball scene society//Cova high tea crowd; since everyone would KNOW exactly how you got entry to this lifestyle and crowd? Esp among the old-money, old-rich wealthy?
    NO dignity or pride whatsever, even if you now have the moolah and status. And carry limited edited Hermes, just like baby machine Cathy Tsui.

    With marriage – sure she might be entitled to some legally. But in places like Canada living together/marriage is about the same – you can have the same 50%.

    Dignity, self respect and peace of mind is more important than ANY money in the world.

    1. @nomad822 I am pretty sure such women have long equated “dignity, self respect and peace of mind” to the dollar sign. LOL!

    2. @nomad822 cathy tsui’s husband is not that old. with 2 sons, she is set for life with so many properties.
      there isn’t a mother in law meddling.

      but this actress is only 26. she realized acting is not a walk in the park with TVB’s punishing schedule. since there is a 66 year old rich guy, why not? but he is definitely older than her parents. even nicky wu’s mother in law is about the same age as him.
      this 26 year old will find many rich tai tais gossiping at the crowd she attends. 40 years difference…faint! she will be fighting with his kids for property.

    3. @nomad822 a lot of celebrities we know dabbled in those ‘transactional’ relationships and were left unscathed. their reputation suffered a little, but made a comeback eventually. like isabella leung, gigi lai, carman lee, rosina lam, anita yuen, etc. it’s all about perception and how the PR team spins it. as long as they have money, anything can be washed from black to white. maybe this woman thinks the same philosophy can apply to her.

      1. @coralie rosina lam is a rich girl herself…cousin of Raymond whose father is the ‘Stanley ho of macau’. gigi lai came from a poor family and after her brother was involved in a serious accident, her hubby helped them financially.

        it’s hard to imagine starting a family with a man 40 years older than herself. the husband is old enough to be her father!

      2. @janet72 yeah I know, but it makes rosina look worse imo. she’s already rich, why she need to marry an even richer guy? notice how very few articles mention his age. you think she’d bat him an eye if he was on the same level as her? she was gold-digging, just on a very inconspicuous level.

        I understand gigi’s situation, but again, she wouldn’t have bat her hubbie an eye either if he didn’t have money or helped her out so much.

        someone I question if she’s a true gold-digger is cathy tsui. she married a very, very wealthy man, but their ages are very close and she’s actually dated regular folks too.

      3. @coralie
        “I understand gigi’s situation, but again, she wouldn’t have bat her hubbie an eye either if he didn’t have money or helped her out so much”
        Sooooo true but then again her love life had been colorful too before this rich older hubby. She actually had a much older bf or bfs in her younger days. The timing was good for her b/c let’s face it she was not exactly “young” like this one now when she married the dude.

      4. @coralie I think the only one whom can be given the benefit of the doubt of not being a gold digger is Guo Jing Jing.

  7. I believe there is true love between them. They have been dating for 3 years before tying the knot. That’s not a short time. Youth and money might be the initial attraction. But, it needs more than that to make a relationship last.

  8. Why is the hate and name calling soley toward her? What about him as a peverted old man, “old worm” who knows very well he can exploit young, trophy gf or wife simply because he’s rich. I highly doubt he and many other old haggy dudes doesn’t know that most young birds flock to them because of their wealth and status. It’s on them, the dudes, too that they allow and accept the situation.

    As someone mentioned, they’re both willing parties. So if you’re gonna be “hatin’,” at least be fair and hatin’ both sides.

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