Former Miss Hong Kong Runner-up, Katherine Ho, Divorces Husband After 9 Months

In 2014, Katherine Ho (何艷娟) placed second runner-up in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant behind Veronica Shiu (邵珮詩) and Erin Wong (王卓淇). Portraying minor roles in TVB dramas, Katherine retired from screens when she married millionaire Wu Zicheng (吳志誠) last July. Since Mr. Wu is 40 years older than Katherine, their union drew eyebrows. Now nine months later, Katherine announced her divorce.

Born in Beijing and graduating from Hong Kong University’s Law School, Katherine entered the entertainment industry. Shortly after, she met 67-year-old Wu Zicheng at an event for his company and they dated for three years before tying the knot.

Mr. Wu got his start as a dealer at a casino. Afterwards, he became the CEO for Macauslot which is a company under the wing of Macau’s Gambling King: Stanley Ho (何鴻燊). Mr. Wu owns 3 percent shares of the company and is estimated to be worth $3 billion HKD. When he was dating Katherine, he lavished her with diamond necklaces and bought a $18 million HKD house in her name.

Unfortunately their marriage was short-lived and has now come to an end after nine months. Katherine made the sudden announcement today on Instagram, “We have decided to separate on good terms and  that we will continue to be good friends. Thank you for everyone’s support and we wish each other the best.”

Contacted by the press shortly after, Katherine confirmed that this was the truth but refused to elaborate on the reason for their separation. She stated that she was feeling fine and was not unhappy.

Netizens wonder if they have been separated for a while as Katherine has been posting many photos of herself travelling alone in exotic countries on social media. Even on her birthday, there were no pictures of a celebration with her husband. Now that they have decided to divorce, many are curious how much Katherine will get in alimony.

Source: East Week, Hket 

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  1. Jackpot!!!! Cash out her chips and say bye bye. She prob got caught with a hot young stud. Go get it gurrrrrl!

  2. It was fortunate that they separated LOL
    Idc the reason of their separation, but I’m quite curious if she got any $$ haha

  3. I don’t look down on either party. He wanted a young girl for obvious reasons, and she wanted a lavish lifestyle. It’s a pretty fair tradeoff. Hope for both their sakes it was worth it.

    1. @theyenman I agree. It was a fair business transaction. Not everyone can do it. I wonder if he has children. If so, they must be older than her and were infuriated that he married such a young woman.

      1. @babycakes of course the kids would be pissed! this step mother is 40 years younger than her sugar daddy. his kids would probably be in their 30s.

    2. @theyenman at 67, he maintains his age well. their marriage was a win-win. if she wanted to be like Cathy Tsui, she should have found a younger man.

  4. Ugh, I wouldnt go with a cronie no matter how rich he was. Although she’s managed to get out of it I guess.

  5. Unless this guy has a good charisma or else, I don’t see how this girl would marry him in the first place and of course, money talks nowadays

  6. smart girl. i’d be taking all the money i make from the divorce and go find myself and handsome, young stud

    1. @coralie
      Totally agree and there are sooooo many things that money cannot buy. Class and self respect are among those 2 things.

  7. Latest news say she was caught kissing with another billionaire the night before she announced her divorce! Apparently this man is even richer than her ex-husband, but younger (in his 50s so still 30 years older than her lol). Not sure if she will still get any alimony, but she sure has bigger ambitions!

    1. @1piscesish she is around the same age as Raymond lam’s ex.
      although Raymond is younger than these 2 men, he has a rich father who is still the head of the family. marrying an older man, he may have kids who would object.

  8. She looks like a plastic doll on the picture above. Married a sugar daddy and don’t last long definitely a gold digger and it’s about the same story with Isabella Leong set for life accept these couple doesn’t have any children. She could have found a better job than joining the entertainment if she study for law? Oh well maybe she might go around and dig more gold?

  9. That face, HK Law school & 40 years younger? Omg, gold digger on the forehead no? haha lol… But true to all the comments thou – it’s a business transaction more than anything.

  10. Says they are still good friends.. maybe I am thinking too much but I have a feeling he will walk her down the aisle at her second wedding with a Younger guy

  11. Funny enough but when the news of her marrying the dude came out last year, I posted a congratulations message on her Instagram but my comment got deleted in the end..

    No one can make comments on her Instagram now has been disabled

  12. How do you know she got paid?

    Many rich folks have pren-ups. An ex friend of mine married the daughter of a billionaire. They went through a divorce a year after they got married and he didn’t get a cent.

    I know she was gifted diamonds and a mansion, but that’s not the same as an alimony. She could’ve been “entitled” up to 50% of her ex-husband’s wealth.

    Most rich folks ain’t dumb.

    1. @anon
      I am a bit confused… You are saying the guy did not get a cent but why should she be entitled to 50% of her ex husband’s wealth? That is not fair.

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