Song Weilong Kisses Tan Songyun in “Go Ahead”

Chinese idol drama Go Ahead <以家人之名> is airing to critical and popular acclaims, with fans scrambling to count down the hours until the next new episode airs. Starring Song Weilong (宋威龙), Zhang Xincheng (张新成), and Tan Songyun (谭松韵), the drama centers on an atypical family comprised of three non-related siblings being raised together by their fathers.

While raised together as children, the siblings eventually separated, reuniting nine years later. When they reunited with their sister, it was awkward. The brothers were overprotective of their sister Jianjian (Tan), even forcing her boyfriend to break up with her. A single accident involving her second brother Ziqiu (Zhang) pulls Jianjian back into her brothers’ lives. As they sit together in the bench, stargazing and eating baked potatoes, Jianjian finally feels comfortable to tear down the wall that she had built between her and her older brothers.

Elder brother Ling Xiao (Song), however, has always had a crush on Jianjian. In the latest episode, he steals a secret kiss on Jianjian’s cheeks, then moving down to her lips. Jianjian wakes up in time and stops him.

The bold Xiao confidently tells Jianjian, “I don’t care. You need to change your mode of thinking. From today on, you will treat me as a man.” Taken off guard and slightly terrified, Jianjian says, “You need to calm down first. I’ll consider it.”


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  1. Above storyline makes it sound like elder brother is a perverted creep. Blood related or not they were brought up together. Forcing attentions on someone who isn’t even conscious is not right.

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