Angelababy and Song Weilong Film New Drama

Appearing at the booting ceremony of upcoming historical romance Everlasting Longing <相思令>, leading cast Angelababy (杨颖) and Song Weilong (宋威龍) looks to have great chemistry in a fresh new pairing!

Heat Over Hierarchy of Casting Credits
However, on the eve of the drama’s official cast announcement, rumors erupted on Weibo that it will not take place due to competition among the acting cast. Angelababy had been relegated to second lead in her previous collaboration with Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) in psychological romance Twilight <暮色心約>, as her star appears to have dimmed following her divorce with Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明). A dispute between fans on both sides had then ensued, after which Angelababy’s fan club expressed that they have “tried their best” and admitted to defeat in the “fight”.

However after all the commotion, Everlasting Longing ‘s official cast announcement went ahead in end January as planned, with Angelababy retaining her spot here as the drama’s lead.

Angelababy’s Ageing Signs
In photos released on the drama’s official Weibo, Angelababy and Song Weilong’s pairing looked promising despite the 10-year age gap, drumming up fan hype for the pair-up.

However, some are skeptical of the 10-year chasm between the two leads, not helped by unedited photos posted online of the same event, which apparently showed the actress looking dazed with sagging cheeks and stiff facial silhouette. Shocked netizens commented that it is high time Angelababy finds her niche with improved acting chops, as she can’t be playing pretty-face roles continuously.

Based on Chinese writer Xi Juan’s (席絹) novel The Stolen Bride <搶來的新娘>, Everlasting Longing is centered on the gorgeous and intelligent Jun Qi Luo (Angelababy) who disguises as a man for the fifth time to lead a business expedition to Western Xia, but is targeted by robbers along the way. She is captured by nomadic Khitan tribesman Xuan Lie (Song Weilong) who is unaware that he has a woman in captivity instead, setting off a chain of romantic events.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. There were photos of Angelababy with Song Weilong and others people in a room floating around last year…I believe it was one she was smoking(nothing wrong with that, her choice). They looked like they were discuss some project. I did expect to read about this partnership at some point. Both leads are visually very attractive… I wonder if both can help each other shine in this collaboration.

  2. I only watch 2 dramas that she is in… never watch others after… I find her ugly with all the awful expressions on her plastic surgery face… even I love the male lead, I will not watch this drama…. Next

    1. Yes I watched only one series of her and her acting is not good and her face is too stiff and plastic looking.

  3. UGH, All this hate against an “aging” actress who is only 33, give it a rest. If it was a 33yr old Actor against a 23yr old actress no one will bat an eye even if he looked his age or not.

    1. I think she did not age well due to smoking and having a lot of plastic surgery. Those 2 factors truly age you a lot.

    2. True, 33 for some people, they are still peak visually but it’s not for everyone. I don’t know which one she falls into. Judging from the pic above, either she doesn’t age well or it’s a bad pic. I noticed that even in her younger years, she would look above average pretty but not as stunning w/o her doll like make up. I do think she was very beautiful w/ her doll like make up. She debuted w/ Janice Man, I always thought she was a whole different level prettier than JM.

  4. Never enjoyed her face – plastic surgery or not. Her acting is also pretty dull, even after all these years. She also needs to play a funny role, for once. I think she might do better in those than her sad, somber, pretty ones.

    She should stick to reality and fun shows.

    1. I personally find her slightly awkward to watch but I am aware how popular her looks is amongst her fans and in China… The few actress I find comfortable and enjoy watching are Liu Yifei, Ni Ni and Liu Shishi. I find them very attractive. But they do not pick up many projects.

  5. She should just stick to being a model. She can’t act!! The problem with Chinese audiences is that they insist the female lead has to be beautiful and not concentrate on her acting ability.

    1. There are plenty of Chinese who ridicule her poor acting and boycott her dramas, but her fans are more vocal in her defense. As an acclaimed flower vase, she manages in continuing to get top roles probably through good connections. Song Weilong isn’t getting high grades for good acting either. So here we will have a drama with two wooden faces.

  6. I think her acting is quite natural. I’ve seen two dramas she was in. I don’t have much to say about her surgeries. I personally believe she has done them. But on the other hand I also believe in the power of makeup, and circle lens. I’ve seen small eyes went through transformations from makeup alone on YouTube.

    I think she should have been truthful and come clean about her surgeries, but then again, many actors and actresses have also lied and refused to admit to the cosmetic procedures they’ve done.

    I will watch because Song Wei Long is pleasant to look at.

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