Jing Boran and Song Weilong are Best Partners in “A League of Nobleman”

Starring Jing Boran (井柏然) and Song Weilong (宋威龍), historical mystery drama A League of Nobleman <君子盟> premiered on January 30. Despite being shelved for two years, the long-awaited detective bromance still attracted strong interest with popular stars Boran and Weilong’s large and sturdy fanbases.

A League of Nobleman is adapted from the novel The Mystery of Zhang Guo <张公案> written by author Da Feng Gua Guo (大风刮过). It tells a story following innately inquisitive and poor country raised orphan Zhang Ping (Song Weilong) moving to Beijing to take the civil service entrance exam. While studying for the exam, he makes money by selling noodles on the street. He encounters the refined and educated Lan Jue (Jing Boran) one day and stubbornly follows him to investigate cases to prove his worth and reclaim a payment from Lan Jue. Through a whirlwind journey of solving cases and uncovering mysteries, they build a strong comradeship despite their vastly different backgrounds.

Since the novel was originally a boys’ love story, the drama was adapted to focus on the bromance and mysteries instead to avoid broadcast restrictions. Although the change may have initially disappointed BL fans, the series still drew great support and laughter with its perfect balance of comedy and suspense.

As reflected in their strong teamwork onscreen, Boran and Weilong also developed a tight friendship offscreen with their playful banter. When asked what was the biggest difference in their characters, Weilong described Boran as sincere and passionate, which can be difficult to maintain when one is in the industry for a long time. Boran immediately followed with a joke, “Did you hear that? His main focus was how long I’ve been in the industry.” Weilong laughed and corrected, “No, we are the same age.”

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I read a number of reviews on how boring this drama is….I have not watched thus I read different reviews. Has anyone here watched this drama? What are your thoughts?

    1. Yeah i have watched it, I am not a BL fan and I enjoyed the crime solving parts. I guess BL fans are disappointed though.

      1. I’m not a fan of BL drama too. Tried watching The Untamed few times cos everyone singing praises but have dropped every single time.
        Thanks for sharing its not really BL. I enjoy crime solving drama (loved The Imperial Coroner) so will give it a try.

      2. @Bizzybody I could not get into The Untamed. I tried, I really tried. But I just dunno what’s so impressive about it. In general I guess I’m not a BL fan either

      3. @prettsup1 @Coralie Nice to know I’m not the only one. Even my siblings were singing praises of The Untamed and I thought I’m weird. I was even slightly disgusted (the hairs on my arm legit raised) during scene where the male actor kinda act cute to the other male lead. I can’t recall exact scene.
        It’s odd though cos I don’t mind bromance scenes – I enjoyed kdrama Chief Kim specifically because of that. Much as I love their character portrayals it has never crossed my mind to pair them as a romantic couple.

      4. @Bizzybody guess we found our own people lol. I also love and adore brotherly love, like the kind you see in Duke of Mt. Deer, Monkey King, I’m trying to remember any recent examples of this, but can’t seem to recall any at the moment.

    2. I doubt we will see BL dramas with top stars anymore…but keen on the crime solving stories.

  2. The original novel is not a BL story btw, that’s why the drama managed to get the go-ahead to be aired. Anyway why can’t they get the English title grammatically correct before airing it?

  3. Ooohh I saw this being advertised as a crime/mystery drama. Will probably watch for the cases. BL isn’t my thing, but sometimes I get some giggles out of the genre. Adn while I’ve seen a fair share of toned-down BL dramas… I’ve got too many ambivalent opinions about them.

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