Yang Zi’s Unassuming Performance on Set Earns Netizens’ Praise

On December 3, the production crew of Psychologist <女心理師> shared a video showing a scene of lead actress Yang Zi (楊紫) being strangled by her male co-star on set, earning netizens’ compliments for her professionalism and dedication to her craft.

Legs Turned to Jelly

In the video, Yang Zi, who was dressed in an orange blazer, was suddenly approached by an agitated man who rushed up and seized her neck. He shook her violently, and later pushed her against the wall, never letting go of his grip. Yang Zi’s character struggled for a full ten seconds before male lead Jing Boran (井柏然) came to her rescue.

After the scene ended on the director’s “cut”, Yang Zi’s legs appeared to give away as she slid to the ground and took a while to recover herself, looking pale. When everyone rushed forward quickly, the actress hurriedly replied that she was alright and “just had low blood sugar”. After a short rest, the strangling scene was again repeated twice. When the cameras finally stopped rolling, Jing Boran gentlemanly accompanied Yang Zi to the side for a break.

Impressed by her professionalism, netizens remarked that even watching the scene was painful, and some were so affected by the sense of suffocation that they felt as though they were the ones being strangled. While Psychologist got only a mixed reception from viewers and did not score a high rating on Douban after the first few episodes, Yang Zi was cool about it and shared her thoughts, “The meaning [of making the series] is not in how it turned out, [I] still enjoyed this whole process, and hope that after more will be concerned about issues related to psychological health after the drama airs,”

Not Just a Pretty Face

One of the four post-90 ‘hua dan’ actresses to watch out for, Yang Zi began her career as a child actress, and left a deep impression on viewers with her role Xiao Xue in Home with Kids, a made-for-families series which performed unexpectedly well and lasted four seasons. Taking on a string of challenging roles next in dramas such as Ode to Joy <歡樂頌>, Ashes of Love <沈沈燼如霜> and Noble Aspirations <青雲志>, the 29-year-old held her own and was recognized for her solid acting and versatility.

Source: ETtertainment, World Journal

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  1. I’m enjoying Psychologist and the cases it presents. The main drawback is the antagonist is messing around with mentally fragile people for his own selfish revenge and it’s really upsetting to watch.

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