Liu Wen Stays Over at Jing Boran’s Home

Chinese actor Jing Boran (井柏然) and supermodel Liu Wen’s (劉雯) relationship continues growing in intimacy  since they were revealed to be dating in May.

Neither have responded to the dating news, but they seem indifferent about tabloid headlines and Liu Wen is often spotted spending time at Boran’s home.

Two months ago, Boran and Liu Wen were first caught on netizens’ radar when photos of them going on a biking date circulated online. Although they have not been seen together in public since, Liu Wen continues to visit  Boran’s home.

Apparently, Liu Wen and her assistant would arrive at Boran’s neighborhood in the morning and pass the security gates by scanning themselves in. Liu Wen would leave for work in the afternoon, before returning again later in the evening. Knowing her way around the community easily, Liu Wen looks to have already made herself comfortable at Boran’s home and become an integral part of the actor’s everyday life.


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Jing Boran and Liu Wen Caught on Biking Date

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