Steven Ma Gains Success In Love And Career; Promotes “Daddy Good Deeds”

With the upcoming broadcast of Hong Kong TVB drama, Daddy Good Deeds < 當旺爸爸>, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) returned to Hong Kong to promote the series with cast members, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)  and Ha Yu (夏雨).  Earlier, Steven successfully sought an early termination to his TVB management contract in order to grow as an actor and focus on filming opportunities in mainland China. Daddy Good Deeds will mark both Producer Miu Siu Ching (梅小青) and Steven Ma’s last drama at TVB.

In the past, Steven’s TVB dramas were often broadcast in poor time slots, colliding with the Lunar New Year holiday and even the World Cup, which may have lowered ratings results. However, Steven expressed satisfaction with the March 19th airing date of Daddy Good Deeds; the Easter time slot was considered to be a good broadcasting time. Steven was markedly absent from recently aired promotional clips for Daddy Good Deeds, sparking speculations that he was neglected by TVB due to his contract termination. Steven explained that he was busy filming Chinese drama, Legend of Yuan Empire Founder <建元風雲> in mainland earlier, thus he was unable to film the promotional clips due to scheduling conflict.

Legend of Yuan Empire Founder was directed by Tsui Siu Ming (徐小明), who was best known for his ATV 1980 drama, The Legendary Fok <大俠霍元甲>, a blockbuster hit in China. Legend of Yuan Empire Founder was a rare television drama with $100 million (Yuan) production budget, featuring Hu Jun (胡軍) as Kublai Khan (the grandson of Genghis Khan and the eventual Mongol founder of the Yuan Dynasty), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) as Chabi, Ray Lui (呂良偉) as Tolui (the fourth son of Genghis Khan), and Steven Ma as Kublai Khan’s policy maker Liu Bingzhong. Steven has already completed all his scenes for Legend of Yuan Empire Founder, which was near filming completion at this time.

Romantic Life

Earlier, there were rumors that Steven possessed romantic sparks with his Legend of Yuan Empire Founder romantic costar, Yanni He (何彦霓). Steven and Yanni denied the rumors and noted that they were only good colleagues with mutual interests in acting, music, and badminton.

In an earlier radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), Steven revealed that his relationship with  ex-girlfriend of 8 years, Vivian Hui, had a positive turn. “We are currently still observing the relationship. At first, I felt that my economic foundation was not solid enough. I did not want her to reduce or change her lifestyle, so I considered breaking up. For her sake, I announced the breakup to avoid any outside misunderstandings if she were to meet a new boyfriend.”

In January 2012, Steven announced that he had broken up with Vivian. Apparently a few months’ distance improved their relationship, in which Steven grew as an individual. “After breaking up, we did not date other people. My income increased significantly; she can continue to maintain her current standard of living while dating me. My temperament improved, where I am no longer as persistent, making easier for us to get along with each other.”

Growing As An Individual

Leaving the “safety nest” of TVB, a company which Steven had worked with for 18 years, required him to step outside of his comfort zone, partnering with a different set of individuals and filming climate. Turning his career to China, Steven professed that his vision has broadened, allowing him to gain confidence as a person. The production values for Legend of Yuan Empire Founder emphasized quality standards which impressed Steven, from the historical details in the script to the filming set. Steven noted that he learned a lot from Director Tsui Siu Ming as well.

At the end of the year, Steven will be filming a 30-episode mainland drama in which he will serve as a scriptwriter and actor in the production. Despite ample opportunities in China and the generous salaries offered, Steven did not obliterate partnership opportunities with Hong Kong television stations. He left TVB on good terms despite ending his management contract early, while noting that City Telecom (CTI) and Now TV have also contacted him earlier.

Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder will shortly be ending post-production work. The drama was highly anticipated and will be broadcast in China on CCTV station in summer 2012.  For audiences eager to hear Steven speak in his native Cantonese dialect, TVB drama, Daddy Good Deeds will air in Hong Kong on Monday, March 19th.

Image of Legend of Yuan Empire Founder from

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Jayne: The mega-productions of mainland China are indeed a visual feast for the eyes. Legend of Yuan Empire Founder also has a very interesting historical backdrop, which may serve as a good way for us to learn more about Chinese history.

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  1. I didn’t know he was dating, lol. He has a very promising career ahead of him!

    1. He had a 8-year gf and sad that they broke up after these years.

      1. Pure speculation: I wonder if Vivian’s parents’ disapproved their previous marriage plans thus greatly wounded Steven’s male pride, which led to their breakup.

        Pretty sure Steven was publicly declaring his love for Vivian. Below is the a compiled parsed excerpts from Eileen Cha’s interview
        E: Get back together?

        S: aa…aa follow fate. Give another chance to oneself, give another chance to us.

        E: You have opened up your mouth to say this?

        S: aa..aa. Have communicated. Have said it.

        E: So now you know you’re wrong?

        S: I don’t think I was wrong per se. That was just a personality issue. But I’ve changed now…. So will let fate decide. So will see how it goes for a period of time. See if our fate will let us stay together.

        E: But still happy you know actually

        S: At least we still keep in touch

        : So earlier back then, in love and in work, Ma Chun Wai was making tough decisions. Should I terminate the contract? What should I do?

        S: Feeling very lost. Had to make a choice? To make the choice to terminate the contract early was not an easy decision to make. Moreover, nobody ever did that before.

        E: Also, it was just a decision, doesn’t mean it could be done.

        S: Yes, I also worried it could not be done.

        E: To terminate the contract with the company is of course difficult to do. There is the black and white contract, to terminate it early is of course not an easy task to do. But toward girlfriend? Should we continue or not? How to decide on that?

        S: Actually, we are talking about a period of time lapse situation like I had disclosed earlier. I was and still am worried about one issue. Though I myself am still single but I worry if she had another (bf) and if I did not disclose our breakup, people would think we were still together so that would be very unfair to her. And so she would become a two-timer and I the pitiful victim. That’s not right. So that’s why I decided to disclose it first. But it turns out she didn’t have any either. So…so haha.(TN:Was that relieve in his voice I heard?) Will see how it goes.

        E: Haiz! Look at you, so much ado.

        S: Haha! But after this,we have more stuff to talk about.

        E: A lot of shared experiences together.

        S: At least, she did not find another person, and I didn’t either. Well,..also my attitude has changed. So will give her a bit of time to let her see if my attitude has really changed.

      2. Thanks for the info Clamine. I guess it is fate and if it is meant to be then it is. If not, then you can’t force it. I heard that he went out with someone for 8 years but in the end they broke up… Anyways, wish the best for him and hope that he will find his other half one day…

  2. I wonder if Steven gaining fame in China production , will TxB management beg him back into their ‘big family’. At that time I will LOL!!!!!till the sky.

    1. According to current news report, TVB has been after (via Catherine Tsang, of course) Steven to sign a per series contract with them, and Steven with his misplaced loyalty might just do that,too.

      1. If that is the case, then I think Steven will do so since many other artists have done so in the past.

    2. Per series contract is beneficial to both Steven and TVB. Steven can maintain his presence in HK and per series contract is not very binding. You just have to film that one series for TVB, then, you can do whatever you want.

    3. I am pretty sure they will since they have done that a lot in the past, even when they are on bad terms with some artists. However, in Steven’s case, he seemed to have ended on good terms with them so there is a good chance that he will film for them again…He can film in CHina and work in Hk just like many artists have done.

  3. I am very interested in Legend of Yuan Empire Founder , more so Steven has got a huge role in it.

  4. I am suffering from on call withdrawal symptoms but I am going to watch daddy good deeds since it may be the last hong kong drama I see Steven in. *tear

    1. Same with you ,me too suffer On Call withdrawal symptoms. So down but after finish watch Daddy Good Deeds episode 1 (although so lame but I still enjoy watching it) and I not so down now.Keep laughing throughout the series. Steven so damn funny with her onscreen dad, Chow Chung .

      1. Yeah, funny in a good way. I was afraid it would be boring and lame as the other one airing now.

  5. Damn this sounds like a blockbuster TV series! Where does mainland got so much money and budget LOL!

    ” Legend of Yuan Empire Founder was a rare television drama with $100 million (Yuan) production budget, featuring Hu Jun (胡軍) as Kublai Khan (the grandson of Genghis Khan and the eventual Mongol founder of the Yuan Dynasty), “

  6. “For her sake, I announced the breakup to avoid any outside misunderstandings if she were to meet a new boyfriend.””

    Good person. 180 degrees different from Moses LOL!

    1. yeah unlike Moses, who is two-timid and tell lies while bernice was bed ridden sick.

      Moses tried to be mr. nice guy but thanks to bernice for the retaliation or else, we really thought it was bernice’s fault!..

      1. Still having ppl here to think that Moses is Mr. Nice guy, don’t say so.

    2. I agree and that shows how considerate and caring Steven is… His ex was really lucky…

    3. Dunno why, I just hate Moses after the incident with Bernice.. I cannot find any guy who is more descipable than him. I think Aimeee isn’t someone nice too since she can be suchhh guy lol.

      1. I would not say that I hate Moses, but I don’t like him as much as before. I think he just made the wrong decision and handled the situation in the wrong way. However, I am VERY sickened by how he did not openly acknowledged or cared for Bernice like how he did with Amiee that it makes me so annoyed… I like it when people share their relationship, but it also gets annoying when people over do it too..

      2. One hand can’t clap. Aimee can’t use Moses without giving Moses anything 😛 because Moses isn’t the lovesick type.

      3. Fox,

        I guess ppl already knew its mutual exchanging policies in order to gain something…No need to elaborate lol.

      4. Where got say she is seducing Moses? 😛 I said she’s using Moses to boost popularity. (Which way.. I never really specific) 😛

      5. He’s a jerk and she seems like a ditz. See how long they last.

      6. You hinted so :P.

        I guess they have never “last”, josie :P.

  7. I like Steven as an actor. Hopefully I can catch this series as well. Hopefully things work out for him in his private life.

  8. I will watch this series bc of Steven. Also like Hu Jun he makes a convincing warrior Khan.

    If only Charmaine wasn’t in it ah…

  9. his girlfriend must be high maintenance.

    “My income increased significantly; she can continue to maintain her current standard of living while dating me”.

    i think it is a bit difficult for a guy to date a girl that came from rich family. Have to keep up w/ their life style must be quite tiring..

    1. Thanks, Jayne, for reporting Steven’s recent news.

      It is not that Steven’s girlfriend is high maintenance, far from it, it is that Steven let his male pride comes between them.

      From his recent Eileen Cha’s interview:
      I (Eileen) ask him: “Is it because of your breakup with girlfriend that you are so focused on your work? Setting your sight on Mainland now?”

      Unexpectedly he says: “We’ve had a favorable turnaround. Currently trying to mend the relationship.”

      Getting back together?

      Steven say: “Still under observation. Before I felt that my financial situation was still not stable enough. I didn’t want her to lower her lifestyle because of me. So, considered breakup. I earlier on publicly disclosed our breakup for her sake lest after our parting she met a new boyfriend and because we didn’t disclose our breakup, her new boyfriend would unwittingly become the third party. But after our breakup, (tn: a year ago) neither of us found other partners. Moreover, my income has increased tremendously so now I can have her maintained her current standard of lifestyle. Plus my temper has become better, not so stubborn anymore. So now we can get along happier.”


      verbatim transcript from same interview:
      S: Not up to the financial level that could take care of her. I felt. I didn’t want her to change her lifestyle because of me. But of course I knew she didn’t mind. Even if she had to just live on bread with me she would not have minded.

      E: But you did.

      S: Yes, I did.

      *****below is the link to the full interview ***


      2006 tabloid report on Vivian’s credential. — Unverified– I suspect the reported greatly exaggerated her multi-linguistic ability.

      Vivian after graduating from an Australian university went on to study Hotel Management in Switzerland, specializing in food and beverages. She is fluent in German, French, and Italian. 10 years ago, she opened Gin Gallery in Causeway Bay, and became the agent for 20 odd Italian fine wines. Her business is also a wine distributor to several 5 stars hotel restaurants such as those in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, and the Ritz-Calton Hotel. She is also one of Hong Kong few female wine connoisseurs. Beside Hong Kong market, her other business objective is to penetrate the Macao wine market, consequently opening a fancy Portuguese style restaurant “Mel on the Bend”. Her family, also in business, has a conservative estimate net worth of about 30 million. (HK$?). Vivian’s father (Mr. Shi xx) owns 4 companies, mainly in trade. Beside Gin Gallery, a red wine business managed by Vivian, the other operations include the 4 units in Star House office complex in Causeway Bay, a total estimated investment of 5 million (HK$??) Furthermore, Mr. Xu also has his hand in real estate investment, and his property’s worth is estimated well over 23 million (HK$?). In true, he is an obscure business tycoon.

      1. THanks again for all of the extra info Clamine! I guess you are a big fan of Steven to follow his news so closely. I heard that his ex was doing some wine business or something like that. I had a feeling that she came from a well off/rich family. But it seems like she is humble and as long as she is with the one she loves, she may not have minded living more simply… That is a great trait for anyone to have… Wish them the best regardless of what happens.

  10. I have always enjoyed Steven’s period dramas! Hope he’s making more Cantonese period dramas even after his contract’s termination with TVB. I’m not really a fan of Mainland productions but I guess I will give it a try because of him.

  11. Hope he won’t get back together with Vivian and find a new girlfriend… to bad he and Ada never worked out..same for him and Sonija…..

    Now if only he and Charmaine could hook up!

    1. I hope not since I think that Steven can do better…

  12. Actually after all the old news of SM and Txb, I didn’t predict that he’ll go to the promotion of this series :D.

    But it is more funny that Txb is going to air Greatness of a Hero. Wonder if Bernice Liu will appear in the promotion, or not?

    1. You could say, Steven is loyal to a fault, this time toward his ex-colleagues, both cast and crew members alike. They had all worked hard at producing this series, he would never let them down, after all, it was not their fault that he left TVB before the series aired. Moreover, he has this uber sense of responsibility and pride toward his work – this sense of seeing things thru from beginning to end 有始有终. He had weibo his participation in DGD promo like way back when, so that his fans both HK and mainland could make arrangement to attend in advance. Steven would never let any one of his series be an “orphan” like how it was reported in the tabloids.

    2. SM is a profesional actor so coming back for the promotion is expected.

    3. It is nice and really professional of Steven to do so.. I have always admired him as a person and an actor. Can’t wait to see him in more China productions and some more HK ones too.

      1. Yes SM seems like someone who’s righteous and speak with his mind when he thinks its right. And I wonder why Ada didn’t consider him as bf that time…lol. I know Ada loves handsome men and to me, SM is handsome too.

      2. Maybe Ada wasn’t his type?? I think Steven can do better than Ada anyways…

      3. HTSSSSS LOL.. of course I know SM wasn’t Ada type.. my question has deeper meaning like why and what Ada doesn’t like about SM lol.

      4. @Veejay,
        Well, there are plenty and nice guys and nice girls. However, can they be together romantically is a different story. They can get along well and be close friends, but not have any romantic feelings at all if you know what I mean… I think that was how it was with Ada towards Steven.

      5. Steven if I remembered correctly when he was young or younger used to be quite.. into self promotion. He has changed a lot, since I suppose his mother’s death? Can’t remember, one death affected him very much. He was quite annoying with many reports of him grabbing the limelight from fellow cast mates. He was not always in good light. His very public fight with Sonija Kwok is an example. But he matured and became a better man.

      6. ok thanks HTS for your reasons.


        Since Sonija is brought up lol, do you know why the public fight her ?? All I know is SM had a fight with Sonija over some trivia issues.. but not sure what issue though.

      7. @Veejay,
        You are welcome and I am glad that you understand why Ada and Steven did not really click.

        Oh yea, I almost forgot about that… I remember that after he lost his mom, he became a different person.. It is good that he has matured into a better person now. It is better than way rather than being a good person and turning into a bad person. I heard about his argument with Sonjia.Do you know or remember the details of it??? I am really curious..

      8. Specific details I am not sure but at that time Sonija was rumoured to be with Steven or rather Steven rumoured himself with Sonija. And Sonija at that time was pretty much rumoured with all her male co-stars but interestingly she denied the rumour with Steven and I believe her because she has no reason to deny except if it was true. I think some allegations about Steven using Sonija for publicity, that sort of thing.

        Anyone with more lurid details do post.

      9. Funn Lim: Steven if I remembered correctly when he was young or younger used to be quite.. into self promotion.

        Have you thought maybe that was the image imposed on him by HK media? Btw, Steven’s mother died in 1999 when he was shooting Ultra Protection.

        For those who are interested to get an idea on his and Sonija scandal goto the below link to a thread of 4 translated reports. Even back then, most of Steven’s responses were “no comment”.

        Fast forward to Feb 2011 with Steven’s VIP interview with Astrid whereby she questioned Steven on this very scandal on how he and Sonija buried the hatchet to finally film 7 days in life. Also noteworthy in this interview is when Steven expresses his abhorrence and intolerance for gossips and rumors so much so he would immediately stop the gossiper from telling him the story.

        Listen to what Astrid say about Steven’s dislike for rumors and gossips. 10:22 Astrid says that even back then many years ago, Steven was already that way – dislike gossips and would not listen to nor gossip.

        So would a person like Steven who loathes gossips and rumors deliberately used rumors to promote himself? Also read what he wrote about Ada in a beautiful piece. That is the real Steven, a sensitive and very perceptive person.

        I wrote this my SS scandal blog entry.
        Having gotten know Steven’s character through his blog and book writings, print, radio and television interviews, I believe Steven’s pov 100%. As to Sonija accusing him of using the scandal for self-promotion, that is simply ridiculous because Steven (per astrid chan’s today’s VIP interview of Steven Feb 2011 ), even back when she knew him in 1998 shooting HH1, abhors gossips and gossiping alike, much less create rumors for self-publicity. It galls me that to these days some people still believe Steven would stoop to mongering rumors for self-publicity. The way I see it as to why Steven admitted his dating with Sonija maybe because he felt that he should be man enough to own up to their relationship as a gesture of respect and commitment to the woman he loved. Steven takes pride in being an honorable man and he was being honorable then in admitting his relationship with Sonija when it was untimely exposed by the press. It maybe Steven was misled by Sonija’s behavior into thinking that they were dating.

        That’s all I have to say on this subject.

        Incidentally, in Sonija’s recent interview, she said she doesn’t have many close TVB actor friends but she considers Steven as one.

      10. On Ada: Reportedly


        In 1999, Ma mama’s illness worsened, today dismissed from hospital, tomorrow re-admitted. If she was away from home, Steven’s soul fled in tow.

        During that period, he was filming HH1. Whenever his scenes were not slotted, he would rush to the hospital, desperately seizing every minute to be at his mother’s side. Because of his chaotic emotions, he was reluctant to interact with people at work. If his scenes were not shot, he would squat by the curbside, dazed. All this was taken in by a thoughtful person (有心人). Ma Zai’s desolation touched her heart. She, of her own accord, walked over to this agitated person. She engaged him in conversations to comfort his panicky heart. This person was Ada Choi. She talked to him, using her own optimism to enlighten him. Gradually, he saw her decency. He knew he had begun to appreciate her. (欣赏)

        As his appreciation of her grew, he also thought of strengthening his communication with Ada, but his mother was sick; should he allocate his time to filial piety? Or should he allocate it to personal affair? The Time God really did a number on Steven. Making a choice is a painful process, but nonetheless, helplessness notwithstanding, it still needed to be made. Finally, he resolutely allocated every minute and every second to his mother. Mother passed away, and that one, she had found her true love!

        Steven’s article on Ada written for Sisters magazine. Steven has never denied his appreciation for Ada though he has denied having a crush on her. Steven would never pursue another man’s girlfriend even if he had feelings for her.

        I admit I appreciate Ada Choi. This appreciation, respect and friendship happened in one chanced conversation. When shooting a Hong Kong TVB series, “Healing Hands 1, I was extremely troubled by my mother’s failing health due to her cancer relapse. One day, I was crouching by the roadside all by myself, smoking a cigarette, lost in thoughts; my heart was in extreme pain. Suddenly, before my eyes appeared a smiling face. She walked lightly towards me, and subsequently engaged me in conversation, showing much concern for my problems. At that moment, I felt a sense of deep friendship from her. From young, I had a reserved personality, so besides being grateful to her sincere gesture, what puzzled me more was why she would take the initiative to reach out to other people. She truly has a good heart. Ada told me; her own personal experience shows her the importance of taking the initiative to care for other people. ……………….

        Ada has felt the sadness of being without friends, so whenever she sees helpless people, she will, of her own accord, show them concern, comfort and help. This kind of making friends attitude enables her to find genuine friendship in the entertainment world. Didn’t know that I would become one of the beneficiaries too. At the time, her each and every word truly comforted my then hurting spirit.

      11. I don;t think he is immune to rumour mongering himself. I believe the original rumour. I hardly call it a scandal. And since it happened so long ago, it doesn’t hurt to talk about it since everyone has moved on. I believe Steven was young once, and so came with youth’s folly. Doesn’t diminish my opinion of him now.

      12. Claimine,
        Steven has mentioned on several occasions his appreciation of Ada Choi, who does seem to have many friends in the industry. Steven appears to be a very introspective person, thus he may have more into those gestures of kindness as shown by Ada.

        As for Sonija, I believe she had mentioned that there were some people (xiao ren) who had improperly advised her regarding Steven Ma many years ago, thus causing their misunderstanding. Likely the xiao ren told Sonija that Steven was using her for promotion, dating many women etc.

  13. I really hate how this guy acts all righteous and scolds other when his acting isn’t that great, really overrated and forced at times.

    1. Maybe he’s not acting righteous or anything, maybe it’s his straightforwardness that give ppl an impression that he likes critic others? not sure.. was just giving an example that some ppl r like dat.

  14. Geez I hope each and every actor & actress would just shaddup about the time slot thing. A tv series just got to air whether the time slot is very bad or very good!! Suck it up man…but I still luv you Steven~

  15. I never liked Steven Ma …… perhaps he is not handsome enough. However, after reading all the articles and his TVB Blog (he updated his TVB Blog almost every or every other day even after he left TVB, vs. most artistes will do it only when their drama is airing). I think Steven is a very genuine person. It is either black or white to him, no grey area. I think I begin to like him because of his personality. However, a person with this kind of personality will not be very successful in the entertainment industry. Most artistes have to lie, cheat and over-exaggerate a lot in order to promote themselves or keep their good images. Poor Steven! We support you. Be true to yourself ……. many of us like you for your honesty, genuineness, and straightforwardness.

    Good luck, Steven, in your acting career.

  16. Some how I think this series quite similar to Family Man which single father played by Paul Chun lives with his four daughters;I don’t know the name of the first daughter,the second daughter is Flora Chan,the third daughter is Sonija Kwok and the fourth daughter is Myolie Wu,then there is a son-in-law and two neighbours;Moses Chan and Michael Tong.
    Which I’m kind of like this type of family oriented series.

    1. Family Man was mediocre, except for Myolie Wu who was cute and Moses Chan who was very funny. And of course Paul Chun who is always fantastic…

      1. I always mix Family Man with some other series that I can’t rmb name. Something with Gallen and Melissa Ng. Do you have any idea?

      2. Gallen Lo & Melissa Ng… I have no clue. Don’t even remember them starring in a series together (?)

  17. ‘Daddy Good Deeds’ has William Chak, Otto Chan and Jack Hui. So, I’m be checking it out.

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