Stitch Yu, Brian Chu Admit Romance

After splitting with BOP member Tyrese Au (欧乔锋) last year, 2017 Miss Chinese International Stitch Yu (余思霆) was linked with TVB actor Brian Chu (朱敏瀚).

They were speculated to have hit it off after working on the series Good Day <好日子> and were caught several times going on dates since last November. Although Stitch tried silencing the rumors by stating that the two are nothing more than friends, they were caught going to Japan together recently.

Jetting off to Japan for vacation, Stitch was seen accompanying both Brian and his mom. After returning from Japan, the trio shared a ride back to Brian’s home as well. When the photos surfaced, Stitch had no choice but to admit that they are currently in a relationship.

The 25-year-old actress said, “I want to thank everyone for their concern! Brian is a good guy and I’m thankful that he appeared in my life – I hope we can continue to work hard and grow together.”

Shortly after admitting that she’s currently dating Brian, Stitch clarified that Brian and her are not living together. As to why they were seen going back to Brian’s house after their Japan trip, the actress said, “We only called one car that day. That’s why we went to Shatin first before I got dropped off at Tseung Kwan O.”

Speaking highly of Stitch, Brian expressed, “Thank you for all the concern! After getting to know Stitch, I realized that she’s a really great woman. I hope everyone can give us some space. Our careers have just started and we hope to put work first and work hard together.”


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  1. Not sure who she is either. Brian Chu reminds me of Canti Lau when he was young.

    1. @cutie777 I just goggled the guy….I beg to differ. haha…This one is much cuter. I think I remember his face/acting from The Stunt? He is definitely cute but acting is not that good. haha lol…A long way to go but then again he’s only 26 so still some time to waste it @ TVB before jumping ship if they ever will.

      1. @msxie0714 Do their parents actually pick these English names for their children. Like they take an English dictionary and randomly select something that sounds good?

  2. Stitch who? This Brian must come from a wealthy family. His glorified extra role at TVB will be earning him peanuts..

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