Stripping Naked, Bosco Wong Awaits Myolie Wu’s Return Home

Recently it was exposed that Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) had secretly moved into an apartment unit above Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) residential building to facilitate surveillance of her boyfriend. Despite appearing to live separately in their own apartments, Myolie frequently visited Bosco’s apartment to sleep over. The couple’s living arrangements was similar to cohabitation.

After filming TVB series Happy House, Hidden Dragon <樂府藏龍> and not even removing her ancient hairpiece, Myolie visited Bosco’s home after work. Fervently passionate, Bosco had stripped naked to await Myolie’s return to serve him. It was surprising that the Bosco possessed an exhibitionist nature and enjoyed walking nude around his house! Although disliking being bound, Bosco was willing to be under Myolie’s control. It appears that wedding bells may be ahead for the couple!


Allegedly, Myolie and Bosco established a joint savings account earlier in March, forcing him to save money for their future wedding. Myolie also secretly rented an apartment unit in Bosco’s residential building. It would be difficult for Bosco to cheat! Both Myolie and Bosco’s apartments were 1,100 square feet in size and the rent was $32,000 (HKD) per month. Myolie lived together with her elder sister and Bosco lived with his mother. Myolie often spent the night at Bosco’s apartment and the pair led a semi-cohabitation lifestyle.

A resident within the same building noted, “I frequently see Myolie entering Bosco’s apartment. I have seen her at all hours of the day. One time, early in the morning, Myolie exited Bosco’s apartment and was wearing a T-shirt and a cap. She maintained a very low profile. If you did not pay close attention, it was easy to mistaken her as a normal resident.”

Bosco Wong’s Nude Habit at Home

Although Myolie was busy filming Happy House, Hidden Dragon and Bosco was filming Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Myolie was efficient in setting aside time to see her boyfriend. On Friday, June 10th at 4 PM, Myolie returned home and entered Bosco’s home. Bosco stripped naked awaiting Myolie’s return from work.

Prior to Myolie’s return, a nude Bosco walked back and forth in front of the window. He checked his computer and smoked a cigarette, appearing a bit impatient. When he saw Myolie home, Bosco rushed over to kiss Myolie passionately. Afterwards, Bosco quickly closed the curtains and it was apparent what the couple may be doing together.

Forty-five minutes later, the curtains to the bedroom opened again. Bosco entered the bathroom to take a shower, while Myolie attentively washed his back. Afterwards, Myolie helped Bosco dry his hair. Afterwards, the pair walked from the bedroom to the living room. They shared a meal for thirty minutes, while Myolie attentively fed Bosco, who sat patiently awaiting to be served by his girlfriend. After dinner, Bosco grabbed a backpack and left the apartment. The couple shared a passionate kiss once again.

It appears that Bosco enjoys walking around nude at home. On Tuesday, June 14tharound sunset, Bosco once again stripped naked in his bedroom while reading a TVB series script and talking on the telephone. Quickly, his hands touched “Little Bosco” and then he drew the curtains closed. His bold actions were very shocking.

Feng Shui Master Predicts Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong’s Future

After successfully procuring TVB executive, Virginia Lok’s (樂易玲) favor, Myolie and Bosco often capitalized on their couple image to earn money together. At the end of last year, the couple filmed a mainland drama together in Qingdao, allowing Myolie to easily monitor her boyfriend. When Bosco returned to Hong Kong, it was rumored he was involved with his 22-year-old assistant, Chan Siu Lam. When Myolie heard of the news, she returned from China and had a showdown with Bosco, successfully saving their 6-year relationship.

Earlier, feng shui master, Peter So (蘇民峰), advised Myolie on her love outlook. An inside source revealed, “Myolie is no longer young (at 31-years-old) . Of course it is time for her to start thinking about marriage! Earlier in the year, Peter So predicted her fortune for this year and advised that if she did not get married within three years, then the relationship will fail. Afterwards, Myolie consulted Master So to adjust the feng shui at her home, to improve her luck in her career and love.”

Speaking with the press, Peter So said, “I did consult the feng shui surroundings of Myolie Wu’s home, which is pretty good; it enhances her luck in finances!” (Did you tell advise Myolie that if she did not get married with Bosco within three years, they will break up?) “The best time for Myolie to get married is in 2012 and 2013. She will initiate the marriage discussion. The prime time for Bosco to get married is in 2014 and 2015. If the pair do not get married within these years, then they will break up similar to what happened between Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Gigi Leung (梁詠琪)!

“Both Myolie and Bosco possess thick eyebrows and are compatible in getting married with people near their age. Their ages are only one year apart; Myolie is 31 and Bosco is 30-years-old. Their ages complement. Are they compatible? Some couples can stay married in old age despite lifelong arguments. Some couples may get along well but end up divorcing. It’s dependent upon their destinies.”

Myolie Wu Denies Living Together

On June 15th, reporters asked whether Myolie was cohabiting with Boso. Myolie replied, “My previous residential building had renovation and it was very dusty. When I realized that Bosco’s building was very sunny, I moved into the building.” (Are you living together?) “No, we have not advanced to this stage yet.” (Did you and Bosco establish a joint savings account?)  Myolie laughed heartily and said, “Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t know how to respond to your question!” She quickly terminated the phone call.

Bosco noted, “Since I realized there was a vacant apartment in my building, I asked her to consider [moving in].” Asked whether the couple were saving money towards marriage, Bosco said, “The property prices are currently very expensive. We’ll see what happens later! It’s not time to get married! We can see each other no matter where we live.” (Did you consider when to get married? Isn’t Myolie eager?) “You have to ask her that question yourself!”

Bosco Wong: “It’s Normal to Kiss While Passionately in Love”

Regarding the publication of photos of Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) kissing at home, will Bosco be more careful at home? “You cannot prevent this from happening. I like to wear my underwear and walk around at home. Everyone gets intimate at home and you should close the curtains and zipper your pants then. You cannot be too rash in life.”   (Will you be cautious when you are intimate with Myolie?) “Yes I will be cautious. However, it is normal for a couple in passionate love to kiss.” (Have you kissed Myolie?) “I don’t know how to answer, please let me go!”

Bosco was a tall man and possessed the courage to reveal his nude habit to the world. His degree of release was very free!


According to the Eastern Star News Agency, Bosco was busy filming TVB series, Lives of Omission today. Virginia Lok called Bosco and decided to issue a TVB statement on Bosco’s behalf regarding the incident. Last night, TVB noted that they possessed the right to pursue legal action against Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine.

Did Bosco currently possess a heavy heart? He admitted that he was unhappy and felt very helpless. The incident had crossed his bottom line. Myolie also called to offer her comfort. The public said that Bosco possessed a good figure, in which Bosco thanked everyone. When asked whether he was cohabiting with Myolie, he said she lived upstairs and will visit each other and share meals together.

Asked whether he felt he lost privacy, Bosco said that artists expected a certain degree of lack of privacy. However, he did not expect tabloids publishing his nude photos. Asked whether he will change his habits at home and no longer strip naked, Bosco said that artists did not want to live a life of imprisonment. If reporters wanted to earn money, they also needed to treat the artists with courtesy. Asked whether Bosco will move to a new home, he said there was no need to do so, since the this did not affect his normal life.


Article Source: Sudden Weekly # 829

Jayne: I was very shocked when I heard about Bosco Wong’s naked photos. I think Bosco was very careless to leave his curtains wide open while fully nude. 

Sudden Weekly had published censored nude photos of Bosco in their latest issue, even featuring his naked butt on the cover. They have accomplished their goal; I hope they do not release his uncensored naked photos online.

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  1. Did the Feng Shui master say that Bosco and Myolie have thick eyebrows?? My parents told me that it meant that people are goatish which means that they are not faithful in love and would go after everyone that they see… I am starting to believe in all of these Feng Shui things less and less.

    1. Facial features guess is different to Feng Shui, girl. It calles 人相學.

      1. I knew it isn’t Feng Shui but I was a bit confused due to what was being said in the article. I had that done to me before. They said that my eyes weren’t big enough and that my chin was too short. I was like.. Ok….

      2. 人相學 is harder than Feng Shui. Have to see the total of the face, then each details, then do some blah thing I dunno. A person who dun learn 人相學 and only base on some parts in the face and give out conclusion, the conclusion won’t be correct.

  2. What happen to this phrase”I like to wear my underwear and walk around at home”,because I don’t see any underwear on those pictures,or maybe he is wearing a transparent underwear(where cannot be seen by other people).

  3. Bosco mentioned in one of the reports that on the day Myolie was there with him, he wasn’t naked. The paparrazi were taking these pictures spreading over a couple of days and put a story together. Damn those reporters! Myolie was over only for meals.

    1. But if you look closely when Myolie was there in his apartment it’s apparent that he’s not wearing anything on top(he could be semi-naked) and was holding on to a towel.It could be true that Myolie is helping him to dry up but all the kissing passionately making love I’m not so sure since there’s no proof of them kissing passionately except for a picture of two shadows that looks like they’re kissing I dunno…

    2. Myolie was definitely not over for a merely “meal” lol…The 2 are obviously lovers and no guy would goes stalk naked infront of a female friend except he’s high on drug or on something else.

  4. Why don’t you people mind your own damn business? What’s wrong with walking naked around your own home? Maybe the paps should take ohotos of you. Oh I forgot. You are pathetic nobodies, just busybodies.

    1. Sorry but I find your comment kind of rude.He is a celeb so we are here to give our opinion. If you don’t like it then just don’t come here…

    2. So? IF we nobodies do the same, we too get our photos taken, except not by paps, more so these somebodies so don’t you think if you’re a somebody it is incredibly stupid to walk around naked with curtains wide open? Maybe you’re the nobody cares about, the unimportant miniscule nobody.

  5. I agree with Ian, although I might not phrase it the same way. I was so appalled at this news report. It is a complete invasion of privacy and I’m glad legal action will be sought. I understand that celebrities should not expect complete privacies in their lives but on the same note, this is their home. They deserve some privacy there. IF he wants to walk around in the buff, then let him be, it is HIS HOME! Why are we now going to tell someone how to live his or her life in their own home? Honestly, some sort of limit must be drawn with the paps. How far should they be allow to go with their invasions of other people’s personal privacies. Remember Princess Diana?

  6. I came to this page by accident so I am merely trying to understand why anyone with any intelligence would waste their time reading this trash. What do you get out of it? Do you go tut tut – what disgraceful behavior by Bosco? Then spread the gossip? Why are you so fascinated by details about his love/sex life? Is your life so colourless and boring you need to be titillated by tittle tattle like this? I mean come on people. Photographers sit outside this guys home taking pictures of him in the nude (get a real job fellas) then its published so you can be ‘scandalised’ by it. Doesn’t any of that strike you as wrong? Morally bankrupt? After all they wouldn’t do it if you didn’t buy it? So don’t.

    1. I think it comes to down to the fact that people will buy these trashy magazines even if it is to merely stare at pics that have been blanked out.

      It happens so often and it makes money…

      I mean even for someone like you who didn’t even intend to read the article, read it. I was the same, rather disgusted that anyone would read something so trashy, but hey I read it and was even more disgusted by it lol

      1. Sorry but there are way more trashy magazines and stuff that people do buy. What about those people who buy playboy magazines and watch porn?? There are many many people who do, therefore, these magazines and pictures of Bosco are nothing. Therefore, I don’t understand why you would be so disgusted?? THe only reasons are you are still way too young and/or too naive.

      2. Trashy magazines can exist because ppl like to waste time with it. ‘All good news is bad news”, I think you’ve heard that idiom.

        You will see ppl gather like ants to see an accident, something relates to “sex, bed scene, hot, reveal”. It’s natural of curiosity.

      3. @Fox,
        Totally agree and I am sure that everyone has heard of the saying that good news are hardly known by anyone, but bad news spread really far… That is sad but true and it does seem like people don’t pay attention to good news very much but seem to care more for bad news.

      4. @HeTieShou Everyone is different…I’m disgusted that reporters wold want to invade someone’s privacy to this extent. Yes people go out and buy Playboy magazines and watch porn but is this not different? Bosco is not being paid to have nude blanked out pictures of him on magazines. Models and porn stars at least get paid to have their nude bodies plastered everywhere.

    2. Sorry, but this is an entertainment news site so we are just reading news of HK celebs. I don’t find anything wrong with that at all. IF you don’t like it, then just don’t come here… It’s as simple as that…

    3. “I came to this page by accident ”

      No one comes to any page in the web by accident unless you have googled Bosco and got this page. Which means you are one of us. Let’s not pretend shall we?

      1. This is so true. To come to this particular page, one have to be looking for this particular news. 😀

      2. I tried to google bosco wong and I go to page 20 but still can’t find this topic. The only topic in Jaynestars appeared in google is Bosco Wong Most Popular in Group Concert with Moses Chan, Ron Ng…

        Lol, so maybe Ian go to the previous topic and then link it to this one? Or he/she is attracted by the title. Stripping naked, such a seductive title.

      3. Maybe use better keywords. I used “bosco wong naked” and I found Jayne’s general link in 8th links, whilst the 1st link with 1st sublink has the artiste comment post (the other post).

      4. If find that, then can’t say that dun bother the news :P.

  7. I feel half half I feel bad for him because the paps got his photo. But then again I also feel bad for his neighbors because they had to see such an awful view.

  8. 1. While I agree that he should have had more sense and close his blinds when he is walking around naked, but it is his house and he has a right to do what he wants in it.

    2. What those journalists are doing, is still considered invasion of privacy and they can be sued for it.

    1. For the sue part, I blv that TVB won’t do that. Just say that they will sue Sudden and Face, but never do it in real. Reason is simple: TVB still need them to do the PR stunt.

      1. they have a legit case to sue, why not? Bosco is indeed going to take legal action.

      2. Let’s wait to see. I don’t blv that Bosco will sue. Look at Ron, he said he would sue Next, but in fact sue or not?

  9. According to the article, Bosco shares the apartment with his mom, is he not concern that his mom might walk in on him with all his nakedness?

    I suppose HK gov’t should change the law, taking pictures through a window should be illegal. He’s in the comfort of his own, and his right to privacy shouldn’t be violated. Those paparazzi should be fined … unless he’s is nude on public grounds, his home should be his sanctuary.

    1. Maybe he knew that his mom was not home?? Therefore, he decided to strip naked?? Who really knows?

      1. He strip naked in his room. I assume his mom will knock if she wants to go into his room?

      2. Maybe his mom wasn’t home? And I don’t get it. He strips naked in his room, yes and I assume he closed the door so mom wouldn’t be able to just walk in AND YET he stood before a big window with wide opened curtains. I don’t understand his thinking.

    2. I also wonder that if he really wanted privacy, then why didn’t he just close the curtains???

  10. i think they’re a cute couple. it was mean what the paparazzis did but Bosco should be careful next time. six years IS a long time already and it is like a marriage already.

  11. actors and actres arent perfect, they are human and also got their careless moments.

  12. wow… i’ll strip naked while waiting for my wife the next time… maybe she’ll serve me and scrub my back later.

  13. He touch his “little Bosco” and then smoke….what a dirty man he is.YUCK!!!

    1. Are you 12? This article is inappropriate for you then.

  14. Is he STUPID?? He is a celebrity yet he is STUPID enough to leave the curtains wide open walking naked in front of the windows!!?? He obviously left the curtains open more than once and he’s blaming the paparazzi?? Why wouldn’t ANYONE take pictures?? Ya right – Myolie is only there for “meals”.

  15. Who cares boscos still sexy! Damn myolie is lucky haha
    And plus it’s their private lives does it really matter what they do!

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