Synopsis of “Highs and Lows”

New TVB police drama, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, will be airing on September 24. Starring Raymond Lam (林峯), Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Ella Koon (官恩娜), Highs and Lows will revolve around the Narcotics Bureau of the Hong Kong Police department and its drug-trafficking cases.

Choi Heung Wing (Michael Miu) is a Narcotics Bureau’s Operation Wing Senior Inspector, who has served a friend and mentor to Wai Sai Lok’s (Raymond Lam) Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) Senior Inspector. The duo often work closely together in solving narcotics cases.

While investigating a case, Sai Lok found disturbing evidence that challenged whether Heung Wing was an upright officer or a corrupt cop involved with major drug trafficking criminals. Putting aside his personal feelings, Sai Lok investigates Heung Wing further. Operation Wing Chief Inspector, Poon Hok Lai (Ben Wong 黃智賢) also plants a seed of suspicion between the former good brothers.

Sai Lok also loses his love life to narcotics. After informer Chan Ka Bik (Kate Tsui) withdrew from the love triangle involving Sai Lok and CIB Officer, Ko Hei Suen (Ella Koon), Ka Bik becomes a drug dealer, even rising in ranks to become a formidable “Drug Queen.”

Joining forces with Heung Wing, Sai Lok puts aside his painful love to bring down Ka Bik’s narcotics operations.

Produced by Lam Chi Wah (林志華), Highs and Lows marks the comeback of Elaine Ng (吳綺莉). The 30-episode drama also stars MC Jin (歐陽靖) and Derek Kok (郭政鴻).

View “Highs and Lows” Trailer

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  1. yay michael miu! always love him in cop dramas. definitely prefer him in these roles as compared to his l’escargot character

  2. Poor Ella Koon is not even in the poster. I thought she was first female lead.

      1. Not surprised at all. Kate Tsui is TVB’s biological daughter while Ella Koon is only filming TVB drama series on a per-series contract. Why should TVB promote her and not Kate Tsui?

      2. I think TVB gives Ella pretty good chance in every single series even this one, but I guess due to the contract she recently signed, she is not that well-promoted by TVB any more but still, her role seems to be first lead and her character must be super nice. I don’t think this year TVB promotes Kate since this is the only series she got so far.

  3. Poor Ella. The series and poster is promoting Kate as the main female.

    1. Well, it sounds like Kate is the ‘love of his life’ but we all know Ella get the dude at the end >_>

      1. I hope ella turns out to be his true love instead! Why can’t the nice, sweet girl win over the sexy, bad girl for once?!

      2. Don’t the nice boring ones always win anyways?

        Whatever, i’m rooting for LF & Ella. ^_^

      3. Not really, guys are always attracted to the vixen. Just say no to drugs and to Kate!

      4. true that. the nice girls always winssssss the guys in tvb dramas. They may be attracted to gangsta girls but too marry them is a whole different business.

        I still feel grumpy to ron’s pairing in Twin of Brothers.

    1. The pose was everyone shocked at tvb latest scandals over the director xD

  4. I don’t think this is the official poster. Well, at least i hope it isn’t.

  5. MM looks great in the new hair do!
    Hope this does it for Raymond…. he’s in a series of so so shows lately!!!!
    Cant wait to see Elaine Ng after so long!!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing Kate, Ella, LF and MM 😀

    The plot also sounds pretty good.

  7. Not very keen with Michael Miu’s look this whole series. Really? That splat of moustache? It looks ridiculous!

    *Coughs* Back on track, yes the plot looks pretty interesting.

  8. I am actually excited about this one. Always wanted to see Ray as a cop, and I’ve always liked Ella. Ditto everyone else on Michael’s moustache though. Ugh!

  9. Don’t like Ray as cop, look so weak at least in the trailer – when he draws his gun and points at Michael – I almost fall off my chair from laughing.

  10. Can’t wait to see this series. Have’nt seen Kate for awhile. Did Ray end upwith Kate or Ella? Does anyone know?

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