Synopsis of Linda Chung and Bosco Wong’s “Witness Insecurity”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) star in upcoming TVB drama, Witness Insecurity <護花危情>. Portraying a solitary wealthy heiress, Linda Chung’s perspective in life opens up when she falls in love with police officer, Bosco Wong. However, will Linda Chung’s family’s shady past tear apart the two lovers, when justice clashes with love?

As a Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer, Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) is assigned to protect Kiu Chi Lam (Linda Chung).  A lone figure who possesses a depressive streak, Chi Lam has few social ties with other people. Chi Lam learns the true meaning of happiness when Wai Sam enters her once solitary world. She even takes the initiative to pursue him!

However, Chi Lam’s father, Kiu Kong San (Paul Chun秦沛) disapproves of his daughter and Wai Sam being romantically involved. Perhaps the reason may be that Wai Sam works for the Police department, which threatens to tear apart Kong San’s wealth and status should his past secrets become unlocked.

Thirty years ago, Kiu Kong San was involved in questionable dealings with Lai Shu Fung (Lee Kwok Lun李國麟). The reemergence of Lai Shu Fung led Wai Sam to eventually discover the wealthy Kiu brothers’ past.

Witness Insecurity marks the final project of former mega-hit TVB producer, Lau Ko Ho (劉家豪). Due to Linda Chung’s portrayal of a wealthy heiress with a depressive streak, the drama received much press coverage during its filming. It was initially touted as the spinoff sequel of Linda’s popular Miss Koo character from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>.

Ram Cheung (蔣志光), Cilla Lok (樂瞳) , Ronald Law (羅鈞滿), and Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) also star in Witness Insecurity. The 20 episode drama will be airing on Monday, July 2, 2012 in Hong Kong.


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Jayne: The love story between a police officer and a woman whose family puts him at odds with his duty of justice is quite cliche. It is no different than a police officer loving a triad leader’s daughter.

The cliffhangers may be: How did Paul Chun earn his dirty money? Will Linda and Bosco’s love be torn by Paul’s past?

What may work for Witness Insecurity is the acting chops that Linda Chung may display due to her character’s personality. If the background is cliche, the outcome/ conflict resolution will likely be cliche as well. So the drama’s reception will depend on how outstanding the acting is, as well as the fan power of Linda and Bosco.

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  1. Just wait & see how good from Linda and Bosco,by the way the theme song very nice.

    1. this has the genre of YSSS. YSSS was crap. ROFL

  2. Jayne,
    I agree with you. The storyline sounds very cliche. It’s also weird that Linda’s character is suppose to be a depressive solitary girl but she took the initiative to pursue Bosco. Depressive people don’t take initiatives! It would have made more sense if Bosco pursued her like Moses did in YSSS.

    Anyways, I think Paul Chun is an awesome actor. I think he can elevate any so-so drama into a must-see.

    I like Bosco and Linda separately as artists but I didn’t think they had any chemistry in Moonlight Resonance. I hope this one will be better.

    1. Although she is depressed, she has few friends and all of her happiness depends on him. Thus it would make sense that she would pursue him to be able to keep that happiness. What should be interesting though, is how Bosco manages to melt the heart of someone that is suffering from depression.

    2. yeh i hope they have good chemistry in this series.

    3. they dont have chemistry in MR. Bosco better with Kate and Linda with LF.

    4. agreed story already illogical. depressive people dont chase guys! ROFL

  3. Sounds like an interesting story! Shocking that a depressed woman with few friends would do a 180 turn and chase after a guy! Very excited to see how their love will blossom and how the ending will be. Bosco and Linda are perfect for these roles!

    1. oh please Bosco and Linda has no chemistry in MR! I was cheering for them to break up!

  4. I thought Paul was concentrating on movies now or has left TVB.

    Wonder why such an outstanding actor hasn’t left yet. Even Ha Yui said he would leave ASAP, LOL

  5. Bosco Bosco *i’m melting* lol

    The story sound interesting and is looking forward to see it. Wonder when it will be broadcast.

    1. Bosco’s character sound boring and bland. Paul Chun character sounds better with his shady past LOL

  6. Linda’s face looks so weird in the poster. Bad PTS? I like the idea of the poster except Linda’s face. If they make it a little more feminine, it’ll be more suitable.

    July is Lau Ka Ho’s month. 2 LKH’s series are at 8:30 and 9:30.

    The storyline sounds pretty good. Just wonder how the artists will act it out.

    1. Can Linda handle the deep emotional Kiu Chi Lam? I’m tired of Linda Linda Linda. LOL I hope she dont become a stiff stone

    2. 3K look better than this one. More cast and funny.

      1. I’m afraid that I can’t agree with you because the impression the trailer left in me is still very strong :P.

      2. high five! I love the whole team except Tavia. Ma Ming is shining already and Ruco is also a highlight 😀

      3. so its basically Bosco & Linda VS Raymond & Kenneth & Tavia….. i think the latter might win in ratings

      4. 3Kingdom look more enjoyable and with Raymond+Ma ming+ruco+Tavia vs Bosco+Linda I say 3 kingdom is WINNER

      5. @Fox, but you still need to add LF’s name to make it sound ‘better’ 😀

      6. Poster of 3 Kingdom RPG is much better than the ugly Witness Insecurities poster

        It’s evident that Lau Ka Ho is better at comedies than a cop mystery drama. The poster of 3 Kingdom brings a great fun reminiscence of the light hearted genre and I love everyone’s expression in the poster. Except Tavia who I think is unnatural in her expression and is holding herself. Ma Ming and Ruco are excellent. Thumbs up.

      7. OMG!! The poster is fantastic!! I mean a lot of people can be very crowded but I like how it merges art/painting and real head shot!! When is this coming out? It looks like those I like except clearly a comedy.

      8. I told you 3 Kingdom’s RPG poster is great. The paintings, the real headshots, the ancient fonts, everyone’s lively expression make the poster special. The series is coming out 9 July and can’t wait to watch it. Sharon, Ruco and Ma Ming especially!

        Compare this to Witness Insecurity poster with Bosco and Linda showing minimal expression omg Witness poster is so dull, ugly and lacks life!

      9. @Funn: At least with a comedy you won’t be falling to sleep and will be entertained unlike the risk you will take by watching that Linda Witness series 🙂

      10. fiona, to be fair, different genre so different looks. But the poster is indeed excellent. This is now my most anticipated series. Just read a bit on the synopsis. Sounds good. I am sure this series will be banned in China. Anyway when is it out? Why so many series being talked about but none released so far?!

      11. @Funn: Anticipated series:

        3 Kingdom RPG: 9 July
        Tiger Cubs: 24 June
        Ghetto Justice 2: 27 Aug
        The King Maker – Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng: Aug

      12. @Funn: Anticipated series:

        3 Kingdom RPG: 9 July
        Tiger Cubs: 24 June
        Ghetto Justice 2: early Aug
        The King Maker – Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng: early Aug

      13. sorry, Ghetto Justice is early Aug. Sergeant Tabloid airing in HK in 27 Aug.

      14. Sargeant Tabloid already aired didn’t it? I saw it on ASTRO AOD.

        Tiger Cub must be taking over Master of Play.

        Right now I am very much enjoying No Good Either Way (even if the story os definitely illogical) which I suppose 3 Kingdom RPG will be next in that slot?

      15. @ Funn

        ‘Sargent Tabloid’ was aired overseas but not yet aired in HK.

      16. No Good Either Way is a very good series. It’s enjoyable! No Tiger Cubs has a special airing time every Saturday as a weekend movie. 3 Kingdom RPG will take over after No Good Either Way.

      17. Thanks fiona for showing the poster of 3Kingdom RPG. I love it. Very creative poster.

      18. @Kidd: The poster of 3Kingdom is fantastic and creative isn’t it? Far cry in terms of quality than Witness poster.

      19. Love Ma Ming’s and Ruco’s expressions in the poster. Can’t wait to watch it next month.

      20. “No Good Either Way is a very good series”
        Yes it is witty but the plot is ridden with holes. Just suspend disbelief.

        Kidd doesn’t ASTRO always say AOD is showing TV series SAME TIME as in HK showing it?!??!

      21. @ Funn

        TVB was busy airing ‘Greatness of a Hero’ when ‘Sargent Tabloid’ was aired overseas, and ‘Greatness of a Hero’ was already aired overseas last year when TVB aired DOMD starring Wong Xiao Ming.

  7. I’m not a fan of romance, but this one sounds interesting, if done right. Hopefully the cop/crime elements of the story will be exciting.

    1. LKH cant do police drama. YSSS was horrible with horrible acting espxially Moses

    2. overall i support 3K more. LF+KM already make the series sounds awesome and the trailers make me laugh

      1. I found the trailer to be very comical as well and with LF and Ma Ming, what more can you ask for? Looking forward to it.

      2. Yes. The trailer was enjoyable. Looking forward especially for Ruco and ma ming

    3. Addy,
      I have a feeling that “Witness Insecurity” will be more romance than criminal thriller. The cast suggest that they are targeting younger audience, so may be more romantic elements.

      1. Jayne, whatever the story or 1st episode may suggest, any TVB series ALWAYS descend into either family drama, drama, or romantic drama. The thriller thing is just to facilitate the drama.

      2. Prepare to have the series talk about Paul’s family drama the most..Lau ka ho is good at making family dramas about elder people’s stories. HOG, MR.

      3. i have a feeling WI will turn into a family drama. Linda and Bosco casting is just to attract the younger fans.

  8. I didn’t know this series also has Joey Meng before I check wikipedia. I’ll check out the series for Joey Meng and Ronald Law. I also like Queenie Chu and Bosco Wong.

      1. What’s that sarcasm for? Did I step on your tail?

    1. Haha, my mistake. I read the name wrong like. I read 李綺雯 as 萬綺雯.

      Anyway, I’ll still check out the series for Ronald Law, Bosco Wong and Queenie Chu.

  9. That is a terrible picture of Linda.

    Anyway the storyline is the usual which if done right can be refreshing in a sense. However the storyline reminds me of those 90% of Bollywood films and a bit of The Bodyguard.

    1. yeh she looks a bit constipated. Bosco looks cool though!

      1. Good for me. At least if the plot and characters are bad, I have something to feast my eyes on..bwahaha 😀

  10. Sorry I have to be skeptical of this series because Linda is still unable to carry a series and now from the synopsis her character is very challenging and central to the story. I:m afraid we’ll just see another Linda.

    The story as some said above is cliche and above logic. The love story has been done thousands times and there is no way Linda will suddenly change overnight to be a proactive Miss Kiu.

    Bosco’s character Wai Sam is very cliche. I think his fans just able to enjoy his looks in this series. I swear it has been done thousands times whether in HK series or movies or western parts. Definitely not enough to compete for Best Actor. Try again next time.

    1. Maybe this will be a less fluffier version of 4 in love, charmaine’s story? There are similarities and my feeling is Linda can do cold, aloof, arrogant and no matter how terrible I will always sympathise with her. I don’t know what is Just Another Linda because I don’t think Linda Chung is any of that in real life but if the script is good, chemistry is there, I am sure Linda can find a way, hopefully with not so annoying high pitched breathy voice. And yes, Linda can carry a series. Better than Moses. Unless you want Aimee in this series?

    2. P/S as far as I know, K-drama’s leading male characters are always of certain qualities and however much I may argue how effective they may be to me, to international fans all over, each became hot characters. So the rule is no matter how cliche or how overdone a character is, it depends on the actor to bring in something fresh. For example a character may be new in a sense like Moses’ as a serial killer but in the end to me I switched off the TV because it was boring character, to me at least. It really depends. And Best Actor is not about one character done a thousand times over. If that is the case no other actors acting as romeo or a superhero or gladiator should ever be nominated and win ever again. It is about the performance. For character, TVB has a special award called favourite characters.

      1. Moses isn’t suitable for the role. I wonder what will happen if TVB cast Ruco instead but Chik Kei Yi loves Moses.

      2. @funn – K dramas are cliche but catchy, its viewed and written differently than TVB series and the leads are always perfect hotties who were written to have you root for them. TVB series however often make the leads despicable such as what happen to Myolie Wu in TGWL and we all know TVB makeup sucks so the leads don’t look as good in TVB series. Do you guys realize how pretty Myolie look in BS and how dreamy Bosco looked in RC even fron a non fan? I can’t wait to see how beautiful Fala will look like in DMY since she’s already prety in TVB

      3. Thay have to make Fala pretty because her character is supposed to be so bloody beautiful.

        K-dramas follow a certain style and it takes the most complicated subject and always concentrates on the love element no matter what. After a while if you really want criticism, TVB has content but lack execution and style. K-dramas have execution and style but seriously lacking content. K-dramas insists on casting hot guys as leads, at least in TVB an ugly guy may have a chance at being the lead. And when I say ugly I don’t mean butt ugly. K-drama is essentially idol drama in my opinion, no matter how you say it isn’t.

    3. The other one is Bosco and Linda didn’t have good chemistries in MR and TGOL. Sure Bosco like others said can have chemistries with Kate, Fala, even Aimee and Linda can have chemistry with Steven and Raymond but from just take MR for example, how many want to smack Linda and Bosco for good?

    4. @lol,

      I’m with Funn tis time round, I think Linda can carry a series way bettre than many does lol..for example, I think LInda can carry it way better than Nikki and Natalie tong.. and maybe kate too hehe.

      1. Natalie Tong definitely. Now that is performance on the safe side. She is the same. But with better potential than selena. I mean better be over dramatic than over fluffy.

      2. Natalie Tong too skinny? and Selena’s image is always some pretty long haired gurl which she always play in safe manner.

      3. Natalie Tong now looks ok. I just feel she is too dramatic. But she tries. Somehow Selena is to me fluffy. I see her, I see fluffy. I can’t take her acting seriously. Even if she cries beautifully, but her acting reminds me of some beauty pageant trying to act instead of an actress trying to perform.

      4. I think selena’s acting is much better than Natalie and Linda. I really liked selena when she played villainous characters. She can play evil or arrogant convincingly, not just one-dimensional good girls.

      5. Selena played ambitious characters very well in FH2 and Just Love.

  11. Except that Lau Ka Ho is worst at producing a cop series. His YSSS and Mysteries of Love made the police force look like a stupid bunch of cops.

      1. you must also seen how Lau ka Ho messed up Raymond Lam. Now let’s see how Lau ka Ho messed up Bosco who from Cripple Co’s success

      2. LKH sound like siu sang destroyer. first LF then Moses and Ron. Now Bosco? LOL

      3. Ma Ming was great in Mysteries of Love and better than Raymond 🙂

      4. Ma Ming’s portrayal of a cop in MOL was decent but I loved his character and how he got all the hot girls.

    1. But those 2 aren’t really “cop” series like DIF or LoO. YSSS is back to school theme and MoL is about a hot science professor. The police are just plot device.

    2. Maybe LKH will take some advices from his wife who did a famous cops series Forensic Heroes (1)

  12. Linda’s acting are always on safe side and have traces if her real sweet Linda. She shines in Miss Koo but however horrible Moses might be, Linda is still isn’t the lead that time.

    1. I don’t see how her acting is on the safe side. She always take on the most annoying role on paper and manage to make viewers sympathise with her. That is not on the safe side. That is a quality she has as an actress; empathy. It is very difficult to have that. Safe side would be taking the same role, doing it the same way. I don’t see that in Linda’s case, however much I may not like her recent performances.

      1. Linda takes on different roles but cry it the same way Funn. She’s lucky she got multiple roles.

      2. but lol, Myolie was criticised to be cry always the same too like always showing the Gawn face. No offence, I kinda like Myolie and I dont really care how she cry in different series same goes to Linda, i dont care how she cry.. I just watch the series as long as the story is not boring and interesting.

      3. Myolie’s gwing crying is hands down the most annoying!

        But maybe Linda should take on a role where she doesn’t have to cry all the time. I hate that we are supposed to feel sorry for her in every role. Stop being the good girl, the sad girl, or the spoiled girl b/c it’s quite repetitive. Like portray a strong character that has some backbone or actually be a real villain for once. Maybe that’s out of her range though.

      4. not expecting a surprising and wow performance from linda here. she acts the same and ppl get bored of her.

        I BET YOU ANYTHING she will CRY in this series!!

    2. Maybe Miss Koo of Linda shine thank to the horrible performance and character of Moses, so this time we have to see if Bosco’s character can push Linda up or not.

      1. linda shine thanks to TY too for being bland in YSSS besides Moses bad performance LOL

      2. Tavia and Moses acting are really bad in Yes sir sorry Sir, and Linda was just lucky with the crying part. I admit I like the crying scene with Miss Koo.

  13. haha reminds me of lives of omission….
    LOO: lawyer in love with triad leader
    WI: police in love with triad daughter


  14. Linda again! Very boring, TVB! It’s like the 4th or 5th show consecutively starting Linda…

    1. that’s right…. tvb tactic. get rid of the crappy ones so they can air the better ones in the second half of the year.

    2. I swear that many fans of other artists wish their artists will have consecutive series like Linda.

      1. I swear seeing the same face such as Tavia and Linda consecutive times a year really tiring

  15. Linda again! Very boring, TVB! It’s like the 4th or 5th show consecutively starring Linda…

  16. Wonder if Linda will continue her sultry persona in this series. Not sure of the chemistry between her and Bosco. Paul Chun will pull in the viewers, I am sure

    1. Bosco and Linda chemistry in MR make you want to slap them. No chemistry. Don’t be hopeful ROFL.

      1. Shouldve cast KM and hire poon ka tak or Chik kei Yi to be producer for WI. KM can make chemistry with even the big nose boring TY.

      2. If it’s Ma Ming instead of Bosco, Ma Ming and Linda will look great together.

      3. so biased here, the producer said the male lead needed to be young looking so linda can chase after the male lead for love, MA MING IS TOO OLD, he like 38 so i guess he didnt want to use him, and so much bias comments here, i bet if the male lead was like one of your favorite male artistes you’ll be like omg i cant wait til this drama

  17. witness insecurity this series I WON’T watch. It look totally unpromising and boring.

  18. I like Linda, but that is a terrible picture. Getting tired of the weepy Linda as well. She’s taking over all the “gwing” roles from Myolie…

    1. Myolie has left gwing a long time ago and has become a great actress. Haha yes Linda is taking over the gwing roles now. Tired of her.

      1. Myolie like Linda are still terrible cries but Linda whilst cries like the world is ending dies cry realistically. Myolie still needs practice on the facial expression part. And no, they’re both now “gwinging” each other.

      2. “cries like the world is ending”.. hahaha… yeh like screaming and snot coming out type. over some guy. and then after the snot, the audience praises her and says she’s a great actress and potential contender for best actress.

  19. yeah that is one b*tt ugly picture of linda.

    1. i know right? for some damn reason she looks OLD in that picture above. is it the hair or makeup? awww…..

  20. “It is no different than a police officer loving a triad leader’s daughter.”

    Yep. This reminds me of E.U.

  21. Jayne, I agree. The plotline for the “romance” is cliche and the poster is unflattering. I have friends who can make a better PSed poster, and they are not professionals. Ah..I’m not holding any hope for this, but I will watch and give credit where it’s due. If it’s a bad drama, I will comment. If it’s good, I will praise..haha. Primary reason to watch: Bosco. Heck..he’s been missing from TxB drama world for almost a year.

    1. Did I talk too much..oops..I forgot that somebody told me to shut up? :P..hehehe

    2. Masaharu,
      Did you watch Bosco in “Racecourse”? The stills showed promise, especially of him riding the white horse. Hehe your white horse prince.

      1. Jayne, I did.

        My verdict:
        1. The revolutionary-heavy storyline and script was not my cup of tea. However professional reviews from mainland are oddly positive although the drama is not a hit among mainland netizens. Urm, I guess this drama caters for ‘serious professionals’ from mainland..haha.
        2. Boscolie has realistic chemistry, but I can’t enjoy them as much as I enjoy my OTP BoKa because Myolie is not my cup of tea too.
        3.Bosco and Myolie’s acting are very good, although sadly part of it was taken away by the dubbing, but still good. However my favourite character is one of the elder characters. Clue: He’s always in black outfit, bald and has moustache 🙂
        4. Bosco looks yummylicious :P(to me). I did not like Myolie’s curly hair. Was it a wig?
        5. Jang Nara is lovely! I feel like pinching her cheeks.
        6. It’s good for those who want to see Bosco abused by all sorts of tortures. From the first episode until the last he got shot, stabbed, whipped, drugged, beaten, head knocked, leg broken, fallen, river swept, blah blah. I forgot how many times his leg got beaten or he fainted. Do mainland dramas love to torture their “heroes”? haha..

      2. Masaharu,
        “Urm, I guess this drama caters for ‘serious professionals’ from mainland..haha.”

        It may very well be “Racecourse” that raised Bosco’s profile in mainland China. Having a drama broadcast on CCTV is still great for boosting recognition, even if not every household watched the drama.

        From all aspects, “Racecourse” is a high budget production with serious intent and high revolutionary ambitions.

      3. Jayne, I did think it aims to promote mainland patriotism and mainland watchers are more likely to “feel” for the drama. Comments from some mainland netizen watchers who love the dramas are that they can feel the patriotic spirit well, while I the oversea viewers think – “meh”..hahah.

        Except the dubbing part, Bosco and Myolie got positive reviews from professionals and most netizens alike; based on what news and reviews that I can found. I may have missed something; that I don’t know…

        The production can be better executed. I found a lot of goofs :P.

      4. If you ask me, Bosco’s growing recognition in mainland starting from LOO:

        1. Bai Co in LOO and later Turning Point2. This character is not without flaws, but he’s sexy, he’s exuding a special kind of soft-badass aura(I don’t know how to explain this – he’s not your typical fierce screaming badass), he and Kate also mixed really well and differently.

        2.Uniqlo stills and posters are all over even to NY and it makes Bosco become a fashionable icon – whether people like it or not.

        3.Some mainland stations playing Every Move you Make grabbed attention of different kind of fans who love the cute, clean-cut and highly agile good cop.

        4. Racecourse.

      5. CCTV won’t make a series popular. HunanTV is the best platform to air series and get ratings.

  22. plus ma ming isnt even that popular, he only film tvb dramas and nothing else like movies or mainland drama compared to the other siu sungs,he is sure demoted

  23. i’ve watched the 3 minutes trailer and this series look so bad and so 90’s.

    Linda is screaming and crying as usual and looks awkward when she has to act ‘angry’

    Bosco’s role is so boring and bland. All he does running, jumping or shooting and he doesn’t have much expression.

    Paul Gor has the best role and his story makes up the backbone of the series but too bad the storyline is so old fashioned!

    1. Tiger Cubs and 3Kingdom RPG look much better than this series.

  24. why would someone both to make a comment about a series that they dont want to watch, uh probaly jealous!

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