Taiwanese BL Film “Your Name Engraved Herein” Receives Positive Response

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Taiwanese BL Film “Your Name Engraved Herein” Receives Positive Response

The Taiwanese film industry was quick to hop on the growing trend of Boy Love (BL) stories after seeing the success of various BL dramas in Taiwan. The latest BL film, Your Name Engraved Herein <刻在你心底的名字>, based on a true story, is making headlines for its passionate and emotional storyline featuring good-looking young leads. The cast includes rising stars Edward Chen Hao Sen (陳昊森), Tseng Jing Hua (曾敬驊), Mimi Shao Yi Mei (邵奕玫), and veteran actors Leon Dai Li Ren (戴立忍) and Wang Shih Hsien (王識賢).

Your Name Engraved Herein is set during the summer of 1988 when the martial law ended in Taiwan. With the public slowly becoming more open-minded, 15-year-old Chang A Han (played by Hao Sen) moves to the city to study at a Christian high school. He joins a band led by Canadian priest Oliver, and there he meets a boy named Birdy (played by Jing Hua). They become good brothers while exploring their newfound freedom and the city together. But after spending some time together, A Han, who initially admired Birdy for passionately pursuing freedom, starts to develop romantic feelings for Birdy slowly. While A Han is comfortable and content with being in Birdy’s presence, the latter senses that their friendship turned into something more. During this time of confusion, the school began to enroll girls. Taking this opportunity, Birdy eagerly seeks to pursue his junior female classmate (played by Yi Mei) and even asks A Han to help him do so. A misunderstanding eventually causes the two to separate until decades later, and their memories of each other resurface as they cross paths in a foreign city. Actors Li Ren and Shih Hsien play the older versions of A Han and Birdy, respectively.

Your Name Engraved Herein premiered at the Taipei Film Festival on July 5 and aired in theaters on September 30. With the film garnering significant attention and a positive response, Hao Sen and Jing Hua received nominations at the Taipei Film Awards. Hao Sen was shortlisted for Best New Actor with his performance in Your Name Engraved Herein, and Jing Hua was shortlisted for Best Actor with Detention <返校>. Such achievements show their acting skills are acknowledged, and they have a promising future ahead.

Visited a Gay Bar Together

In preparation for the film, director Liu Kuang Hui (柳廣輝) wanted the two young actors to get to know each other better, so he arranged for them to visit the hot springs and a gay bar together. Hao Sen revealed that it took them a while to build the courage to enter the bar. “We stood outside in hesitation for some time before toughening up to go in. We got invited for drinks, and Jing Hua almost got a kiss stolen! It was such a passionate night!” he said.

“Your Name Engraved Herein” Trailer:

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