Taiwan’s Five Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2012: Jolin Tsai on Top

Mandopop diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), is currently the highest-paid celebrity of Taiwan.

According to the information that were provided by entertainment managers, endorsers, music labels, and performance organizers, Jolin Tsai easily tops the list as this year’s highest-paid Taiwanese celebrity, earning an estimate of $741.5 million TWD in 2012. It is reported that Jolin earned over $711 million TWD by filming just 21 commercials, performing in 15 concert stages, and being involved in 34 stage performances. Jolin also earned over $30 million TWD in record sales from her latest album Muse, a top-seller.

Jolin has been doing well in maintaining both her successful career and love life this year. With more concerts planned in the future, the singer does not seem to be slowing down in money-making anytime soon. Expect to see Jolin remain on the list of the five highest-paid celebrities in the coming years.

Trailing second place is comedian host and singer Show Luo (羅志祥), his first year as number two. Unlike Jolin, Show had no concerts this year to add to his income, and relied on commercial filming, record sales, and hosting gigs. Nonetheless, 2012 has been a spectacular year for Show Luo financially, and it is estimated that he earned $623.1 million TWD in 2012.

Jay Chou (周杰倫) was not only a worldwide best-selling artist, but was also one of Taiwan’s highest-paid singers, and had consistently been so for the past 10 years. However, Jay Chou only landed at number three this year, at almost $50 million TWD behind Show Luo and almost $170 million TWD behind ex-flame, Jolin Tsai. But his romance with the 18-year-old Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) is growing as passionate as ever, so it does seem that the musician really cares about earning a few dollars less when love is all around.

Coming to a close fourth is Taiwanese American singer-actor, Leehom Wang (王力宏). Like Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou, Leehom Wang is also a singer who is seen on the highest-paid list each year. This year, Leehom only filmed thirteen commercials and had two stage performances, but his fees rose exponentially. He performed in over 30 shows for his Music-Man II world tour, and filmed two movies. With only $35 million TWD behind Jay Chou, Leehom earned $539.5 million TWD this year.

Fifth on the list is Taiwanese Canadian singer, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒). Although the 33-year-old’s romantic rumors with the 21-year-old Kai Ko (柯震東) has made her a figure of hot gossip, Elva did not slow down her work. She filmed 11 commercials and was invited to 70 stage performances ranging from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Her latest music album, I’m Ready <我愛我>, also earned over $50 million TWD in record sales.

The Breakdown:

Number 1 – Jolin Tsai

$540 million TWD from 21 commercials
$119 million TWD from 34 stage performances
$52.5 million TWD from 15 concert stages
$30 million TWD from record sales
Total: $741.5 million TWD


Number 2 – Show Lo

$528.8 million TWD from 23 commercials
$97.2 million TWD from 30 stage performances
$8 million TWD from hosting gigs
$15 million TWD from record sales
Total: $623.1 million TWD


Number 3 – Jay Chou
$440 million TWD from 13 commercials
$134.8 million TWD from 26 stage performances
Total: $574.8 million TWD


Number 4 – Leehom Wang
$370 million TWD from 13 commercials
$6 million TWD from 2 stage performances
$150 million TWD from 30 concert stages
$58.5 million TWD from 2 films
Total: $539.5 million TWD


Number 5 – Elva Hsiao
$151.1 million TWD from 11 commercials
$226.8 million TWD from 70 stage performances
$5 million TWD from record sales
Total: $382.9 million TWD

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. society truly is crazy to pay these celebrities so much money. none of them are that appealing, nor very talented in my opinion. they become arrogant(like jay chou) we should stop worshipping them and lining their pockets with millions for nothing.

    1. jay chou is a phonie, i will give him his walking papers, so keep that cancer around for a bit longer. I’ll put jolin out for a year and when i’m done with that, i’ll put jay chou out for a decade

    2. ” and lining their pockets with millions for nothing.”

      did you contribute to their income

      1. sorry i won’t be giving your favorites a cent, neither should others. we have been rewarding mediocre talent with our attention, they in turn get ads and commercial deals because of audience interest. they don’t contribute anything productive to society, and their field should not be paid so much period.

      2. there’s nothing wrong with the field, they just abuse their status and the double j’s are an embarrassment to the industry

      3. @hiya
        then why would you say and lining their pockets with millions when you don’t contribute to their income. it’s not your money that advertisers are spending

        “we have been rewarding mediocre talent with our attention, they in turn get ads and commercial deals because of audience interest. ”

        what attention have you gave the listed artist besides reading articles about them online? i highly doubt the attention you given them has contributed to these artist getting commercials deals in taiwan.

  2. I could understand why both Jolin and Jay are one of the highest paid singer but Show luo? I dont think I can his songs are any close “better” than the double “J”s.. I think there are more singers who r way better than Show.

    1. I don’t even understand why Jay Chou is in the list. I don’t really like his voice. But he do write songs so yeah.

    1. Maybe this is more for singers and music and not for acting in series/movies??

    1. i know right, didnt really know her until that YOUNG KID came along just b/c hes so popular now. elva who? ahhaa

  3. I’m wondering why Jay and Leehom don’t have any record sales in their list… yeah, they didn’t have new records out but I don’t believe they didn’t earn thousands or more for record sales last year beside that. Comparing these lists seems so odd. LOL.

  4. None of them are my fave artists. In this day and age, society worships artists with mediocre talents and it shows on this list.

    1. RIGHT ON, hahaa… cant believe these are on the list esp the girl on the top. wow, i remember her plain as hell days and all of a sudden shes the top in taiwan. weird celebrity boosts in taiwan.

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