Tavia Yeung Goes Undercover as a Nightclub Dancer in “Great Way To Care 2”

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) portrays a nightclub dancer for the first time in the new drama, A Great way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>. The crew and some of the cast members filmed on location in the busy neighborhood of Mongkok. In one of the scenes, Tavia, and triad member (Jonathan Cheung 張頴康) negotiate loudly on the busy street. Their argument escalates into violence and Tavia is eventually shoved into a wall. The situation gets out of hand until a policeman walks by, and they both pretend to be friends to resolve the problem.

Tavia and Jonathan have collaborated together in many TVB series, allowing them to develop a good working relationship due to Tavia’s straightforward and outgoing tomboy personality. The action scenes with Tavia went without any problems. Jonathan Cheung said, “Some of the scenes require a lot of pushing and shuffling, and I am afraid of doing these kinds of scenes with girls, but Tavia is easygoing and can easily get into her character quickly.”

Portraying a nightclub dancer for the first time, Tavia really looked the part. She did a great deal of preparation and research to play this role. Tavia said she had to learned how to talk tough and she even observed the behavior of some wild girls. Tavia said that the worst part about portraying a nightclub dancer was having to smoke cigarettes constantly, and she is not a smoker in real life.

Tavia revealed her character is actually an undercover cop. She will have a relationship with Ben Wong (黃智賢 ).

Tavia is also reunited with her former costar, Alex Fong (方中信), in the new drama. Alex is known to be a cheerful costar who loves to play pranks on his costars during filming. When asked whether Tavia was one of his victims, she laughed and said, “I have worked with Alex quite a few times; we have a great chemistry. Uncle Fong is talking slower nowadays and cannot fool us as easily!”

Source: On.cc via ihktv.com

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  1. Oh my heavenly god! That moment that pic bamp into my face!!!!

  2. I believe most prostitutes or clubs cadres in real life don’t dress like this. Only the elder and cheap ones in the slum streets dress like this to get attention and cost way less than the normal younger prostitutes in clubs.

    1. Tavia should’ve worn a long hair wig and better looking dresses that show off her career lines to convince as a prostitute.

      1. ROFL. Hookers nowadays are up to date and stylish. But you’re right, except the poorer old hookers.

      2. vivien : Those hookers are the young ones? Like 20+? The Goddess looks 40 so she IS an elderly hooker. LOL
        Or maybe is a mamasan. LOL

      3. Those hookers in the picture must be young 20s. They have great body and legs and I must agree that they have current fashion and hairstyles. Tavia looks more like a mamasan.

      4. Those wearing white dresses must be the dancer+hookers because it looks like some uniform for some of them.

      5. oh poor her.. i’m no fan of hers but her make-up & outfit was neither done nor decided by her, why insult her like tat? maybe the wardrobe designer thinks it will bring out the character? cut her some slack!

  3. …who ever wrote this article got it wrong. She’s not playing an undercover ‘prostitute’… -.-“

  4. She should just stick to boring and bland roles. This look reminds of those prostitutes in the 70s where there’s disco balls, fluffy feathers, smoke in the background and XO on the table. So outdated and ugly. Sorry, no other way to put it.

    1. Blame the stylist or whoever ask her to wear this costume.

  5. wow dude if i were the costumers at the nightclub, i would run away asap

  6. Her makeup is too heavy and costume does not match at all. She looks too old and like an old cheap doll 🙁 the picx looks bad. Not sure if she wanders along the net to read negative reviews and posts from netizens?

  7. I wonder if Jonathon Cheung has a prominent role in this? I loved him as Fan Kan in 3 Kingdoms

    1. Funn,
      The original term referred to Tavia as “舞女” which I interpreted as prostitute, but it can also mean nightclub dancer. Some readers voiced that Tavia is not an undercover prostitute, thus the revision in the text.

      1. I don’t think there is such a thing as nightclub dancer? More like those GROs?

      2. Funn,
        My understanding is that a “舞女” would dance with male customers at nightclubs. However, she would usually go out with men and have paid sex outside of the nightclub premises. Because male customers usually are interested in more than a dance.

        There are different levels of prostitution, where there is the 舞女, karaoke companion (KTV girls), escorts, massage girls, or plain prostitutes who pull customers off the street. It targets different levels of customers with different affordability and interest levels.

      3. Then shouldn’t in the context of this series, her image and the name then the word should be escort?

      4. Funn,
        Nightclub dancer is a more literal translation of the term, so we’ll leave that for now. An escort also has different levels of meaning, as some attend functions with male companions (event based) while in some cases, it means a high class “call girl” visiting customers at hotels.

        Since Tavia’s character appears to go undercover in a nightclub, and presumably dances with customers.

  8. Not a good look at all. And is she trying to make herself sound younger by calling Alex uncle? Errrr…..

    1. If she calls Alex “uncle”, she really needs to look at herself. Calling her “Ah Yi” (auntie) is too good for her.

      1. I think she was just trying to be funny… no reason to dissect every word she said.

        Compares to Myolie, Kate, Linda, etc… Tavia is a much better actress and way better looking.

      2. tavia was better looking? HAHAHA maybe 5 years back. Now she can’t even compare to the real aunties in TVB. LOL. Among the 5? Pulease. Worst of the bunch.

      3. Omg! Tavia better looking than Linda, Kate and Myolie??! *FAINT*

      4. Since Alex and Tavia close to each other, no harm Tavia made joke by said Uncle Alex.
        Both of them love to teased each other.

      5. Way better looking than Myolie, Kate, Linda? You must be joking Manglodinho.

  9. She looks not so nice on this photo. Her long hair in Heart of Greeds was nice. She should try longer hair and lesser make-up. Night Club dancer is also sexy not prosty.

  10. Why is everyone jumping all over her for this? If you guys have a problem with the way she look for this role then blame the costume/stylist director for this series not Tavia, she just wear what they tell her to wear, it’s not like this outfit is from her own closet.

    1. Front line TVB artistes can have a say in their costumes. Myolie for example has asked feedback from fans for her style in RB3.

      1. Speaking of Moyolie, I think she’s wearing the same wig for RB3 lol…don’t know about the rest of you but I will be pressing the fast forward pretty often.

      2. how come myolie always have bad haircuts in every single series she’s had? her haircut in GJ was bad… like really bad… so is her current one in TITS2. She didn’t want to cut her hair, but sorry even for first line artists, they don’t get a choice coz the producer said CHOP CHOP. Now she has ANOTHER bad haircut

      3. Why bashing Myolie for a haircut that is meant for her boyish character? She shouldn’t get a pretty haircut because her character has tomboy personality!

    2. A lot of haters here especially to Tavia and Myolie. Not sure why… Also not objective in their views. Tavia dressed like this for an act and maybe the script / background of the role needed her to be dressed like this? If she dressed like this for functions, then yes, please BASH her till kingdom come!!!

      1. Ray, only Funn hates Tavia lol. As for Moyolie, most peeps just don’t care for her acting that’s all.

      2. Yea I can’t believe many people bashing Myolie here and for petty reasons such as character haircuts too. These types of comments aren’t clever at all.

    3. Lol, you are right. Pls blame the costume/stylist director for it. It could be better and at least save her some critisms. haha

      1. Look at the comment below. The modern series has make up done by the artists themse@ves in most of cases, except special make up

  11. that’s why i don’t go shopping in hongkong, nothing to buy , better go singapore or japan. someone please do comment on shopping in taiwan, south korea or paris. thanks

  12. She will have a relationship with Ben Wong (黃智賢 ).

    Ah, I thought so when looking at those BTS photos! I think they would make a fantastic couple.

    1. Haha, so true! But TVB costume and makeup dept should take the blame, not Tavia! She’s only doing her job, taking directions?

      1. The makeup for the series is done by the artists and their makeup artists themselves. Only special makeup the company will involve. Stated by Kaki Leung. The outfits sometimes are sponsored by the artists, too, especially in modern series. They wear their own clothes in the series.

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