Tavia Yeung Profess Her Loyalty To TVB Despite Being Poached By City Telecom’s Ricky Wong

Lately, everyone from the front line artistes to the scriptwriters of TVB have been the targets of a poaching activity.

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) expressed that she did receive a call from the chairperson of upcoming rival television station, City Telecom’s Ricky Wong (王維基), inviting her to join his station. However, it was understood that both parties did not meet up face-to-face.

Tavia implied that she was focusing on being TVB’s top sister for now hence she had yet to entertain thoughts of switching television stations. Moses Chan (陳豪), on the other hand, pledged his undying loyalty to TVB and did not recognize with allegations from the outside world that TVB was very miserly towards it’s employees.

Happy being TVB’s top sister, not thinking of switching stations

Yesterday, while attending an event, Tavia was asked about her take on the poaching trend. Tavia responded, “I did receive a call from Ricky Wong but we did not talk any further after that. I still have many years to go before my management contract with TVB ends. I don’t refrain from meeting up with Ricky Wong though. I would just take it as knowing another new friend. However, TVB is extremely good to me. Apart from being contented, I also understand that I should be grateful and know where my roots lie. (Chinese saying that when one drinks water, one should not forget where the source or origin of the water came from)”

Besides that, Tavia was also asked whether her determination would waver if the new stations tempted her with the position of being their top sister over there.

In reply to this, Tavia laughed and joked, “In that case, then I’m also considered TVB’s top sister too. This label is only a facade. Having a very good remuneration fee does not necessarily represent for a very good acting role. Of course I wish that I would get an increase in salary every year and hope that I would have a chance to act in future TVB blockbuster dramas.”

About the increasingly number of TVB scriptwriters jumping ship over to other rival stations, Tavia felt that it was a good matter to have new blood joining TVB as it is after all an actor’s job to bring the script to life.

Moses Chan does not feel that TVB is a miser

Frankie Lam (林文龍) had recently exposed TVB for being a miser. In reply to this, Moses Chan, however, expressed that he begged to differ, “TVB is very good to me. I support the increase of drama resources as it will benefit the television viewers. However, there is already a marked improvement in the provisions by TVB as compared to the previous years.”

Regarding the entrance of new rival television stations into the industry, Moses responded that he was indeed worried for TVB however he indicated that this could also mark a fresh beginning.

Asked Moses whether he would be worried about the quality of the scripts from now on, Moses replied, “We cannot underestimate the work capability of newcomers. Of course it’s best to have experienced veteran scriptwriters to continue working for us but newly joined scriptwriters work just as hard too.”

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think it’s more risky for current tvb artists to jump ship. If they leave and it doesn’t work out, they’ll start from the bottom again if they try and go back to tvb.

  2. Tavia should leave her hair long, she looks much better! Plus it makes her Pinnochio nose look smaller lol

    1. Initially, I liked Tavia’s hair. Now it’s becoming boring since it’s the same one in every series. :/

  3. I wonder how many ex-TVB artistes have agreed to join Ricky’s company. Anyone know the names?

  4. I remembered War of the Genders 2000, Tavia only had a very small part, like 2-3 mins. She looked very pretty, natural, and naive^_^

  5. “I don’t refrain from meeting up with Ricky Wong though. I would just take it as knowing another new friend. ‘

    Maybe Ricky Wong will refrain from meeting up with her now after reading this article where she profess her utmost loyalty and gratitude to TVB. :p

    1. Loyalties can be bought, but when she is enjoying great success in TVB, when he road to big sister is now to her is rather clear, why would anyone jump ship to another company and fight with others to be big sister?

  6. If she has a long contract still with TVB for another few years uptill 2017? of course, she said that inorder not to mess with those tvb top executives and her own future in tvb.

    I think with the recent pressure from new stations, tvb is more willing to give TAvia, linda, myolie, fala etc more roles and push them all up high inorder to maintain their tv rating/support from public. Even 2nd leading artists are given more opportunity onscreen.

    1. Like the idea of given more opportunity onscreen to 2nd leading more. Please not “more willing to give TAvia, linda, myolie, fala etc more roles and push them all up high inorder to maintain their tv rating/support from public.”, kinda feel sick to see same faces again and again. This year each of them has 3-4 series a year, next year how much? 10?

      1. I think tvb will definitely promoting natalie tong,mandy wong, elaine yiu etc to have more onscreen time in the future. TVb isn’t idiot, they will know the public will one day lose interest/fedup with Tavia, Fala, Linda and Myolie not for Kate though unless tVB keeps using her non-stop. Kate seems like rising and steadily reigning the 1st lead fadan title now and most of her roles in the recent series seems captivated public’s attention. Guess it’s a good thing.

        AS for Tavia, although I’ve no prob with her but it’s getting a bit tiring watching her face on tv lately hehe.

        I think Natalie tong in Sentinel was okay just my personal opinion. mandy wong has potential since she has the face that resembles nyadia and got natural attraction.

      2. I’d rather to see them to push new faces (no, not too new) like Cilla, Joyce, Mag, Elaine, Mandy, Sire, Ocean, Doris, JJ, etc. to be main lead than seeing the same set TY, Linda, Myolie, Fala, Kate all the times and all the series. 2 series or max 3 for them in a year is bearable to me, more than 3, it’s tiring. Give new girls new chances! I also like to see old face but no leading roles like Christine, Catherine, Nancy, Mimi, Selena, etc. to become lead.

      3. I want TVB to give more chance to Vivi Li. She played Yau Dong in ‘The Four’. I know she’s not as good-looking as other actresses, but, her acting is pretty for a newcomer. Plus, she knows real kungfu. So, can make use of her in martial art series.

      4. Real kung-fu girl, maybe TVB can find Rose Chan to be main lead. She looks like a better version (and younger) of Linda Chung to me. Her acting in Ip Man 2 isn’t too bad.

      5. Sire Ma is ok, but I wish she stops making such obvious gestures with her mouth and stop being so nervous that she needs to look at the camera from time to time. She is too self conscious.

        I don’t like Natalie Tong. She is like Tavia to me; eager, keen, competent, but boring

      6. Rose Chan is quite pretty. Too bad her voice is so deep, almost manly even.

        I think sire is cute and natural in MWNS.
        But I guess she wasn’t voluptuous enough for Ron in real life.

      7. @Funn,

        lol @ switching channel hehe if Kate is the big sis in tvb. Don’t think Kate is in the top 3 fadans for tvb yet, but she’s steadily moving forward as 1st line female artist now.

        I know what you don’t like about kate, is it because her constant pouting hehe.

      8. @fox,

        I hope tvb won’t promote Cilla, she’s annoying to listen haha. And her looks is still way too far to lead or even become 2nd lead actress imo.

      9. I think Cilla has the cutesy that not much TVB artists having now. And I saw her improvement from The 4 to YSSS. I dun have a matter with her voice because I get used with high girl voices in TVB.

      10. I don’t like Kate because she is not a competent actress. Look deeply, or rather observe, I find her acting when she is acting. Not natural. She tries and with time she will improve. She is interesting to watch sometimes but generally i find her acting rather poor. Just because you wince doesn’t mean it shows pain, that sort of thing. I don’t think she has depth. Maybe the right role is not here yet, and no, I don’t think being a vixen is her forte or even sexy for that matter. I feel there will be some time. Just because she is acting more doesn’t mean she is possible candidate for big sister or the likes. I don’t think she is even half way there yet. And I don’t think she can carry a series.

      11. @Funn

        i can’t agree with you more, she has no depth and her acting is worst than some newbies. Wonder why tvb promote her in the first place.

        She has been in the acting business long enough and i believe she has reached the little “potential” tvb saw in her and she is also not young for a woman.

        she will prolly retire as soon as she finds a rich dude stupid enough to marry her…

      12. I think reason is Kate is different to all the other actresses of TVB.

      13. yeah diffent in the sense that she has no acting skills whatsoever. tvb need her to do sex scenes only

      14. I agree with Funn Lim, Kate’s performance is like a roller-coaster. Going up slowly, going down rapidly. Even with the HK Film Award in 07 under her belt, I not confident of her acting quality now. I hope she can leave TVB get more experience outside.

      15. Oh, sexy actresses are good. Do you know that the richest Chinese actress is actually a former AV actress? Chingmy Yau earns more than anyone, even Gong Li or Zhang Ziyi or Maggie Cheung. Lol, so sexy has its own price.

      16. exoidus… her make out scenes with Bosco… well if TVB edit out the Kate’s face with some lengmo actress, the ratings would be huge.

      17. well able to do sex scenes doesn’t automatically make you sexy and i personally don’t find her fakeness any sexy at all.

        so soon plastic chinese dolls that your beloved R&R are playing will soon take over the world LOL.

      18. perhaps the new niche for tvb is soft porn thats why they r approaching wong jing LOL

      19. @exoidus: You dun find but many ppl can find she is sexy. You think Linda is pretty, many ppl dun think so and even think that the plastic dolls are so much better than her.

        Don’t assume who will get married with a rich dude for money first, because rmb that your Linda is being third party with a lawyer while Kate doesn’t have such news at the moment.

        So, it’s the matter of opinions and sadly, Kate is still rising.

      20. “Don’t assume who will get married with a rich dude for money first, because rmb that your Linda is being third party with a lawyer while Kate doesn’t have such news at the moment.”

        As I recall she didn’t know she was the 3rd party. So it is not her fault. As for Kate not having news, well doesn’t mean she doesn’t. Remember her was it German? That fling? I bet there was a fling!

      21. I think all the current 5 fadans CANNOT carry a series. Myolie, Linda, Tavia, Fala, Kate neither can support a series by herslef. All weak unlike the era of Ada, Esther, Flora, Kenix and Marianne. No Jessica because she’s a one note actress.

        The strongest out of this 5 might be Myolie. I like her characters this year.

      22. This year Myolie might win just because the other 4 ppl don’t give her any competition at all and some better actresses don’t get more promoted series. If Sheren and Michelle Yim are running for this year award, she won’t stand a chance too.

      23. Now I also feel like seeing new fresh faces in TVB. Quite tired of too much Tavia, Myolie, Fala, Linda and Kate repeatedly 🙁

      24. “she will prolly retire as soon as she finds a rich dude stupid enough to marry her…”

        It amazes me how your dislike for Kate’s acting makes it stupid for a guy to marry her. So one’s acting must be great in order for a decent guy to want them? Where’s the logic here? :/

      25. Sadly to you exoidus, Kate just proclaimed her loyalty to TVB and Miss Lok yesterday. So I think she’ll linger around for a while, until she gets married and settle down 😉

        I think Kate’s unique. I don’t see other “current” TBB actresses that can embody her image right now.

      26. @Funn: Assume that Linda dun noe (she really noe or not, only her can give the best answer), but third party is still third party. Now she noe :P. The Germany guy is a single, and his parents encouraged him to meet Kate. So she isn’t third party while Linda is. That’s all :P.

      27. @fox,

        Linda being the 3rd party or not, she already left that guy for good. If she’s really a 3rd party as said, she would stay put and fight with the guy’s gf 😛

        So about linda being 3rd party, maybe yes maybe no. No concrete proof 😛

      28. @Veejay: Like she knows she is third party or not, she ends the relationship or not, only Linda knows. Who noe that she will turn to her chac in MR or not, lol.

        And to know or not to know, the natural of this relationship is still third party. She can end the relationship after knowing, good for her. If not, bad for her.

      29. @Fox,

        Linda is just playing a role just like other actresses in TVB, playing nice and innocent. Of course when she was caught ‘dating” with some girl’s bf, she quickly end the relationship which is a rational thing to do to save her career. So Linda being a 3rd party or not, she’s wise enough to end it quickly to save her image.

      30. Fox, you can’t blame someone for something they didn’t know. At least she did the decent thing the moment she knew, by dumping that two timing jerk. I give her credit for doing that.

      31. @Funn, Veejay: Like she knows she is third party or not, she ends the relationship or not, only Linda knows. You can’t ensure that she ended the relationship or even have a chance he dumped her after a short play and come back to old gf. Or by now, Linda still play the underground relationship with this lawyer as a third party, it can happen.

        So far, we are assuming. Like in Kate’s case, until now still dun see any sign to show that she’ll get married with a rich stupid dude like exoidus saying. We can’t ensure that Linda is having a relationship as a third party, or not. Assume, assume.

    2. They are having lot of roles now, their appearances of TVB Dramas like a MANY. I do not like the way Americans do their series 1 season per years and too many seasons until rating is super-low but I do not like TVB either – too many dramas. The filming time is like 1-2 months per dramas, repeated content, no surprises (all predictable), too much spoiled info…

      1. Oh, I also forgot about the cheap special effects used. The better special effect used in HK movies, the worse special effect used in HK series. Like the A Pillow Case of Mystery 2, special effects likes crap. Car crash or burning house in action dramas is poor.

    3. yeah agree, i think linda is a better bet as tavia is getting a little boring lately…

  7. the new batches of cattle don’t impress me at all: Sire ma (overacting), Oceane Zhu (man that accent is just so cheap and just asking for it), Aimee Chan (WTF, can’t even pronounce canto properly and is getting leading roles, must be sl*tting up to Moses thats why she getting job), Leanne Li (after so many years at TVB her accent is still mainland), Lily Ho (omg did you watch her in Life and Times of a Sentinel where she was trying to kill Selina Li, holy **** that was bad), Grace Wong (stick to dancing, acting is just so forced and unnatural), Christine Kuo (everything bad), Katy Kung (plastic face, Lang Moi, stick to posing for harm sup magazines).

    Can you imagine these chicks as fa dans?

    1. Although it’s still too early to evaluate on Sire’s acting as only two series of hers in released, I agree that her reactions and emotions are exaggerative.
      Lol, the way you phrased your opinion about Oceane’s accent was hilarious the first time I read it. I think she slightly improved and think she has potential. Once she gets over that accent, I think she has the most potential out of the batch of newbies in terms of looks, height and body, and onscreen charisma.
      Aimee Chan, you can say that again, but I don’t think she’s a s*** or using Moses in any way.
      Leanne Li, she’s not really promoted and I think she’s going to be stuff in supporting roles forever. No worries.
      I think Lily Ho is a decent actress and has potential, but she needs to bite her Canto words more precisely. It’s that lazy accent that HK people on today’s new generation. Btw, her casting was just a bad choice on the side of the producer’s in Sentinel. She fared quite well in her other series.
      Agree about Grace Wong and I use to love her personality before she started acting. Still like her though, but hopefully she’ll stick to modern dramas.
      Christine Kuo has an awkward smile and not much improvement in acting. She is still very stiff.
      Katy Kung’s nose is too high, but did she really have plastic surgery? She always came across as the cute type, more than the porn type to me, sorry.

      1. i actually quite liked Grace Wong’s portrayal in Sentinel. Her pronunciations and biting on words was pretty good and her eye rolling was a little over but that was what made her the semi evil wife of the king. anyone agree?

      2. @hello,

        I think Grace was trying very hard to pronounce the words and although they may be clear, her voice alone is naturally annoying whether she pronounced the words precise or not. They heavy makeup didn’t do her justice either.

      3. I think Sire is quite ok in MWNS :).

        Aimee Chan, I liked her in Catch me now (of course, like Koni Lui in this one more) but recently, she can’t leave an impression on me, except the lousy love story with Moses. Up to now, I still think Aimee-Moses are doing the work William Chan and Ah Sa do.

        Ocean, have to say that I like her a lot after Twilight Investigation. She has this charisma on screen, but she needs more training. Green :D.

        Leanne Li won’t be promoted, it’s the truth. One reason is she is too high 😛 and kinda “big”, so the male lead in TVB looks small to her, so she might stick at supporting and comedy forever.

        Grace, Lily, Christine, they all won’t be promoted.

        Katy Kung, no comment.

      1. Haha, yeah. I realized that after I posted it. I didn’t realize I used the word, “s*ut by accident.

    2. “Although it’s still too early to evaluate on Sire’s acting as only two series of hers in released”

      Sire Ma already has 4 series released.

      – OL Supreme
      – Relic of an Emissary
      – River of Wine
      – Men with No Shadows

      1. Thanks for the correction. Idk why I completely for about Relic. I didn’t watch River of Wine.

        I just saw today’s episode of Men and I must say that Sire is rather cute, not because of her acting, but because of her character. Despite Toi Fung treating her coldly, she is still so sweet and nice to him. I like her happy-go-lucky personality and even though her acting is OTT, it’s still tolerable and definitely forgivable. However, I can’t say the same about her acting when she intrudes into Michael and Elanne’s relationship in Relic. She was rather annoying and a useless character to begin with.

        Her petite body makes her unable to play certain types of characters convincingly. Even if TVB were to give her chances, I can’t see her going too far. I can’t see her playing a lawyer or career-minded woman. So far, the roles she received suited her well. A quiet and shy secretary, an obedient maid, and a sweet and kind lil sister.

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