Kenix Kwok Shares Daughter’s Photos for New Year

Recently Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) uploaded photos of her daughter on her blog, sending New Year greetings to her friends. In the photos, the almost 2-year-old little Jun Jun (Kenix’s daughter’s nickname) squinted her eyes and smiled sweetly. Compared with the “electric eye” beauty, Kenix Kwok, her daughter resembled father, Frankie Lam (林文龍) more.



Jayne: Kenix seems to love snuggling with her daughter. I believe Frankie signed with Now TV recently!

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  1. What an adorable family! Wish them the best of luck for the coming year!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how lovelyy. So sweet, mwah,mwah!!!!

  3. Pretty smile! Love seeing a happy smiling kid! And Kenix actually looks good!

    1. You know this is one happy kid! Jayne, maybe compile celebrity kids as at 2012? What about Nick and Esther’s kid? What about other celebrity kids all grown up? Leila Tong’s? Everybody else?

      But her hair is a bit too short though. I wouldn’t have known she is a girl because normally parents love to dress the daughter up and all!

      1. Funn,
        If you follow the “Baby Scoop” feature of JayneStars, there is often news/ photos of celebrities’ kids. Hehe I personally love looking at the little babies’ faces, which are often a combination of their parents’ beautiful genes.

        Compilation articles often take a lot of research time. Later, maybe we can create a Group for celebrity kids, which may make sharing of such photos easier?

        Baby Scoop section

        I find the “Celebrity Weddings” and “Baby Scoop” sections to be very personal reflections of celebrities’ lives, as we look at such important milestones in their lives. 🙂

      2. Jayne, I can help out with the celeb kids compilation – I actually follow them quite closely.

        Tania is such a sweet girl! And the article is right, looks like Frankie.

      3. Bridget,
        Sure if you are interested in doing a “Celebrity Baby” compilation (original article with baby photos), you can e-mail me the feature. Thanks!

  4. What a lovely family photo!

    A big change for Kenix who does not care much about her career after having a child. All she cares now is her 2-year-old daughter. Happy for her.

    Glad that she has a lovely daughter and a dear husband.

    Happy New Year to Kenix and her family!

  5. A very happy family! What is her daughter’s English and Chinese name?

    1. Her daughter’s chinese name is 林天若 and english is Tania. I think her nickname is really cute and I really like her chinese name as well.

      1. Thanks Lily! Her Chinese name sounds like from an Ancient drama series. Quite unique.

  6. The little kid looks very cute. When I first saw the pictures, I thought she looks mixed with another ethnicity, lol.

    Haha, first time I heard that Kenix is the “electric eye” beauty. 🙂

    1. Haha the article is trying to say her daughter’s eyes are not as big as hers.

    2. Yeah, I thought she looks mixed too. But a lot of Asian kids look mixed (even if they’re not) at that age.

  7. aww what a cutie! looks like a very happy family 🙂
    feels like i havent seen frankie lam act in forever. i only remember him in forensic heroes 2!

  8. Her daughter looks more like Frankie than Kenix, but still adorable.

    They look like such a happy family. I’m really glad that a child could make their relationship even stronger despite all the problems they had prior.

  9. cutie pie!. Even though they are not super famous or anything, they look extremely happy family, and that’s all what’s count. Looks like if women who’s very career oriented and don’t want to have babies ended up very lonely?. Like maggie cheung, carina lau, etc..look like their life lack of something?. Some people that i know rather to have pets than having kids. I think kids are greatest blessing of all, they could make you pull out your hair sometimes, but in all bring lots of joy..

    1. Both Kenix & Frankie are famous in TVB. I believe at one time Kenix was the no. 1 fadan and the highest paid actress in TVB.

  10. Superbly adorable! They all look very happy ^^ And their kid is really cute too!

  11. How cute and she looks a female version of Frankie… Has Frankie really signed with Now TV??? Everyone seems to be going there.. I wonder if they will pay and treat their artists better than TVB?? IF so,I think many of them will join Now TV… I wonder how their shows and series will be??? Looking forward to it.

  12. ngaw..what happy family photos.
    but kenix’s figure still scares me a little. she could probably be blown away by a strong wind ><

  13. What’s a happy and loving family! They are a beautiful couple and now with an adorable child.

    I love Kenix and Frankie in “Down the Memory Lane.”

  14. Just curious, the pics are from the apartment? Nice view of the Victoria Harbour.

    1. ikr.. look at her legs… wayyy too skinny. but very cute looking family.

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