Kenix Kwok Wants to Have a Second Baby

In recent years, Kenix Kwok Ho Ying has been busy filming series and commercials in China. Her work schedule has been very busy, but she returned to Hong Kong to celebrate Lunar New Year with her husband, Frankie Lam Man Lung, and their daughter.

On February 1st, the family of three were spotted having dinner at a restaurant in Wan Chai. Kenix’s daughter, Tania, was dressed in a festive, pink New Year outfit. Upon seeing reporters, Kenix and Frankie were very happy and posed for photos. Earlier, Kenix said that she wanted to have a second baby and chase a little brother for Tania. Perhaps Kenix will have the opportunity to have a second baby in 2011, the Year of the Rabbit!

To fulfill a fan’s dying wish, Kenix met with a mainland female fan who was suffering from ovarian cancer earlier. They spent Christmas in Hong Kong’s Disneyland. Since this fan was no longer alive, Kenix was quite saddened by her death and took some time to regain her spirits. Kenix appeared to have recovered in spirits during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Jayne: Kenix and Frankie’s happiness are apparent in their family photos. I’m happy that they seem to have worked out their problems.

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  1. They look like a sweet and happy family. Good luck to Kenix and hopefully she can have another child this year. It was so sweet and touching of her to meet with her dying fan for one last time to fulfill her final wish.

  2. really miss Kenix. Hope she’ll return to filming soon…

  3. Kenix looks much healthier now too. Congrats on the two, hopefully it will last. Damages tend to not ever go away though …

    1. Agree, it takes a big heart and maturity to forgive, but Tania and their future kids will bond them together.

  4. Though she is still quite slim, I’d agree that she’s looking quite rosy and healthy. I’ve never actually watched any of her series, but I’m a fan of Frankie Lam’s. Her husband seems to be a more prolific actor than her.

    1. Kenix kwok is by far a more popular actress… she earns way more than he does.

      She does look sooo much prettier with a little more weight, these actresses need to look @ themselves in the mirror and not go scary thin cuz they look horrible as twigs.

  5. I thought they got a divorce a while ago. Didn’t know that they had a daughter together and she’s so big too. Good for them! They should stick together instead of fighting.

    1. Divorced? Where? No lar! She stuck with him thru infidelity rumours and he with her through the same rumours about her. I think Kenix is a strong woman. She gets her way.

  6. It’s great that they seem so happy with their family of three. However, I am a pessimist and I say once a cheater… always a cheater. There have been speculations that both Kenix and Frankie have cheated on each other (there have been recorded phones calls on both sides where they admitted to cheating).

  7. kenix cheated on Frankie too, she is very rude and she always want thing to do her way, no wonder why Frankie want to find someone else much better than her

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