Scandalous Rumors Grow; Kenix Kwok Cheated on Frankie Lam Too?

“As for my husband’s [infidelity], I have already committed the same wrong-doing a lot of times in the past. Please don’t tell my husband about my relationship with XXX.” – The female voice was found to resemble Kenix Kwok, confiding in Wang T.C. Chang in a private phone recording.


Last Thursday, on May 28th, Sudden Weekly received a shocking voice recording which alluded to Frankie Lam Man Lung having an affair with mainland actress, Vicky Dong. In the voice recording, a male voice resembling Frankie’s admitted to the affair and threatened suicide, while pleading with Kenix’s mainland representative, Wang T.C. Chang, to help him in the matter. In the tape, Frankie alluded that Kenix was 3 months pregnant. In another sound clip, a voice resembling Kenix’s said that she will not forgive Frankie that easily.

In response to the tabloid rumors, Kenix and Frankie held a press conference on May 30th. The couple said that their marriage was stable and denied that Vicky Dong was a third party. Kenix and Frankie did not allow the media to ask any questions at the press conference. The couple did not say whether they were the speakers featured in the voice clips. They also did not address the infidelity rumors directly. Kenix clarified that T.C. Chang was not her mainland manager, who has also tried to blackmail the couple. The blackmail case has been filed with authorities in China and Hong Kong and T.C. Chang is currently under investigation.

In the CD-ROM that Sudden Weekly received last week, another scandalous conversation clip was included. A female voice resembling Kenix Kwok admitted that she had cheated on her husband [Frankie] with a well-known male singer, who was also married. Although rumors surfaced earlier that Frankie had cheated in their marriage, perhaps Kenix may have done the same!

K= Voice resembling Kenix Kwok
T= Voice resembling T.C. Chang

K: “My husband [Frankie Lam] realized his mistake was appalling, thus he can not even forgive himself now.”

T: “Ho Ying, you really should forgive this kind of thing [infidelity]. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. A mainland actor, Wong YY told me that you were involved with XXX [insert famous Hong Kong male singer’s name, who is also married]. You also cheated in the relationship and even earlier than Frankie!”

K: “I also questioned myself. I had also committed Man Lung’s mistake many times in the past. However, people are selfish. Please don’t tell Frankie about my relationship with XXX.”

T: “No, of course not, I didn’t.”

From the sound clips, it can be deduced that the woman resembling Kenix Kwok’s voice had cheated on her husband numerous times. However, she did not say when she was involved with the singer mentioned in the recording, or whether the affair was still on-going.

[Although Sudden Weekly did not print the full name of the male singer, the tabloid] hinted that he is a married man with a child [or children]. The man had a tumultuous career, but he is currently an extremely popular singer in the music industry.

Hacken Lee Refused to Comfort Kenix

Once romantically linked with Kenix, Hacken Lee was contacted by Sudden Weekly on June 1st, when Frankie’s infidelity rumors first broke. At the time Hacken said he will not console Kenix, “This is another couple’s business, it is inappropriate for me to comment.”

On June 2nd, Sudden Weekly waited outside Hacken’s home and wanted to ask him about the voice clip in which Kenix admitted she was involved with a Hong Kong singer. Hacken returned home in his agent’s car and upon spotting reporters, immediately rolled up the [car] curtains. The vehicle disappeared inside the building garage.

Aside from being friendly with Hacken, Kenix was also good friends with Alan Tam Wing Lun. In her personal blog, Kenix said that both Alan and herself were “food incinerators.” Kenix posted a photo of herself, where she was seen eating a crab feast while wearing a bathrobe in a hotel room.

Married Male Singers Refuse to Comment

Kenix and Frankie have been married for 5 years, in which multiple infidelity rumors persisted over the years. Kenix often had rumors with her co-stars, such as Michael Tao Dai Yu, Joe Ma Tak Chung, and Chilam Cheung. One of the more recent rumors circulated in 2006, which alluded that Kenix had been secretly involved with Hacken Lee for the past 4 years.

Each time these type of rumors circulated, Kenix and Frankie would make a joint public appearance to deny them. Regarding Frankie’s affair with Vicky Dong, allegedly Frankie intended to admit the affair at the press conference. However, Kenix did not want Frankie to acknowledge the affair and thus the couple reportedly had an intensive argument the night before.

Regarding Kenix’s alleged involvement with a Hong Kong singer, reporters contacted Eason Chan. Eason’s manager, Chan Ka Ying, said, “There is no contact between Eason and Kenix. Eason only knows Kenix as a TVB actress. Also there is a big age difference between them; there are no feelings between them. It is just impossible!” Sudden Weekly also tried to contact Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Hacken Lee and Chilam Cheung without any success.

On May 14th, T.C. Wang wrote on her blog about a Hong Kong celebrity couple “L” and “K”, who appeared to have a good marriage. However, husband L flirted with many co-stars around him. While filming “Virtues of Harmony,” L was involved with actress C. During the filming of “Armed Reaction,” L flirted with actress A. However, L’s wife, K was also involved with other men. Before T.C. Wang could elaborate further on her blog site, she was interrogated by mainland authorities.

Radio Host Reveals Steamy Details between “K” and “C”

On June 2nd, an online radio program, 「 潮 頻 道 」 hosted by Lee Si Pei and Yan Suk Ming (a managed artist under T.C. Wang) revealed that while filming in China in 2007, a Hong Kong actress, “K” and actor “C” re-lit their old romantic sparks. C’s wife was pregnant at the time and requested time-off to accompany his wife during delivery. However, K requested C to remain in China to stay with her instead.

Below is an excerpt of Lee Si Pei and Yan Suk Ming’s program.

Lee= Lee Si Pei
Yan= Yan Suk Ming

Yan: Recently, a production crew member called me to share an interesting incident. While filming in 2007, K and C (well known actresses and actor) were cast as leads in the mainland series. C was K’s ex-lover.

Lee: Is C single or married?

Yan: C is married and his wife also works in the entertainment industry, who is very famous.

Lee: Where was this series filmed?

Yan: In mainland. The problem was that C’s wife was pregnant at the time and he had to return to Hong Kong to accompany the baby’s delivery. However, K insisted that C stay with her in mainland. Of course, C made the right decision and decided to return to Hong Kong to be with his wife. K over-estimated her own attraction and her emotions took a bad turn, impacting the entire crew. After filming ending, K and C only attended a press conference once and did not promote the series further.

Aside from revealing the gossip about C and K, Yan Suk Ming also advocated for T.C. Chang. “I am sure that T.C. Chang is not Kenix Kwok’s intermediary (indicating that T.C. Chang was Kenix’s manager instead). However, only the involved parties know all the details. Last year, China had the earthquake in Sichuan, hosted the Olympics and the Paralympics, thus a lot of the entertainment shows and projects were halted. However, my company [with the assistance of T.C. Chang] negotiated a project for Kenix Kwok. Another time, my company received a bid to have Kenix appear at a show. However the venue turned out to be a nightclub, which was different than the previously discussed details. To protect Kenix, our company did not let her perform. The sponsor got angry and hired some men to threaten us. T. C. Chang found some people to help settle the matter immediately. She is a responsible person and treats the artists very well. Therefore, the current [blackmail] allegations against her are very surprising.”

A Case of Blackmail?

However, there were other reports that indicated T.C. Chang manipulated Frankie’s affair with Vicky Dong to blackmail Frankie and Kenix. Apparently, in early 2009, Kenix discovered that T.C. Chang was dishonest and decided to distance their relationship. Realizing Kenix’s intention, T.C. Chang told Frankie that she possessed photographs of Frankie and Vicky Dong together. Allegedly, T.C. Chang also recorded the various conversation clips to blackmail Frankie and Kenix. T.C. Chang demanded tens of thousands of dollars initially, with the total amount nearly a million (HKD). Finally, Frankie and Kenix decided to report the blackmail case and let the mainland and Hong Kong authorities investigate the matter.

Sudden Weekly tried to contact T. C. Chang on June 3rd, but her calls have been disabled. Also Frankie and Kenix’s phone numbers were directly routed to their voice mail.

Frankie’s admission in the conversation clips that he had an affair with Vicky Dong sparked a frenzied discussion on many online forums. Many netizens scolded Frankie and felt sorry for Kenix. There were others that felt it was inappropriate for outside parties to comment on Frankie and Kenix’s marital affairs.

Vicky Dong Revealed Affair with Frankie for a Reason

Why did Vicky Dong admit to T.C. Chang that she had an affair with Frankie Lam? According to one of the telephone recordings, Vicky apparently thought Frankie ended their relationship due to a new love interest in Hangzhou. Vicky was riled and thus she told T.C. Chang of her involvement with Frankie, hoping to seek revenge.

In a recording resembling Frankie’s voice: “Ho Ying said that I have another girlfriend in Hangzhou??”

T.C. Chang: “Oh! Vicky told me that. I asked Vicky why did both of you end your relationship? She said, ‘I realized Frankie had another woman in Hangzhou. Thus I broke up with him and became very unhappy.’”

Frankie: “I told you that I do not have a girlfriend in Hangzhou. Vicky is a very sensitive person. When I said I wanted to break up with her, she thought I had a girlfriend in Hangzhou. She harbored a grudge in her heart until this day.”

Since Frankie and Vicky’s relationship was revealed, Vicky has returned to China. In a recent blog entry, she said that while filming with Frankie, they got along as family members. She saw him as a mentor and denied that she was a third party. Subsequently, some netizens have shown their support while others left angry messages in her guestbook.


Yan Suk Ming gossiped on her radio program about Hong Kong actress and actor, K and C, re-kindling their old romantic sparks while filming in China in 2007. Sudden Weekly researched the Hong Kong actors who filmed in China in 2007 and discovered the following:

Chilam Cheung and Kenix Kwok 《 紅 粉 》

In 2006, Chilam revealed that he and Anita Yuen Wing Yee got married overseas. Chilam and Anita have a good marriage and are often photographed going out or shopping together. Chilam and Kenix filmed 《 紅 粉 》in China in 2007 together.

Copy and Paste below link to listen to sound clip (with voice resemblance of Kenix Kwok) admitting to having cheated on husband at Appledaily:

Article Excerpt from: Sudden Weekly

Jayne: Ah, you can make your own judgment as to whether it is truly Kenix’s voice after listening to the sound clip. For the voice recording, the article obviously is pointing at Hacken Lee as the male singer that Kenix allegedly had an affair with. In the Yan Suk Ming radio program, the hosts seem to hint that Kenix and Chilam had a rendezvous while filming in China in 2007. The article mentions other HK actors and actresses filming in HK, but the only one co-star Kenix had in 2007 was Chilam.

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