Kenix Kwok Denies Anorexia and Marriage Conflict Rumors

Earlier, there were rumors circulating that Kenix Kwok and husband, Frankie Lam Man Lung were in a rocky marriage. Allegedly, Kenix’s weight decreased dramatically to 80 pounds. She was rumored to be suffering from anorexia.

Appearing at a fashion boutique opening with Theresa Fu Wing and Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Kenix wore a pale pink dress. She sported a wide smile and appeared to be in good spirits.

Yesterday, while blow drying her hair at home, the blow dryer sparked and the flames burned Kenix’s right palm. The blow dryer was placed closely to her face at the time. Fortunately, the flames did not burn her face.

Reporters asked how Frankie comforted Kenix. She noted that he was not home at the time. Was Kenix concerned that her burnt palm will be a cause of speculation that she was not taking care of herself? “I will view the incident through another light. Perhaps this mishap barred me from other major catastrophes.”

Regarding rumors that her marriage with Frankie was on the rocks, Kenix said the news was fabricated by tabloid magazines. In the past, she would have been bothered by the reports and may have held a press conference to clarify. However, she will now ignore these type of rumors and not let them affect her emotional state.

Was Frankie troubled by the recent marriage rumors? “Of course not. Frankie’s EQ (emotional quotient) is greater than mine. These rumors have not affected our relationship.”

How would Kenix describe her current relationship with Frankie? “We care about each other greatly. Even if both of us are not at the same place together, we will often think of the other person. Although Frankie and I have known each other for 13 years, our relationship does not lack sparks. I continue to perform romantic gestures, such as cook for him.”

In response to anorexia rumors, Kenix smiled and noted that her weight has remained in the 90 pound range in the last several years. She does not care what the tabloid reports say, as long as she is happy.

Will Kenix consider having a child to improve her marriage with Frankie? Kenix indicated that having a child will be in the long-term. without a child, she can pursue a more independent lifestyle. However a family will be more lively with a child. However if a particular family member is missing, Kenix will have other family members to accompany her.

Source: Wenweipo

Jayne: Kenix has always been extremely skinny. Being in the 90 pound range is too skinny for her height though! Since Kenix has been taking a long break from filming, it could be possible that she is planning to start a family.

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