Tavia Yeung Wins the 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award! (Collecting Fan Comments)

On December 2, 2011, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) was declared the winner of the 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award after four weeks of online voting at JayneStars.com! In the Sexiest Woman Alive poll, Tavia garnered 968 votes, while 1st Runner-up Kate Tsui (徐子珊) won 795 votes. Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)  and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) were tied as 2nd Runner-ups with 585 votes each. Congratulations to the ladies and many thanks to the worldwide fans who voted daily to support them! Click here for complete voting results!

JayneStars.com will be sending an awards package to Tavia Yeung in honor of winning the 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong title. The awards package will include an awards plaque, a small gift, and a booklet with fans comments. The awards package will be mailed to Tavia at TVB!

Collecting Fan Comments to Be Mailed to Tavia Yeung

As part of the the awards package to be sent to Tavia, we will include a printed booklet with fan comments. If you would like to include your comments (in either English or Chinese), please leave a comment at the end of this article. The comments should be positive and relevant to the theme of why Tavia is the Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong.  Any inappropriate comments (with rude and hateful language) will be deleted.

It would be nice to state which country you live in at the end of your comment, to let Tavia know that her fans truly come from all over the world!

Please submit all comments by Sunday, December 11th. Keep in mind that Tavia may prefer to read Chinese, so you may wish to leave a comment in Chinese if possible.

Once again, thank you for participating in the 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong poll! JayneStars.com is a website that celebrates Hong Kong celebrities and fandom; the Sexiest Woman Alive Award was established with this in mind.

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  1. Congrats Tavia for winning this award! Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching more of your series! I wish you the best of luck and keep being Taviaful!


  2. Dearest Tavia Yeung Yi,

    Congrats! totally deserve this HK most sexy award, you have won many fans with your superb acting, love ya always.

    no award nor any nominations from tvb is OK, this award makes up for it.

    hello — san francisco, california.

  3. Hi Tavia,

    Congrats! You certainly deserve the award for the sexiest Woman in HK! We love you! Keep up the good work in TVB dramas!

    Candice Saw (Malaysia)

  4. Hi Tavia,

    Congrats! You certainly deserve an award! Don’t be despair for not receiving a TVB award yesterday! The whole world knows you are capable and look forward to see you in the big screen in future! ^.^

    Amy Lim (HK/Malaysia)

  5. Support Tavia Yeung for ever! You have fans all over the world! Add Oil!! Please come visit Toronto soon!!

  6. Dearest Tavia,

    Congratulations on your win as 2011’s “Most Sexiest Female Hong Kong Artiste” @Jaynestars.com!! you may be a little surprised at the result, but to us fans, your inner beauty and outer beauty is what makes you sexy!! never doubt yourself and always push your boundaries in life and in your prospering career!!

    P.S come to Australia!!! we love you here, and we love you all around the world!!! <3

    From Faithful Fan,

    Sandy (Australia)

  7. Ah Yi, Congratulations! Keep up the good work and never give-up. The rigged award from TVB is a simply materialistic and not valuable, the support from your all your fans worldwide is priceless. Support you, add oil.


  8. Congratulations.
    Enjoyed your acting for many years already. Keep it up 🙂

    Jo Ann – Singapore

  9. Congratulation Yeung Yi. You are always sexy and elegant in my eyes . Support you always. Remember to eat more and gain little meat. Stay healthy always.

    Fans from Malaysia

  10. Congratulation!!!!
    I will always support you.
    From Edmonton Canada

  11. 您好怡。恭喜贏得在香港獲獎活著的最性感的女人。我真的很喜歡你的電視劇和行動。繼續做你正在做什麼。永不放棄。即使你沒有贏得無線電視獎,不放棄。在球迷的眼中,你已經贏得了最多的獎項。

  12. Congrats Tavia! You are my favourite TVB actress and it’s not because we have the same last name! haha 🙂 Happy 2012!

  13. Congratulations,Tavia!You’re pretty,nice & a fantastic actress…That’s why you’re my Favourite TVB actress.Hope that you & Ruco Chan will film TOT2 & Mavis/Keith will have a happy ending.
    Fan from Malaysia

  14. Congratulations, Tavia! Keep up the great job and hope to see you in more TVB drama for many years to come!

    Eunice (Singapore)

  15. when tavia yeung go to singapore?who can talk with me,i want see her.i miss her.hic

  16. Hey! Congratulations!! Don’t be disappointed that you didn’t win any awards, because you have won in my eyes 🙂 and i’m sure you will win next year! I think you are very pretty and nice (even though I’ve never met you) and I will always support you!! 加油!我會支持你!!! <3

    1. Oh I forgot to say I support you ALL the way from the U.S.A!!!

  17. Congratulations on winning JayneStars.com Sexiest Woman Alive Poll. Can’t wait to see all your dramas in 2012!
    Your fan from U.S.A.

  18. Hello Tavia!

    Congratulations! I am a big fan of Mavis and your performance as a confident lawyer is beautiful and stunning! Wishing you all the very Best in the coming year. Love ya!

    Helen (from Canberra, Aus)

  19. Dear tavia ! congratulations on winning this award. you are awesome inside and out! add oil! we will always love and support you
    ps. come to san francisco?

    <3 joyce(usa)

  20. Congrats Tavia!

    To us fans, outer beauty is just a plus, but we all definitely love your inner beauty, which is definitely filled with life! You are in our hearts forever.

    Your health and happiness is most important to me. You’re always getting sick, hope you take better care of yourself; this is the best comfort for me. With loved ones by your side, nothing else matters.

    Hope to see you laugh your big laugh and smile your cheeky smile everyday!

    <3 dvd from the U.S.

  21. Hello Tavia,
    You are an amazing actress and have a personality that is equally as admirable. You are an inspiration to many young girls because of who you are. May you always stay so down to earth and continue to make films/series we enjoy to watch!
    Supporting you from Australia 🙂 Jess

  22. To my dearest Tavia
    You are always the best actress in my heart…. Love you always
    your biggest fan from Melbourne, Australia

  23. Congratulations Tavia! Wish you continued success and also hope you find happiness in love this coming year!


  24. Hi Tavia,

    You are truly deserved 2011 Sexiest Woman. You are the most extra ordinary actress. I wish you continues success and happiness through the years and the BEST of the BEST of 2012. Support you always from USA 🙂

  25. Dear Tavia,
    I love watching you act. You are such an good actress, I admire you dearly. I’m so happy and excited for you for winning this award. I wish you the best of luck, to be successful, and to always be happy. Im looking forward to watch more of your dramas, films, and etc. I’ll always be your fan and support you, you are the best in my heart. =D
    Your dearest fan from Los Angeles, California.
    Love, Pauline. 😀

  26. Dearest Yeung Yi,

    实至明归… 今日竟然在马来西亚非中文报看到这消息, 真的很替你开心兴奋!那份报纸很少会登香港娱乐新闻, 证明你有份量!你负出的努力大家有目共睹!恭喜再恭喜!Congratulations ! 你是我最喜爱的演员!You are always the best in my heart ! 永远支持你的马来西亚粉丝!

    Love you always, Support you always !

  27. Dear Tavia,

    Congratulations on winning this award! I wish you the best of luck and success. Over the past years you have really become someone of elegance and class. I look forward to watching more of your dramas and hope you continue to have many more opportunities come your way.

    Also hope you find the happiness you deserve. Give a chance to 陳展鵬, he’s shown many signs to you!

    Support support!

  28. Congratulations Ah Yi!
    Hope that you will continue to be yourself. I’m sure that’s the way your fans love you, for being you. Take Care & God Bless.
    Hugs, Steph (Malaysia)

  29. Dear Tavia,

    Congratulations on winning the award! You definitely deserve it. Besides being the sexiest woman in HK, you are also a very down-to-earth actress. Always being youself and having great determination to do things is what makes you stand out from others. Hope you will continue to have success!
    – a fan from the U.S.

  30. Congratulations Tavia,
    You deserve this award and should be grateful about what the world think. You will always be the best actress in my heart. Keep on the great acting skills you have. Good Luck next year!


  31. Congratulations Tavia! Your always gonna be my favourite actress, I will support you forever!!

    Sorry it’s in English.
    Fan from the UK

  32. Hi Tavia
    I am your fan from Penang Island, Malaysia.
    Congratulations on getting the highest no. of votes. I think you look nice & sexy with short hair. You are my favourite TVB actress. Hope you will get TV Queen next year. Best wishes!

  33. Dear Tavia,
    Congratulation on winning! You’re really pretty and I love your acting 🙂 I really admire you and you’re so lucky you always get to see the TVB Siu Sangs! You’re the best!
    Yuor fan,
    Ashley NY,US

  34. <3You deserved to win this award<3
    Btw.Is it true there would be a forensic heroes 4 and u will be in it pairing with chilam?^^.
    If its true i would surely buy the disk.currently waiting for your 36hours on call disk to be out.

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