Tavia Yeung Denies Dating Him Law

It was exposed that 32-year-old Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and 27-year-old Him Law (羅仲謙) secretly met on a barbeque outing at a suburban park on Halloween, October 31st. Caught by the press on a barbeque outing with their friends, Tavia and Him appeared embarrassed. With their older woman, younger man relationship exposed, Tavia professed that love was destined by fate and will let things run their natural course!

Although Tavia had invited the reporter to sample the grilled food and spoke generously, she quickly uploaded a group photo of the barbeque outing, [to pacify speculations about Him Law and herself].

Shortly after breaking up with Him Law, Theresa Fu 傅穎) revealed that an actress who was a third or fourth party in their former relationship.  On the other hand, there were also rumors that Tavia and Him Law started dating after costarring in On Call 36 Hours < On Call36小時> together, upon which the pair denied such rumors.

Tavia Yeung: “We Are Only Friends!”

Asked whether she was dating Him Law, Tavia claimed that she was only friends with Him. Asked whether there was further room for development, she hesitated before replying, “Love is destined by fate; I will let things run their natural course. I will place the greatest priority in my work instead!”

Him Law was evasive in response to the dating allegations, “There were frequent gatherings for the cast of On Call 36 Hours. Earlier we watched a theatrical production together. This time, we met together for a barbeque outing; it is not as the media suggested the situation. Aside from us, there were other friends present.”

Him’s ex-girlfriend, Theresa Fu, responded through her manager that she will not comment on anything related to Him. Tavia’s rumored boyfriend for many years, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), did not respond to the reporter’s inquiry prior to the print deadline.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Hopefully Tavia and Him’s romantic rumors are only to generate publicity for their upcoming series, “On Call 36 Hours”!

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  1. I think Tavia can do better. I use to like Him Law but after the incident with Theresa Fu the feeling just changed. And I don’t think he is that good looking, than he was before.

    1. To me, he was never good looking even before the incident with Theresa fu. I never find him to be sexy at all.. To me, Him is a guy who has small head with blowed up body.

      I always knew Tavia isn’t a simpleton, she’s infact quite cunning hehe.

  2. Tavia Yeung: “We Are Only Friends!”

    Once again, this one is too original to deny. Artists, find a new quote please or ppl will translate your words differently.

    1. I agree and SO sick of that same old excuse being used over and over again… Can’t they think of anything else to say?? I hate it when they are caught red handed but yet still lie to their teeth… But then the truth comes out and then I wonder how they will explain??

      1. I’ve a feeling that TY is kinda enjoying it being “rumored” with HIm..because if I rmb correctly, she told a reporter once how she wish she could be link to Him sort of and even praised HIm as handsome openly. And someone here mentioned TY even called HIm “him him”. That shows TY’s relationship with HIM isn’t just merely “friends” as claimed.

        TY isn’t simple and the way she acted gives me an impression that she’s enjoying the rumor with him and maybe showing off to Him’s other gfs that she’s the choosen one that HIm has decided.

      2. @Veejay,
        I have a feeling that you may be right. I don’t have any close guy friends so I guess I can’t judge. But let me ask you, if you were just “close friends” with a guy, do you have a nickname for him?? If you did, does that really show that you are more than just regular “friends”???

      3. @HTS,

        it depends, some ppl are really close with their “guy” friends until their relationship become so close like bro/sister relatinship so it’s normal giving each other nicknames..but TY and Him case is different, they were not that close before they filmed the series 36 hours..and TY only started calling HIM “him him” after the series..so it does show TY’s feelings toward HIM is not merely friends but something beyond that.

      4. @Veejay,
        THanks for your response and good answer. I think we will all find out eventually if Tavia and Him are truly a couple or not. I am shocked that Tavia would want to be with Him after all of the news that he used to beat Theresa and all..

      5. HTS,

        No need to feel surprised, TY isn’t someone simple too..Im sure theresa knew about Him and TY relationship before the beating incident..

      6. @Veejay,
        Hm…Maybe Tavia was the third party?? Ok, I should not jump to conclusions.. Lets wait and see…

      7. Veejay, HTS, are you implying that she might be the “gay in Beijing” that phoned Him?

    2. Even if this relationship is true, she can’t admit now because that will be like confessing she’s the actress theresa mentioned and hurt her clean image. Lets see if their relationship will grow

      1. Yes, but it also means she can’t yell to the public if 6packs beat him :P. Or if she yells, ppl will laugh to her face.

    1. I don’t get why the paparazzi doesn’t invest in better cameras. why is everything always so blurry? lol

      1. Because they can’t take the HD camera with them all the time when going out to do doggie works. A simple camera is always faster and easier to hide.

    2. @Fox

      You’re good at ‘finding evidences’ ROFL.

      They look close

      1. Isn’t that how many celebs and even the average citizen that is dependent on make up looks without makeup?? I saw so many photos of celebs and even average people with no make up and most of them scared me….

      2. I wonder why she would go out with Him without wearing make up? Is it to look different so that people can’t spot her? She looks sort of like Anne Heung without make up and that is a scary site…

      3. @HTS: Fact that even expensive cosmetic products also have bad effects to your skin. And if ppl get used with your make up face, when you dun have any makeup, they will think you look strange, in good or bad way maybe, but most of the time in bad way.

        She has light makeup in this pic, not tat without makeup. Just not as heavy as she used to use.

      4. @Fox,
        I agree with you. I once had an argument with one of my friends who uses make up everyday but just not as heavy as most celebs do. However, she still uses quite a bit for a normal person. She was saying that the more expensive kinds don’t hurt your skin and even helps it and makes you look good. I did not agree at all since make up is make up. But since she uses and wears make up everyday so she has to defend it or else she is just being a hypocrite.

        WOW, Tavia must really need make up in order to look presentable to the public I guess… But then again, it isn’t just her but many other celebs as well.

      5. I don’t have that strong against toward makeup cosmetic like you. I accept that makeup products help ppl to look prettier and in some cases, using makeup is necessary. Just up to you to use makeup or not and how to use it. Of course, the products that fit your skin (not really the expensive ones because your skin might have allergy with this product) will leave less effective. Using makeup in the right way also help.

      6. @ HTS

        “I agree with you. I once had an argument with one of my friends who uses make up everyday but just not as heavy as most celebs do. “

        Wow, you sure have strong feelings over make up. I seldom wear make up myself either, but, I never have any argument with friends regarding make up.

      7. I guess I was influenced by both of my parents who were both strongly against make up. I don’t think that I am as against make up as them. I do wear it when I need to, but not all of the time since I don’t want to be dependent on it. I also don’t want to scare others if I was dependent on it and then one day did not wear it…

      8. @ HTS

        Yeah, it is better to wear make up once a while to shine in that moment than to wear it everyday and scare someone when you don’t. Lol.

      9. Huh HTS, I rmb that you said you have never wore makeup, even to the wedding?

      10. @FOx,
        That is not true, I have worn make up before but what I was referring to was lately I did not wear it, even to weddings. But of course I have worn make up before.
        Also, I am NOT against wearing make up like you think. I think that you should wear it when needed. The reason why I argued with my friend was that she said that certain brands of make up did not damage your skin at all, but I told her that make up is make up. However, she kept going on and on saying that it varied based on the price and brand. She said that the more natural and expensive brands were good for your skin and made you look good… Of course she would have to say that since she wears make up every single day. Basically, we were arguing about that and not really about whether to wear make up or not…

        Totally agree that we should wear make up when necessary, but not get dependent on it.

  3. “It was exposed that 32-year-old Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and 27-year-old Him Law (羅仲謙) secretly met on a barbeque outing at a suburban park on Halloween, October 31st”

    How can this be a ‘secret meeting’ when there were so many people at the barbeque party?

    1. It was secret until the doggies found out.
      Those 3 “friends” were probably responsible for preparing the food and the clean-up.

    2. those friends might be safety precaution in case someone saw and call paparazzi in which case the paparazzi really comes

  4. him is good looking and all but he isnt the type for tavia, she should do better like ron or raymond.

    1. tavia doesn’t fit 2R type of women. They prefer the gorgeous models plastic or not doesnt matter. Look at Rose, mavis and Viann

      1. U forgot one thing which the women must have inorder to attract the 2Rs. That’s BIG Boobs (doesn’t matter if plastic or not)

      2. lol yes Tavia dont have that instead she has another part ‘big’

      3. @Veejay: Not really big boobs but hot body is more correct. Rain dun have big boobs but she has fairly hot body :P. And S shape.

        Plastic? Lol, every girls have plastic parts now, not a big deal :P.

      4. LOL, gotta be some real beauties out there without any plastic.

        need to buy a plastic detector 😛

      5. LOL, gotta be some real beauties out there without any plastic.

        Don’t agreeeeeeeee :P. Maybe they have some plastic part but you just dunnoe :P. Or no plastic but injection, hehe.

      6. hehe, just ask if they are all natural 😛

        again they might lie about it so need to do a full bodyscreen, LOL

      7. No natural beauty in the entertainment world, if not plastic surgery, there’re still make up, and with make up on, you can not call that natural.

    2. They like prettier and younger girls with hot body, showed by their old/current gfs. So TY dun have any chance.

      1. TY still have chance, just insert some silicons into her boobs and grow long hair and do crazy exercise to get S shape body hehe

      2. But her age don’t allow her to do that :P, I mean the exercise to get S shape :P. Boobs and long hair no comment, these things can do against nature :P.

    3. BTW, Him has a wide range of taste. From Theressa to TY, it’s a very big gap.

      1. I’d like to hear your thesis on the differences between Theresa and TY if you dont mind 😛

      2. Theressa is a tiny cute young girl and TY is not. Theressa is younger than Him and TY is not. Theressa’s look is totally different to TY, no common in look.

      3. theresa seems not very smart i could say rather stupid. totally turn off…

      4. I always feel that Him prefers someone who has S shape body with big knockers because Him always give me an impression he likes to spank his partner LOL

      5. in his book spank equals beating in others eyes.

        perhaps he thought he only spanked theresa when he kicked her, LOL

      6. LOL and after the ‘spanking” done on Theresa…the poor girl ended up with blue eyes and bruises all over the body..

        I wonder if TY can endure such spanking?

      7. TY may need to protect her nose if Him spank her. It’s the most fragile part

  5. I think Lai Lok Yi still has the upper hand over Tavia’s heart instead of Him Law. Lok Yi reportedly freely enters Tavia’s house, uses her parking space, eats meals at her house, and hangs out with Tavia’s mother. Lok Yi seems entrenched in Tavia’s daily life.

    Tavia possesses a careful personality, in which she likes to take small steps at a time. Him Law’s reported wild love life seems at odds with Tavia’s somewhat conservative personality.

    1. One thing Jayne. That’s before Tavia get to know Him from filming 36 hrs on Call 😛

  6. haha i think the reporters just twisted the truth to only focus on him and tavia at the bbq – but if you watch the video you’ll see that there was a group of them there, including 2 other girls.

    tavia mentioned before that she is a careful person, and if there’s chances of paparazzi exposing her, she would refrain from going. I believe this to be true, esp given her history of rumors in the past.

    1. Nope, they posted out pix of the whole group with 4 ppl. However only TY and Him have these “close” actions.

  7. Man beats woman is wrong but somehow I would like to hear the news that this Him Him beats Tavia.

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