Lai Lok Yi Refuses to Believe Tavia Yeung Is Dating Him Law

TVB artists, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Stephen Huynh (黃長興), Matthew Ko (高鈞賢), and Clayton Li (李晉強) rehearsed for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Gala yesterday. Winning the Strictly Come Dancing 3 <舞動奇跡3> segment in mainland China earlier, Lai Lok Yi led the TVB artists in the dance, with the group looking chok and posing coolly.

It was rumored that Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) were dating after they were spotting attending a barbecue together. Tavia’s good friend, Lai Lok Yi commented, “It’s nothing. I frequently barbecue too. As a friend, I will not ask about her love matters.” Him Law gave others the impression of being a player; was Lok Yi concerned that Tavia did not date the right guy? Lok Yi said, “I also know Mr. Law; he is not a bad person. As an adult, Tavia knows how to handle it.”

Lok Yi indicated that he did not believe that Tavia and Him were dating. Due to Tavia’s personality, she will generously admit the relationship if she were dating.


Jayne: Does Lai Lok Yi know for certain the Tavia Yeung is not dating Him Law because she is dating Lok Yi instead? 🙂 Hopefully, Lok Yi still frequents Tavia’s house for meals.

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  1. I’d rather have Tavia date Lai Lok Yi than Him Law. Though he is not as popular, at least Lok Yi is a nice guy!

    1. I’d like Tavia to be with Ron, but don’t think that will be possible since they are such good friends. Almost like brothers.

  2. @ Jayne

    Does Lai Lok Yi know for certain the Tavia Yeung is not dating Him Law because she is dating Lok Yi instead?

    Haha, I was about to say the same thing.

    1. Or maybe he’s in denial. What guy wants to admit his gf dumped him for some meathead…

  3. I think Chris should be scared…since TY is way more famous than him and is a hot catch among some rich business men (I think so)

    1. not sure about that. she kinda looks scary withup any heavy makeup.

      1. Rich Business men seem to prefer the sweet, very womanly type… like “trophy wives”. Tavia’s personality seem quite tomboyish, outspoken, fun and tough… I would never consider her as “hot catch”.

    2. Well, my opinion on TY is labelled as hot catch among those rich business men is because female artist who usually play leading role in TVB are usually higher in price whether in endorsement fees, drinkings with bosses and rich ppl or etc. For example Charmaine is considered the most expensive female artist to attend some drinkings with rich ppl and attending endorsement/ribbon cutting etc.

      And since TY is consider as one of the leading female artist in TVB, her fees/endorsement will automatically get increased so in the eyes of these rich businessmen.

      Maybe I’m wrong but in conclusion, some rich businessmen won’t take TY’s personality (for eg. tomboyish) into consideration for life partner’s requirement but rather date TY for some short flings due to her popularity and market value.

      1. Tavia won’t be a hot catch because what rich businessmen wants are hot chicks with fresh looks.

      2. Her looks are fresh. She is upgrading once in a while, that’s fresh.

  4. Maybe he doesn’t know he has been sacked? That Tavia is “fake dating” Him for a bit of good publicity and might rehire him when she wants real dating?

    1. sacked? im sure he has more confidence in himself and won’t pull a gregory, LOL

      1. He has yet to reach that stage, so right now he is just in denial? Unless Tavia pulled a shirley.

      2. the rules of the game will change when “him him” pulls himself, 😛

      1. He does look like he is in denial, as in his perpetual expression plus that wooden voice. Maybe this heartbreak will at last give him some personality, like Him may give Tavia a hint of sex appeal. Ok I know you all hate Him Him, but you know, he ain’t bad looking.

  5. Well I hope Tavia is dating Chris Lai. He’s better in my opinion 🙂

    1. I agreed that I hope Tavia is dating Chris rather than the allegedly woman beater, Him Law.

      1. I agree. Much better in looks, everything. Not age, sadly, but sticks better to Tavia’s age. Man, ASIANS LOOK SO YOUNG WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY OLD>

  6. Tavia is tomboyish, tough,independant & smart not qualities that rich buss men will like.
    I also hope she’s dating Lai, he seems really nice.

  7. Don’t think so . Chris Lai is much more experienced in Acting. And Just lately Him’s rumor, and now dating?! I don’t think so!
    What do you think Jayne?

    1. Yeah. I’m not Jayne. HHAHA. :@. But ah… Chris has lately improved A LOT. His performance with Vin Choi In Forensic Heroes III Was hilarious. I’m like oh my god….*SPOILERS, THEIR GAY> HAHAHHALOLOLOL

      1. Yeah. I was suprised. Speaking of which, We have a lot in common. We always comment on each others. hahahha.

    2. TVB_lover9,
      IMO, I think Lai Lok Yi is more of Tavia’s type than Him Law. The press had a lot more proof that Lai Lok Yi was VERY close to Tavia, hanging out with her mother, eating frequent meals at her house, using her parking space, etc. The only proof with Him Law is that they are friends and they were photographed at a BBQ together.

      The latest article doesn’t offer much new evidence either, except a text message that can easily be the product of imagination from the press.

      I think Lai Lok Yi is still together with Tavia. If so, I’m happy for them. 🙂

  8. Chris Lai really is a talented guy. NOt the MMost but, ah.. He can be a supporting character. In my dream drama, he’s in mines. HA. But ah… gtg..

  9. Lai Lok Yi might get out of the frequent meals by now. A lot of signs are showing that Him Law successfully becomes the 3rd party :P. But if the girl is playing legs on two boats game then she must be careful. Him Law is famous as a woman beater, hehe.

      1. Lol,
        I read the article regarding Him Lam allegedly sending Tavia mushy text messages. Face had no new details about their supposed relationship development, which has been restricted to the BBQ event on Halloween night. Face claimed that Him upgraded to an iPhone and sent Tavia the following message:
        “Kiss Yeung Yeung Kiss” through emoticons (see image link below)

        Sounds like Face fabricated the whole thing. I think I will skip translating this article because it’s very long and really has no new content, aside from the emoticon message I mentioned. If there are more sensational scoops in the future, then sure….

      2. ok. Just thought its funny. Him him and Yeung yeung. I wont be surprised if she fell for Him him

    1. Fox,
      “Lai Lok Yi might get out of the frequent meals by now. A lot of signs are showing that Him Law successfully becomes the 3rd party 😛 . But if the girl is playing legs on two boats game then she must be careful. Him Law is famous as a woman beater, hehe.”

      What do you mean there are a lot of signs that Him Law is the successful 3rd party in Tavia and Lok Yi’s “friendship”? Aside from BBQ event and possibly fabricated text message? Are there a lot of signs or a lot of unfounded gossips?

      It would be foolish for Tavia to be “two-timing” Lok Yi and Him Law so publicly. Can she still be careful after being photographed at BBQ event with Him? I really do think she is only friends with Him and nothing more.

      Lok Yi photographed shopping with Tavia’s mother is such a strong piece of evidence demonstrating his closeness to Tavia. Guys simply would never hang out with female friends’ mothers unless they are dating the daughter….

      1. Also the Him Him and some more from the past, Jayne. Look at the pix and it has some signs. The text message, it’s fabricated or not I dunno. However, in my experience, every single relationships found by Next Corp then turn true. Look at Andy, then Ah Sa, then LF, then Ron and many more examples.

        Lai Lok Yi photographed long ago, don’t forget that. And wat he said kinda leads me to the thinking that he doesn’t really into her. Guy can hang out with female friend’s mother if they are close to the mother, you also forget that :P.

        I cross fingers to see what’s next.

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