Terence Yin Moves to Beijing with Ex-Girlfriend Raquel Xu

Hong Kong actor Terence Yin (尹子維) and Chinese actress Raquel Xu (徐冬冬) broke up a few months after Terence famously proposed to Raquel by hiding a ring in a pot of soup. At the time, they said that the pressure of having a long distance relationship while maintaining busy lives as the reason behind the split. Nonetheless, the ex-couple maintained that they are still friends.

And although it’s only been six months since the split, rumors are saying that the pair have already decided to work things out again.

According to sources, Terence have recently moved to Beijing to be closer with Raquel again. Earlier this week, Chinese paparazzi actually did have photo evidence of Terence in Beijing, who was grocery shopping with Raquel.

After grabbing their necessities, Terence and Raquel were seen walking side by side to a parking garage, where Raquel left her car. Raquel drove home with Terence in the car with her. After reaching the premise of their residence building, they both sanitized themselves before stepping into the lobby, where staff checked their temperatures and identity cards.

Paparazzi then claimed that Terence and Raquel are back together, but Raquel was quick to deny these rumors.

“It’s true that he is living in Beijing now, and we are living in the same neighborhood,” said Raquel. “But we are just good friends. Although I was the one who introduced him to live here, we do not see each other often. We never lived together, even back when we were dating. We don’t see each other everyday; it just so happens that on the day we were photographed, we bumped into each other while shopping.”

As for whether or not there will be a possibility of getting back together, Raquel said, “I haven’t been thinking about that. The both of us have been very busy. The reason we broke up was because we found that we were more suitable as friends.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com

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