Terence Yin’s Procrastination Wrecked His Relationship With Raquel Xu

In an on-and-off relationship before finally calling it quits, Chinese actress Raquel Xu Dongdong (徐冬冬) is ready to drop Terence Yin (尹子維)  from her life. The 47-year-old actor tried to persuade his ex-fiancee to change her mind with expensive gifts such as a car and condo, but she refused them.

In 2019, the pair announced their engagement shortly after their relationship was exposed by the media. Although a wedding was expected to be in the works, the couple shockingly broke up four months later. However, they got back together and subsequently split several times.

Several days ago, Terence posted multiple posts on social media several to confess his continuous admiration for Raquel. She was not impressed, and even unfollowed him!

“You can block me, but I’ll continue to follow you. I’ll use the rest of my life to show my sincerity!” Terence wrote. When netizens advised Terence to buy a condo for Raquel, he replied, “The care and house I gifted were returned a long time ago.”

Praising Terence’s personality, Raquel is content to just remain friends. Explaining their differences in personalities, she expressed, “It’s exactly like how he said it – he has a really bad case of procrastination. He procrastinates to the point where I no longer understand him. He’s a great person but the timing [for marriage] has passed, and it’s best if we remain friends. We will still support each other at work. I think this is the perfect ending for both of us.”

Pointing out that they have already drifted apart and have major communication issues, Raquel hopes to draw clear boundaries as she still wants to date other men. She will choose someone more mature.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I would hate a person who procrastinate about a marriage over and over again… If he is not ready to commit…Just say I am Not ready… Dont even propose.. A woman’s youth is not ever lasting… one can be youthful in the mind forever…but our body will change with time. Well Done Raquel for rejecting his expensive gifts and get on with her life… Terence seem to enjoying the falling in love and dating but stop buck at marriage..

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