Terence Yin Breaks Up with Fiancé

After having an on-off relationship for nearly a year, Terence Yin (尹子維) and Raquel Xu (徐冬冬) announced their engagement in April. As recent as August 1, the couple were seen attending Macau singer Jun Kung’s (恭碩良) concert in Hong Kong.

But now, the pair believe that they are better off as friends.

Yesterday, Raquel announced on social media that she has broken up with Terence. She did not explain the reason behind the split, but maintained that both her and Terence are still very good friends, and that she hopes the best for him. Netizens believe that Terence’s busy work schedule to be the reason behind the split—Raquel wanted to get married sooner, but Terence couldn’t find the right time. When reporters asked Terence about wedding dates last June, Terence avoided the question.

Seven hours after Raquel’s original post, Terence reposted the original announcement. According to reports, the couple are still spending time together due to work-related obligations. Terence told Hong Kong reporters that he will maintain his friendship with Raquel despite the split.

As for rumors of Raquel pressuring Terence into marriage, he said, “We’ve learned that we don’t share the same mindset. Every time we fight, there would always be scars and misunderstandings remaining. Maybe it’s because she’s been very stressed lately. Although we work together everyday, we never had the time to deal with our personal issues. I do hope that we will eventually find more time for that. No matter what happens, I will always care about her, and support her. It’s hard to find a genuine relationship in this industry, and I hope the netizens will not start making things up about us. I really hope we get to break through this obstacle together.”

Asking if that would mean there would be a possibility of a reunion, Terence said, “Right now is the best. If we had solved it, this wouldn’t have been our choice. Let everything flow naturally.”

Raquel responded in a separate interview that staying as friends would be the best choice. As for reasons behind the breakup, she said, “We’ve been very busy, in a long distance relationship, and we didn’t save time for ourselves. No pressured anyone. Terence is a very accomplished, loyal, and talented man. Because we’re both trying to build our careers, problems came about in the relationship.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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