Terence Yin and Raquel Xu Make Up and Are Now Engaged

Terence Yin (尹子維) and Raquel Xu’s (徐東東) relationship isn’t picture perfect, but they’ve made it work.

The 43-year-old Hong Kong actor and 29-year-old Chinese actress have been dating for about a year, and after confirming their relationship in January 2019, they told the press that they see each other as ideal types, and that they’ve already met the parents.

Their relationship has been on and off since then. A few months ago, it was reported that Terence and Raquel had been fighting so much that they had to take a break from each other. Raquel was also photographed crying in the streets, perhaps after an argument with Terence. When Terence was photographed meeting Sammi Cheung (張秀文) at a bar, Raquel said, “There was no trust or distrust. Everything can happy, but I know that Terence is a good person. We’ve never broken up. We just needed time to think about our relationship. After all, we were longtime friends before we started dating.”

But all of that happened in March. Let bygones be bygones, and now, the couple are engaged. A netizen who follows both Terence and Raquel on social media noticed that the couple are spending time together again. One photo featured Terence holding pink balloons, and another showed Raquel discovering the engagement ring in pot of soup while they were out for hot pot.  Apparently, Terence had purchased the most expensive soup base and hit the 3-carat engagement ring inside the soup. He also formally proposed to her at the beach.

When Terence and Raquel were reached for comment, the couple did not explicitly confirm the engagement, but did say that they would announce good news when it happens.


Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Some idiots think they are super romantic when they think they are creative with their proposals. Ring in a boiling hotpot. What cringeworthy crap wedding proposal…

  2. Preggo? 😛

    But terrible proposal idea. I’ve been seeing a string of poor marriage proposals from those around me. It’s dismal. Can’t guys ever ask their GF’s close girl friends/siblings or something for advice on this stuff?

    1. @coralie
      Throwing a ring into a hotpot seems dumb and uneducated. The most cringeworthy I’ve seen a vid of is a guy asking his friend to start walking to her to pass a flower to her every few seconds before coming out himself to kneel down in Liverpool city centre. Do they understand that cheesy and cringeworthy does not equate to romantic? That Wong Cho Lam one was bad too. I hate choreographed proposals…

      1. @jimmyszeto Choreographed proposals are fine to me as it shows the guy went through effort and planning to propose. There is still a fine balance to maintain with that because it can be too OTT, which will make it tacky.

        The ones I can’t stand are the effortless lazy ones, like this one. Tossing jewelry in food and trying to make that sound romantic is so lazy. Where’s the sincerity!

      2. @coralie
        This Terence seems to be the type of guy who on Valentine’s Day would cut a fillet steak into a heart shape and stick it in a microwave to prepare it for his girlfriend believing it to be romantic. Would probably microwave it in a tin foil tray too, the fool…

      3. @jimmyszeto Haha sure? He’s probably the type to not even do anything for Valentine’s Day, given how half-hearted his attempt at a proposal is. Reminds me of Lai Lok Yi. Just cringe all around.

      4. @coralie
        At least Terence took a millisecond to toss the ring into the bubbling hotpot while his partner looked away. Lai Lok Yi didn’t even bother buying a ring because he knew whatever ring he bought, his rich partner would treat it like a cheap plastic ring from a surprise egg. So “why bother buying one?”, Lai Lok Yi thought. She can afford a ring 100X more expensive anyway…

  3. I thought the man speaks English and Raquel Xu speaks Mandrin. How do they communicate??

    1. @snoopy
      As per Wikipedia, Terence Yin was born in Hong Kong on May 19, 1975. Yin’s mother was Jenny Hu, a 1960s-70s Shaw Brothers Studios actress. Yin’s father was Kang Wei, a Shaw Brothers actor and later a film director. Yin has one older brother, Christopher Yin.

      At the age of 7, Yin was sent to live with relatives in Los Angeles, California. In 1993, Yin graduated from Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra, California.

      Based on his background, I think Terence Yin speaks good Mandarin and English and decent Cantonese.

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